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After a long and snowy winter, spring cleaning is the most rewarding chore you’ll do all year. Creating dedicated, long-term, storage space for certain items you won’t need all year is okay too. Implementing these ideas into your spring cleaning plans will go a long way toward perfecting your home for the best summer ever.
As summer gives way to fall, and the cool breezes come in from the north, it’s time to say good-bye to the open water for another season.
The first thing to do when preparing your boat for winter is to give her a good clearing out. After you’ve scrubbed your boat down both inside and out, and from stem to stern, it is important to open her up so she can air out. If you are in the Boston area and in need of a storage solution for your boat, check out our indoor storage specials for fall and winter! All-weather wicker furniture pieces make a lovely addition to any patio or outdoor living space. Unlike traditional wicker, all-weather furniture is made to be kept outside in all but the harshest conditions. All-weather furniture will stay nice for years with periodic cleaning with simple dish detergent and water. Make sure to remove leaves and other yard debris that may get stuck in the weave of your furniture as soon as you see it. Although all-weather furniture can withstand a lot, intense heat can damage it and cause it to melt. If you live near a grove of pine trees, you know about the sap that gets all over everything, including your outdoor furniture.
Just a little regular care and a little common sense can keep your all weather furniture looking its best for years and years to come. Since 2005, EZ Self Storage:Butler has been serving Butler, Menomonee Falls, Brookfield, Elm Grove, Glendale, and Wauwatosa.
Preparing for the summer months and turning your home into a new display of your inner character and warmth provides your environment with new strength and energy, as well as fresh appeal to change. There are numerous new businesses and products springing to the market that help create more navigable closet spaces with shelves, drawers, racks, and hooks for every occasion.

Once the sun peaks and the rainy season begins, the bulky winter jackets, fur boots, and endless scarves will just be taking up valuable space which your umbrellas, parkas, and galoshes could be occupying. These safe, climate controlled solutions can be an excellent choice, especially for people with limited home storage options.
When organizing everything into what to keep out now, what to put away until next winter, and what to put in the garbage, a fourth pile of potentially valuable items to sell is equally smart.
This is an important chance to also move the furniture around and scrub normally skipped spots clean of dirt, dust, and grime.
Winter is coming, and the time has come to put the boat into storage until the welcome return of spring. Leave the interior doors and lockers open so air can circulate, and lay out some commercial moisture and odor absorbers.
When you reach the storage facility, you will want to cover your boat with tarps or canvas to help keep it clean through the winter months. Made of resin, such pieces have the ethereal, graceful look of real wicker with the durability to stand up to Boston’s unpredictable weather. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should ignore your all-weather patio furniture completely.
One of the most effective and easiest ways to remove the sap is by spraying the area with WD-40, wiping the area with a clean rag and rinsing with the hose. I am not worried about anything happening to my belongings while at this facility mainly because of the high number of security cameras, and the gate that requires a code to get in. Instead of boxing everything up and spraying surfaces with bleach, consider these fun methods of simplifying your approach and improving the organizational aspects of your life.
Creating a custom solution for your personal storage space can go a long way towards maximizing efficiency and keeping better tabs on your collection of possessions. When planning to move your belongings to a storage unit, be sure that you properly label and index everything. Instead of throwing money away on store bought cleaning products laden with harmful chemicals, try making your own. But there’s more to preparing your boat for winter than simply packing her up and putting her in storage. If your boat has an icebox, clean it out – you definitely don’t want to leave any food inside to be discovered several months later.

Be sure to give any carpeted areas a good cleaning, and give special attention to scrubbing down the head. Fresh water tanks should be drained, as should the water heater and you should add non-toxic anti-freeze to your water tank, and pump it through the boat’s plumbing.
The steps you take to winterize your boat in the fall will ensure that she is ready for action when spring inevitably gives way to summer. A little TLC can extend the life of your furniture considerably and keep it looking new longer.
There are also innovative ways to utilize other empty spaces in your house, such as under the bed, beneath staircases, or even the room available under raised ceilings. Detailed descriptions should be written on every box kept in storage for later convenience. It’s amazing what can be done with white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and some borax.
To protect your boat through the winter months you need to follow some specific, but simple, winterizing tips.
Pull any fire extinguishers, and take advantage of the time to have them inspected and re-certified.
Since your boat will be in storage for a few months, now is a good time to wipe down any wood surfaces with a protective wood oil to keep them from drying out during the winter months. You also want to run the non-toxic anti-freeze through your boat’s air conditioning pumps, sump pumps and bilge pumps. However, it’s also very wise to create a reference list or map that shows where everything in the storage locker is.
Besides being better for your wallet and the environment, there’s a real sense of accomplishment that comes from doing it yourself.

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