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The Birmingham Handyman’s garage shelving system will add quality, beauty, and value to your garage! The Birmingham Handyman can also handle any repairs your garage may need prior to your garage shelving installation. Choosing and installing one of the many garage shelving ideas is a popular way to create storage space in a garage. We’ve all been there with the tools, garden implements, sports equipment and general household long term storage that starts off on the edges but gradually creeps in so much that you can no longer squeeze the car in.
Eventually you get sick of knocking stuff over when you try to park your car and look for options that will make your garage safer, more efficient and pleasing to be in. You wouldn’t have a kitchen without cabinets, so why put up with a garage without shelves? Toss or donate anything that you no longer want or need and assess the rest in terms of size, weight and volume. Then you can consider freestanding garage shelving units such as heavy duty plastic shelving units, or perhaps wire shelving systems on wheels. Cabinets would be another good option if you want to fully enclose (and even lock) your items, in the case of dangerous substances for the car, the pool etc., or if you just want your garage to look more neat and tidy. It is often a good idea to attach any freestanding units to the wall to stop them toppling over. Wall mounted garage shelving can be fixed into studs at functional points around your garage at multiple levels creating tiered stacking space. The simplest wall shelves can be achieved by just screwing brackets into studs and mounting a wooden board on top. A similar but more adjustable wall shelving system can be achieved by fixing vertical tracks (or metal standards) onto the wall studs. Wooden garage shelves are cheaper than metal and ideal if you want a customized garage shelving system. The John Sterling range of metal standards and brackets are affordable but excellent quality shelving components, to give you an adjustable shelving system.
Find a friend or family member who is remodeling their kitchen and ask if you can have their old kitchen cabinets to mount in your garage.
If you avoid these mistakes you will be well on your way to choosing effective shelving for your garage.
Anything that is bulky or is being stored for the long term should be stored up high out of the way. Sign up and you'll be the first to know of any Special Offers I am running as well as any FREE stuff that I'm giving away. Learn how to get the organizing habit and spend just 15 minutes per day staying on top of your clutter. My aim for this website is to bring you "simple steps that work" to help with all your organizing needs. Garage Bike StoragePros & cons of each styleDon't know whether to choose floor, wall or ceiling bike storage options for your garage?
Garage Shelving Units5 questions to ask yourselfWe look at all types of garage shelving ideas, so there is sure to be one to suit you.
Rubbermaid Fast Track9 ways it can help youFind out everything you need to know about Rubbermaid FastTrack with our 5 part series. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.
Why not eliminate one of the adjacent sides of your triangle bracket and screw it directly to your garage upright wall wooden support, thus savings of an extra third.
I personally appreciate the 3 piece design, thus allowing the brackets to be easily removed and repositioned to other areas, without splitting materials. I have similar shelves, and one bugbear has been losing things over the back of the shelf, through the void.
Just cut insets to accommodate the studs in the topping piece of plywood and add the difference to the overall depth of the piece.

Pretty, but without a brace I have low confidence in putting all that stress on a plywood cantilever. This might be a dumb question, but how did you screw the brackets to the wall with the brace in the way?
Thanks for posting this, i was about to make metal brackets, but now i realize that i could just use the wood that i ready have and save time and money (the worst about metal is welding, i suck at welding).
Another design you might want to consider is rotating your diagonal supports so that they go across the vertical and horizontal supports instead of lengthwise. Another option that I've seen is to use a triangular piece of plywood for the angle support. I need to clarify my comment above a but joint can be a very weak joint if not executed properly or used in a manner that pull or extrudes the fasteners. Build the brackets with great attention, making sure all the components are level and secured properly. Building storage shelves for your garage is a great idea if you have many things you don’t use frequently or you just want to organize your tools better. Make sure you follow us on Facebook to be the first that gets our latest plans and for some other exclusive content. Also, follow us on Pinterest to get many ideas for your backyard from all the internet! Top Tip: It is essential to secure the brackets into the studs with wood screws, if you want to place heavy objects on the shelves. Top Tip: Protect the wooden components from wood decay by applying several coats of stain or paint.
Would I be able to screw these onto a piece of plywood to use as a shelf with the uprights? No, it is designed to fit the FastTrack system for garages and the like, not closet systems. They make the most of the wasted vertical space on the walls and allow you to organize the clutter that is overrunning the place. So before you look at any buying options, you should work your way through exactly what you have got currently cluttering up your garage floor. Just make sure you buy brackets and fixings that are up to the job, ie, choose heavy duty brackets for heavy duty loads.
It is ideal for long term out of the way storage but can also be made easily accessible by way of pulley driven storage lifts if this is your only storage option.
The possibilities with wood are endless although you do need some basic DIY skills to be able to work with it. Build two columns of blocks (don’t go too high) and in between every 2 blocks, put some wood connecting the two towers, creating a shelf. This is even more important when you are customizing your own system from wood, where you will also need to consider how far your shelves can span without support. Compartmentalize your space to keep groups of like items together, whether they are tools or old toys etc.
These are 2x4s cut to the inside dimensions of the stud cavity, end-nailed from the outsides of the studs, with a little angle on the nails where necessary.
The key is to drive it in fully, so that the head of the nail is firmly against the face of the wood. If you combine that with a grooves cut in the horizontal and vertical supports a couple of inches from the end, it will lock the diagonal piece in there and the wood will be providing the support on the diagonal and not the fasteners. I agree end grain is not the best option if you have another and if you end up using the end grain as a place to install your fastener.
Building storage shelves you your garage is a great idea if you want to make an efficient use of the space. Attach the brackets directly to the bare studs or fit 2×4 supports to the wall framing, if the interior is covered with drywall boards. In addition, use a spirit level when installing the wooden components, otherwise they won’t have a neat look. If you have installed drywall boards to the framing,  first you need to install the 2×4 studs into place.

Level the brackets with a spirit level, otherwise the shelves won’t have a professional look. As you can see in the image, you need to align the slats at both ends, before driving in the screws into the brackets. Therefore, you need to fill the cracks with wood putty and let it dry out for several hours.
If you want to see more outdoor plans, we recommend you to check out the rest of our projects.
We can also help with broken glass in garage windows or garage doors and other garage repairs.
Wall shelves are quite versatile in that you can choose a mixture of small ones (for things like spray paint cans), large ones (for large storage totes) and even solid ones (perhaps for potting plants in winter). Wire shelves have the added advantage of allowing air to circulate more freely but are inherently weaker than solid shelves. The cut doesn't have to be precise, just adequately short so you can get them into place. Moreover, if you are a handy person and have lots of tools, the shelves would help you to keep them organized and to find everything easy. Countersink the head of the screws and apply several coats of stain to protect the components from bad weather.
On the other hand, you should adjust the height at which you install the shelves and the distance between them.
Afterwards, sand the wooden surfaces with 120-grit sandpaper and vacuum the residues thoroughly.
Designed to work with FastTrack wood or wire shelving, the bracket is easy to attach and adjust on the rail to create a customized garage storage system that can change as your storing needs change.
The FastTrack Garage 16" bracket is designed for use only with FastTrack wood or wire shelving. A good rule of thumb is to check how much room you have between the ceiling and the top of the garage door.
Steel gives a clean and open look to your shelving but does need to be protected against moisture which will cause it to rust.
I plan to finish out my garage walls and at that time it will be easy to reuse my brackets. Nevertheless, there are a few tricks regarding this woodworking project, which you will discover by reading the instructions.
Maple shelving can be primed and painted to match your decor or stained to a beautiful finish.
Custom wooden garage organization systems are obviously a permanent solution, so you should opt for kits or shelving units if you want something that can go with you when you move house. Our custom garage shelving includes a heavy duty polyethylene protective edging for a factory finished look.
This way instead of pulling out all the staples you could just pull the strips of ribbon thus removing the staples limiting the work and minimizing the damage to your plastic sheeting. For high garage shelves, I'd use plywood triangles for supports, nailed to the sides of the studs, where the studs are exposed. A toenail through the top of the shelf into the stud behind it, and a diagonal screw through the plywood, a couple of inches in from the outer point into the bottom of the shelf will hold it.
Our heavy duty steel brackets are rated at 1000 lbs and finished in a durable baked powder coating.
Our garage shelving systems are custom built on site to suit your specific garage storage needs. With our custom garage shelving system, you can beautify your garage and get the most out of your garage space!

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