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My question is around the weight being on the short sides of the roof - do you guys think this could make the roof prone to bending or warping as the temperatures heat up in a garage all summer, etc. If you paid ten bucks for a hand wench, you paid too much - I take care of business with my hand wench, and it doesn't cost me a dime.
Check out this HOSS (Hardtop Off Storage System or something clever like that) from Bestop.
Nice job on the storage rack but like others have said it looks difficult to put the top on it and may fall. At AAG we find that the type of car you own says a lot about you - and Jeep Wrangler owners seem to always have a lot in common, most of all: a thirst for adventure. The Rightline Jeep Storage bags are designed to fit your Wrangler, meaning they take advantage of every inch of available storage space.
The Trunk Storage Bag employs your entire rear cargo area, from top to bottom - featuring 4 zippered compartments, an inner mesh pouch, 2 hard plastic shelves, as well as a hard plastic sheet to maintain shape and structure. Anyone know of a full width plastic storage tray that fits right behind the seats like the ones that go under the back seats in pickups?
Im working on an extension ring that raises the cargo lid up 4" ,the 3 sides are done im working on the front now , its gonna match perfect and the 4" is a BIG advantage!! When the summer hits and you want to take in the open air, there's nothing better than taking off your Jeep hard top and doors.
Taking off your Jeep hard top can be a difficult and stressful process but the HOSS Hardtop Organized Storage System makes it much easier. Make the most of your Jeep and your storage space with the Bestop HOSS Hardtop Organized Storage System. Make two stands wide enough to comfortably drive truck between, tops level with the top of bed. I was thinking put a pully on the branch of the tree you have leaning it against and hoist it up and drive out from under it. I take it since you said that you were leaning it up against a tree for storage your over head options are limited- so the drive under could still be achieved with building something similar to what Truck Campers use. 4 posts to hold up the shell with X braces on three sides for added strength if needed since the Shells tend to flex. I know I'm thinking about doing something for our truck cap this year, just haven't decided what yet. After having three different Wranglers with three different hardtops, I knew with my brand new JK, I needed a better solution to store it.
Roll out that carpet face down onto the floor or any level surface, and grab one of the 59 inch 2×4 planks and slide it on the carpet and leave about an extra 2 inches on the end of the carpet. Next is to wrap the blocks we made first with the carpet, now I let the extra carpet hang over the top as well as just the outside facing sides of these blocks because I didn’t see the hardtop possibly making contact anywhere on the inside of the blocks and this gave it a clean look. Next step, admire the view and take a sip of beer, this is what I enjoy doing most with this project but don’t take too long as you will want to finish quickly and test it out!
Lay the top with the bottom of the top laying in between the two carpeted lengths of wood resting the top of the hard top on the carpeted blocks. For added safety and security, I secured the ratchet strap to each side of the dolly and strapped the hard top down so it wouldn’t move during the rough transport and during storage.
Hope this write up with pics helps explain everything better and could save people a lot of coin. This is really great and works perfect – I have only one question: does the hardtop lay on the window hinges or on the frame (1st-time-german-wrangler-owener)! Like us on Facebook to get the latest info on local rides & events, new product reviews, and for chances to win aftermarket Jeep parts!

We are not affiliated with Chrysler LLC, Jeep or any other companies whose products or part numbers are shown here as a reference.
Not suggesting you should buy it instead (but it's always an option!), but it'll give you a good idea of how we thought your hard top should be stored. I made my own and even though they are anchored to the studs in 4 places, I look at my doors hanging there everytime and worry.
The storage systems for sale make it an easy 1 person job to lift the top and store it to the ceiling. Road trips, hikes, camping - these are just a few of the things that Wrangler drivers are no stranger to. Constructed from a durably reinforced PVC coated mesh, these bags - and all of their pockets - feature welded seams and urethane coated zippers to keep out water and anything else you get into. The Side Storage Bag matches the slope of your rear wheel well and includes a main compartment, a zippered pocket, an outer mesh compartment, and a hard plastic shell. The Hardtop Cart easily attaches to your top and lets you remove the top and immediately place it on the cart's wheels. The carrier stores a wide variety of door types and sits inside the hard top, reducing your storage footprint and saving maximum space. Mine is off the truck more than its on and I'd like to get away from leaning it against a tree or just setting it on the ground.
The posts were set wide enough so that the shelves lined up with the width of the bed rails of the truck. We took some heavy duty padded hooks and screwed them into a 2x4 and then mounted it to the wall (into the studs) in his garage with some 4 inch lag bolts. However, I will be upgrading to 4″ next summer due to uneven pavement on the sidewalk.
Now I tipped the employee at Lowes to cut the wood to lengths for me and this cut out a lot of the time needed to cut it up and measure it out. Using the Utility knife cut the carpet at the side of the 2×4 nearest you and be careful not to cut yourself. We are leaving the extra lengths around all of these pieces so we can staple the carpet to them and avoid any staples coming into contact with the hard top I stapled everything on the sides and backs of the wood to insure this. Now get under the dolly and drill the blocks in place from the bottom up be sure to not hit the screws you had used to create those blocks and repeat on the opposite side. Whether you are looking for new parts for your Jeep or are looking for offroad places to go with your rig, Jeeps on Trails is your source for everything Jeep! These terms are used for descriptive purposes only, and not to denote affiliation or connection with Chrysler LLC or Jeep. Trying operating the hand wench with your left arm, it's like there is a stranger there with you.
Your hard top is really expensive to replace so make sure it secure enough not to fall when ur taking it off ur jeep and when stored to the ceiling. And when excitement is the destination, be sure you're stocked up with all your gear in a weatherproof Rightline Jeep Storage Bag. Best of all, they strap right onto the roll bars of your Jeep for a perfect fit, and can be conveniently removed and carried with you once you get to your destination. The Roll Bar Storage Bag straps right onto your vertical roll bars, with the top up or down. But not anymore - the one-of-a-kind Bestop HOSS Hardtop Storage System makes it easy to remove and store your Jeep hardtop, doors, and accessories in one place.
The Hardtop Cart's support bar protects your rear window while you remove it to keep it from falling open.

I'd climb into bed at back door and raise the shell with my back enough to roll two pieces of the emt along the bed rails to about halfway up the bed or to where the shell would be roughly balanced.
I do have a shed with some overhead space but its taken up with lumber racks a conoe and a kayak so thats a no go.
Seems like if they are low to the ground the wind just goes over, but if they are up in the air, the wind hitting them can make them act like a big airplane wing.
In that case I'd use the same method as #1 to lift the cap off the truck a few inches and then drive the truck out from under it. I was actually thinking about using the ladder rack to lift the cap off but that would mean building a higher wagon to cart the thing so I'll probably go with the cap sitting on removable cross members. I heard a bang and when I went outside I found the wind had grabbed my canoe and thrown it over the corner of the garage and landed it on the hood of my now ex-wifes car.
The larger casters should make it easier to roll over rough terrain, besides we are Jeep guys and we lift and put bigger tires on everything!
If you have a friend nearby ask them to put their foot on it, but again I did this by myself and it isn’t hard just be patient and watch what you are doing. Rightline offers 3 durable and multipurpose storage bags, which you can configure in any combination.
Currently I either get my wife to help me or if its coming off I'll get inside crouched over and lift it with my back and walk it off the truck. I'm leaning towards combining these ideas you have come up with in a rolling staorage rack.
If you're going to do something portable, what about making provisions for those dog 'corkscrews' that you can buy for tying a dog out? I was thinking thou if I had the cap clamped down that the rack would be to heavy to throw around. He can back it in the garage and lift it onto the rear hooks, then he can run the strap through the front and pull the slack out and ratchet it while standing in the Jeep. This way I can park the topper near the back of my property when in summer and in the winter when I sometimes can't drive across the lawn I could keep it near the driveway. I would lift up one corner of the cap (while it was on the truck) and slide the 2x4 across the width of the cap.
Then I used a dolly system that I made which essentially put wheels on the one end of the cap.
The 2x4's would take the weight of the cap (one on each end of the cap), and I'd tie the lifting ropes to the 4 exposed eye-bolts. The dolley was just a simple round bar with two old bicycle wheels and two c-clamps facing in the upward direction. This write up is to show you just how simple it is to do by yourself with pictures every step of the way. I'm thinking maybe I could use the clamp for the topper to hold things together then just roll the whole thing away. You could then pick up the back end of the cap and wheel it around the yard kinda like a wheelbarrow. I'm not sure it I should make the whole thing steer or if just a lift and steer deal would work.
Again thanks for all the ideas to fuel my imagination I'll have to make a trip next week to the scrap yard and see what they heve in pipe to frame this with.

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