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We have made many of the these bird feeders!  They make wonderful gifts!With a little adult supervision, this project could be made by a child. If you make this bird feeder from cedar, you could have it assembled and ready to hang in one evening. The link to the Kreg Tool Company page, where you can download your free copy of this Kreg project plan, is at the bottom of this page.
As always, we strongly encourage you to wear safety glasses EVERY time you use the saw or drill. The cost of the materials using pine is approximately $10, not including the cost of paint, and painting supplies. With just a couple of more steps to add the plexiglass and the wire, your bird feeder is done and ready to use.

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19-W3284 - Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder Woodworking Plan.Foil those pesky squirrels when they try to steal the seeds you bought to feed your song birds.
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