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Note: This tutorial is a living document and will be updated and edited based on user feedback and comments. BriefAs a member of a local architects firm you are given a brief to build a single storey building. You can produce the floor plan as a neat sketch or use a drawing board and instruments if you wish but in both cases the drawing should be done to scale. If you do it as a sketch you may want to download some grid paper to lay under your drawing to help you align items in your sketch. You should also ensure that you use the correct symbols for doors, walls, windows etc and also the correct symbols for fixtures and fittings. During this process you will create a library of CAD symbols for all your items you have used. Please note that these resources can only be access from within Mackie Academy due to various technical issues.
You should include the icon for a given command, and explain in your own words, what that command is used for.

This time around, I tried to take advantage of all the advancements in technology that have occurred since I was in high school.
Hopefully this will help you visualize the layout of our rooms as we show you the changes we make.  Of course now that it’s so pretty outside, I can see more happening to the Exterior than to the Interior of our little abode over the next few weeks!
We just moved from Arkansas to Denver, Colorado and are loving life in our new state with our baby girl.
If something isn't clear, or you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll work on updating it to answer your questions.
CAD commands documentAs you work through your floor plan in AutoCAD you should be compiling a list of the commands that you have used most often. Planometric of one roomA planometric view is a pictorial drawing that uses the plan view of the object as the basis for the 3D projection.You are to select one room in your house and produce a rendered planometric version of it. One point perspective view of a roomPerpspective offers the viewer a chance to see things in a more natural way.You are to draw a one point perspective view of a selected room in your house then fully render that view. Two point perspective view of the exterior of the house.You will then create a perspective view of the house and gardens as seen from the outside.

EvaluationDuring this project you should be maintaining a record of what you have done, how you have changed things along the way, how you have overcome problems etc.All of this information should be pulled together to form an overall evaluation of this project. This is the tool John and Sherry of Young House Love use to draw their floor plans, which always turn out so nice.
We always have a project up our sleeves and love sharing renovation tips and tricks on our way to Before & Afters.
This then should form the basis for a document (or web page) that you are to produce that explains what each command is used for.

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