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Cherry is a wood species that is widely used as substrate to make furniture, especially for indoor furniture. Cherry wood is considered as expensive wood, the cherry furniture is usually premium furniture with relatively high price. The cherry wood grain is very unique and beautiful with soft texture, while his pores are shallow and small.
This wood has a beautiful grain pattern, his red and green strip inside this wood is very unique that should be enhanced in the finishing. The Phoenix PS3 TV lift cabinet will dutifully organize a complete home theater system including; multiple components, media storage, accessories, a larger screen HDTV, and even a sound system (sound bar, sound projector, or center channel speaker).
With the Phoenix PS3 you will find a storage cabinet next to the TV (storage cabinet can be placed on either side of TV).
In front of the TV lift you'll find a grill cloth panel which is the ideal location to place a center channel speaker, sound bar, or sound projector. The PS3 lift system is constructed in a premium grade birch or oak wood and offered in your choice of color. For more information or to place an order please call Diamond Case Designs, Inc., the exclusive manufacturer of Phoenix TV lift furniture.
The following features and options are available with Phoenix™ TV lift furniture systems. All Phoenix™ motorized TV lift systems are fully assembled using hand selected woods for a stunning appearance and the most attractive grain patterns. To ensure each Phoenix™ TV lift will compliment your home decor, multiple standard styles are offered. Industrial, ball bearing wheels can be concealed from view beneath each Phoenix™ system.
To provide easy access to the rear of your electronics, Phoenix™ back panels are secured in place with easy access screws. An internal air chimney inside each Phoenix™ system provides air flow to help your electronics ventilate. Upon request, wood framed doors can offer the ability to interchange a wood, smoke glass, or grill cloth door panel. If you prefer to keep your electronics hidden from sight they can be organized behind wood doors and operated via an infrared repeater. The slim and efficient nature of Phoenix™ TV lift furniture makes them a perfect option for Yamaha's integrated sound projectors.
To provide a personal finishing touch and reflect the time and care put into each Phoenix™ model, all systems come with a unique personalized nameplate. All furniture systems are shipped fully-insured and can be delivered directly to your home or business. An extensive multi-step finish process produces durable and professional museum quality results. Due to the color limitations of the web and the differences in wood, variation is unavoidable.
When purchasing your new Diamond Case furniture system you may also be interested in upgrading your home theater electronics. We are very knowledgeable with our recommendations and our pricing is extremely competitive. If you prefer a more full service delivery feel free to opt for our premium delivery service.
Our goal is to provide you with high quality furniture solutions, convenient deliveries, and excellent value.
And cause Something Wonderful for the surround stick vibrant color save sentence comprise dependable and urinate a green selection wholly with water supply based wood stains and finishes that are now.
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Woodsounds offers wooden flutes created in the traditions of authentic Native American Flutes.
Although now, with the veneer technology there are more furniture can be made with cherry veneer with cheaper price.
He has a very distinctive unique strip wood grain pattern with stripes of green and purple red create very attractive looked. If you are looking for a fantastic sound system but prefer not to run any speaker wire you should consider using a sound projector. These doors are great for organizing media such as blu-ray movies, DVDs, CDs, or video games. The standard lift cabinet is designed to accommodate flat panel TVs up to 46" diagonal.
The lift mechanism is backed by a five year warranty and offers industry exclusive benefits.
All Phoenix finishes are applied through a multiple step process involving complete sanding, toning, staining, sealing, and lacquering. Premium woods provide beautiful detail and an excellent foundation for our professional multi-step finishes.
All colors are applied through an extensive multi-step finish process producing museum quality results in a durable, matte patina.

These details are randomly applied by hand to give Phoenix™ a unique and timeless personality. Sufficient internal air space is provided behind the component shelves and vertical section dividers. Cables can be routed from shelf to shelf and section to section without having to be threaded in and out holes or slots in the back panel.
The remote control repeater is a simple system that passes your remote control signals behind the closed wood doors.
Each drawer is outfitted with a system of adjustable dividers that will accommodate media of all sizes including blu-rays, DVDs, CDs, video games, and more. These unique components provide true multi-channel surround sound in a slim and compact enclosure without the need for any speaker wire. Extensive packaging is applied to the furniture prior to shipment for the highest level of protection. To offer convenient one stop shopping we are authorized dealers for all major brands of electronics. In fact, in most cases we can save you money when bundling your electronics and furniture purchase. The cost of the shipment is based on your address, size of furniture, weight of furniture, and current fuel prices. Each system is hand inspected and reviewed prior to shipment, packaged and secured to a wooden pallet.
With this option the furniture is still hand inspected and packaged for delivery however, it is released to a full service moving company as opposed to a common carrier. If you have any questions about the furniture, delivery procedure, or the order process please call. Minwax offers wood stains wood finishes wood conditioners wood fillers Sir Henry Joseph Wood Expert David Bruce President Johnson teaches you the follow Products. For enduring strength and beauty wood product manufacturers wood finishing products furniture trust the Sherwin Williams class of proven. The species of Carya that named as Hickory are: Pignut Hickory, Pignut, Sweet Pignut, Coast Pignut Hickory, Smoothbark Hickory, Swamp Hickory, and Broom Hickory. Cherry fruit is much consumed as a food and material to make a drink that is favored in Europe. The use of cherry veneer is also a solution for the furniture industry in Asia or other places that does not have cherry trees. His wooden base color varies from white in the sap wood to the strong green with reddish stripped in the old wood.
Classic finishing in the dark brown color is the widely chosen since it is the easier process according to his green red base color. Yamaha offers a really neat system that provides true multi-channel sound from a self contained product. Alternatively this space can be utilized for accessories such as 3D glasses, remote controls, spare cables, or manuals.
Each and every Phoenix™ television lift is proudly manufactured right here in the United States. Strength and durability is achieved by fastening and gluing all joints during construction.
There, you will be able to quickly and easily install or make changes to your electronic set-up.
This void space facilitates air movement by allowing warm air to rise and exit the ventilation cut-outs in the back panel.
Because cables can be freely managed internally, shorter lengths can be used and there is no unsightly mess behind the system.
Smoke glass panels are a great choice for electronics, while wood panels are most often used to conceal media storage pull-outs. It is now possible to house an entire home theater system including television, surround sound package, electronics, and subwoofer in a compact television lift. By ordering directly from the manufacturer you will enjoy expert advice, quick service, and great value. Trained delivery professionals can place the furniture inside your home and take away the packaging material. Our furniture has been featured in national magazines and has earned industry recognition with several different design awards.
Whether you are looking for a television, receiver, speaker package, or simple component we will be happy to offer you our expertise in choosing the right product for your needs.
The furniture is released to a common carrier delivery service who will complete a curb-side delivery to your home. We will still provide an appropriate tracking number and phone number so you can trace the shipment but delivery will occur via a two man crew.
We are a family owned and operated business and are happy to personally answer your questions.
World-wide Finishes manufacturing business of the country's finest water based & oil based wood finishes for cabinets windows doors Retail wood finishing products. The use of cherry wood for furniture is very popular in Europe and America, the area where the cherry wood are widely available.

Furniture industries are using cherry veneer for panels, while for the solid part they use local wood that can match with cherry veneer. Antique style finishing is also good choice; its busy wood grain that is already bustling antic looked to form an attractive appearance. Note: If you prefer to hide your electronics behind a wood door you can still use your remote controls through the use of our optional infrared repeater. Enjoy the piece of mind in knowing you will enjoy the true quality and personal service that only an American company can provide.
With this design, you can separate power cords from signal cables to help eliminate power line distortion. You can even choose to hide your electronics behind wood doors and use our optional infrared repeater which provides complete remote control access, even behind closed wood doors!
A phone number and tracking number will be provided to you allow you to trace the shipment and determine an appropriate delivery window.
It will be the delivery companies responsibility to remove the furniture from the truck and place it inside the first floor of your home. Restor ampere Finish is an unique cease penetrating convention that restores the original color and luster wood finishing products to your antique and fine We've perfected the artwork of Sir Henry Wood product finishes. BEHLEN Finishing Products Catalog & people of colour Touch up materaals finishing & refinishing supplies. The old ages cherry tree will give a reddish green wood color which is very strong; make the finishing color selection for this wood to be somewhat limited.
A repeater is a simple device that transmits remote control signals to components that are hidden from sight.
Upon delivery it is the customers responsibility to remove the furniture from the truck and subsequently bring it inside your home. The red basic colors and strong grain character of mahogany wood is good match and can be combined with cherry veneer to produce a furniture product with very good result.
If it is desired a finishing with light color then a bleaching process is needed to whiten his dark color base. With the display package we convert this area to clear glass doors, a pair of glass shelves, and two display lights.
If your home is not accessible to a normal full-size delivery truck, you are in a remote area (as determined by the shipping company), the delivery appointment is missed, or other special circumstances arise extra charges will apply. If your home is not accessible to a full-size truck (18-wheel), you are in a remote area (as determined by the delivery company), a delivery appointment is missed, there are an abnormal amount of stairs, the furniture needs to go up or down a flight or flights of stairs, or other special circumstances arise extra charges will apply. Finishing products can be grouped into manageable categories based on let's first take a look at the unlike categories of Ellen Price Wood finishes. If you have any questions about this service please feel free to call us toll-free at 800-616-5354. If you have questions about this service please feel free to call us toll-free at 800-616-5354.
Intention Styles Our Stains ZAR Oil Based ZAR radical Max Oil Modified ZAR ULTRA PLUS acquit Finishes OTHER WOOD PRODUCTS Project Guide. Pecan trees are found in the south area of America.Pecan and Hickory are considered as one type wood in the America woodworking industry.
This wood has a straight grain figure with a rough texture, with little pores, small and shallow. It is hard and easily broken, it should be bored before any installation of  nail or screw. The wood is high risk to the insect attacked, it is need to be treated with  anti-insect chemical in its process. This wood has large volume  of shrinkage, the drying process should be done slowly to avoid the crack.
His toughness gives lot of advantages in the woodworking industry, especially to make the wood stuff that need the maximum strength and stiffness.
It is widely used to make staircase, parquet for flooring, tool handles, stick, furniture, etc.
The hickory or pecan is considered safe for food, so it is also widely used to food place and kitchen furniture. The use of pecan wood to make furniture has been done for many years although not as much as other popular wood like oak or maple. The uses of equalizer stain and the sap stain is highly recommended to make the even color in the finish color. Many stain can be applied with small risk of blotchy color.This wood is also easy to be sanding to produce a flat and smooth surfaceVarious colors and finishing styles can be applied to this wood to produce an attractive appearance. This wood has small and shallow grain texture and pores, so it can be finished in the close finished quite easy.

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