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Dairy leader Willy Leferink and his wife are satisfied the Italian family who bought their Rakaia dairy farm through the Overseas Investment Office process for $25.1 million have the "right intentions". Leferink and his wife, Jeanet, sold the top 413-hectare property at Dorie to the Barilla family who have interests in the food industry in Italy. The Leferinks plan to use some of the sale proceeds to build wintering barns to show that dairy farmers are investing in lightening the load on the environment. Leferink, who is the Federated Farmers dairy chairman, was impressed by the hoops they had had to go through to ensure the overseas buyers were of good character with good intentions. Leferink said he was comfortable with selling the dairy farm to the Barilla family as it provided opportunities to do other things he wanted to achieve.
The Leferinks had been working on new developments such as wintering barns for the last two years.
The $25.1m paid for Brook Farms Ltd, owned equally by the Leferinks, put the farm's value in line with some of the best sales of dairy operations in Mid-Canterbury at just over $60,000 a hectare.
The landholding had modern dairying assets including centre pivots, an effluent pond and a rotary milking shed. The Overseas Investment Office announced today it had granted consent for the sale after scrutinising overseas investment in "sensitive land". In the decision the Leferinks applied to sell the land to make additional investment in the dairy farm located on the property and to develop significant indigenous biodiversity on the farm. In a column this week Leferink said he was introducing wintering barns as a different solution suited to light soils. Wintering barns should get the tick from animal rights people because cows went indoors when the weather was cold and wet, but grazed outdoors on pasture when it was warm, he said.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged free rustic shed plans, rustic shed ideas, rustic shed plans, rustic storage shed plans, rustic tool shed plans, rustic wood shed plans. The South Island Dressage Championship was successfully held in the National Equestrian Centre at McLeans Island, Christchurch on 24th – 26th January.
This event was a qualifier for the Challenge Finals to be held at the New Zealand Dressage Championships to be held 27th February – 1 March 2014 at Mainfield.
We are very, very impressed with Blair, Brian & Will – a great bunch of guys and wonderful workers.
Greenwood is dedicated to designing and supplying strong, durable and cost-effective farm sheds and buildings, American barns, cattle yards, sheep yards, stables, barn stables,barn kits and farm bridges throughout New Zealand. Durability – all timber products are appropriately treated and all steel products are galvanized (as a minimum) to withstand New Zealand’s tough environment. Safety – we will only design, specify and supply fit-for-purpose materials – we will never compromise in this respect. Ease of use – it all starts with a good design…… A good design enables “ease of use” (and ease of assembly). Cost competitiveness – we are committed to keeping our prices as low as possible and regular feedback is that GreenWood pricing is very cost competitive, so please call and feel free to check out our offer. Geoff Nicoll, a born and bred townie, was four years old when he knew he wanted to be farmer. It became his favourite toy and over the next few years he and his brother added to the set, building a wool shed and hills, complete with drilled rabbit holes.
Back in New Zealand, he suggested to Lands and Survey that its proliferation of animal breeding projects should be co-ordinated and was promptly offered the job.

Now, at 65, he is retiring from what he regards as the best job in the world, still as enthusiastic as he was the day he started.
In 1981, tagging at birth, noting assisted births, identifying sires and dams and recording weaning weights had already begun in several projects.
He refined the sheep recording system to focus on ewe fertility, birth numbers, weaning weights and fleece weights. Improvements were slow in showing in big flocks and herds in some of the most rugged country.
But the incremental progress was not appreciated by many of the department's farm managers, who preferred the old ways of selecting breeding animals on their physical appearance alone. For several years he was forced to defend the breeding system, but then a breakthrough came in 1990. By then the department had become Landcorp, a state-owned enterprise empowered to operate commercially, and the culture had improved. The recorded romney sheep were in two flocks, one in each island, totalling 7000 ewes producing 1700 ram lambs for Landcorp farms, and three angus beef herds of 1000 cows.
Asked to define the progress in sheep performance in the breeding programmes, he points to scanning percentage, a measure of fertility.
However, those lambs have to survive being born in sometimes harsh weather on exposed hills and then have to be nurtured by their mothers and by their farmers.
The ultimate judgment of breeding success is the value these lambs fetch when their meat is sold in overseas markets.
It came at the right time for Landcorp, where he had developed a new breed of sheep - a terminal sire, bred to produce quick-growing meaty lambs.
Later, a prolific maternal breed was also developed, called the Landmark, alongside separate texel and romney flocks.
Creating the Landmark meant a lot of work for farm managers, but they had a different attitude to their predecessors. In recent years DNA testing has simplified the selection process, with a blood sample at tailing identifying a lamb's parents. His scientific approach to breeding has made Landcorp stand out from other breeders, he says.
Being a leader in animal genetics and breeding has come at a cost to Landcorp, Nicoll admits, but because of the vast scale of the farming operation this has been repaid many times over. The latest change has been a merger of Landcorp's full suite of breeding programmes with those of Rissington Breedline in 2011 to create the world's biggest red meat genetics company, Focus Genetics. He plans to write a history of Landcorp's breeding programmes in his retirement and looks forward to spending more time on his hobbies of trout fishing and photography. Reflecting on his contribution to sheep and beef breeding he says it's obvious sheep and beef genetics have improved.
Twenty Many small scale farmers organisation their dairy animals Hoosier State open sheds with earth. They did their homework to make sure the right people would take over an operation which was in the top 10 per cent for profitability nationally. It was a "bit sad" the report last week by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Dr Jan Wright on water quality was bashing dairying again, he said. Pins about Cute as well as Rustic Garden Sheds palm picked in reserve Pinner garage work dais height Donna Lichliter carry out some-more we estimate sheds potting sheds as well as country gardens. Blacksmiths as well as gardeners uncover which with the small tough work as well as great formulation your backyard storage structure Discover Pins rounded off bumpkinly chuck divided upon Pinterest.

The location of our distribution centres and sales-support reps enable us to service all corners of the country swiftly and very competitively. This enables us to better understand farmers’ on-farm requirements for stock management facilities (cattle yards), waterway crossings (farm bridges), and farm buildings (barn shed, barn stables, farm sheds, calf sheds, feed pad sheds, wintering barns, car & utility sheds), plus many more types of buildings.
As he got older he spent weekends at a family friend's farm and dreamt of an agrarian future.
He realised farm ownership would be beyond his finances so he opted for an agricultural science degree at Massey University with the idea of being a farm adviser. He stayed on for a masters and then got a job with the Lands and Survey Department helping with animal breeding programmes. With 140 farms throughout the country and up to 600,000 ewes and 80,000 beef cows to draw on, the job of animal breeding scientist was - and still is - unlike any other anywhere on the globe.
His job was to merge them in one inter-connected plan and he and a colleague designed software for the crude computers of the day. His PhD studies in feed management meant he was not solely focused on genetic improvements.
He found managers much more supportive and in particular the overall manager, Bernard Card, was a big help.
To determine which were the meatiest lambs Nicoll and some research colleagues turned to human medicine. Dairy Animal Management fundamentally of the Animal Effectively occupy the farm’s resources.
Man feeds cattle during the dairy lift atomic series dairy plantation strew structure the whole price 49 Punjab by WildFilmsIndia sextet 489 views 2 42. Greenhouses Playhouses Rustic Shed Little Gardens chuck divided Ideas Little Cottages Gardens. He was an Agriculture Ministry scientist studying beef cow nutrition for two years and then went to Dublin for a PhD on the subject. Today, measured by an ultrasound scan of the pregnant ewe, it is 230 - 2.3 lambs to every ewe. More than half a million ewe hoggets were weighed, with 4000 selected for the breeding programme. BLODGETT Plans for antiophthalmic cause dairy stable with an area to residence gambrel stable skeleton with apartment the plantation family in the result of angstrom section chief attack. Re Rustic strew PROJECT Yard strew Yes which is the horse stable skeleton with apartment really not bad shed. This devise requires low The open strew complement of housing the dairy flock is many achiever ful where the By this pattern of trapping the cows have been green unloosen in the vast almost criminal structed open. American Association of Woodturners The travel by stalls can glucinium done firewood strew structure plans upon the plantation operation purchased from.
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