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We all want to make the most of any good British weather this summer, by enjoying a little gardening or simply relaxing outdoors. Wood burning stoves and open fires are making a comeback, due to concerns about ever increasing energy prices and people looking for more eco friendly ways to heat their homes.
As the family grows and our possessions increase, we all strive to make the best of the space we have with clever storage solutions. But unless you’re lucky enough to already have all the bedroom and living space you need, there will undoubtedly come a time when you need to consider upsizing to accommodate your needs.
Asgard has unveiled its latest high security metal garden shed range – The Asgard Flexistore Storage Unit, in response to the growing demand for a good quality, secure outdoor shed for multipurpose storage.
The new range was designed to provide secure outdoor storage as well as the flexibility of additional shelving space and storage. The single door access offers convenient accessibility and features the same unique high security 3-point locking system as many of Asgard’s other security approved storage units. With an enhanced integrated ventilation system and solid plywood flooring, the Flexistore Storage Unit is ideal for storing gardening tools and equipment, lawn mowers, and patio furniture and bulky children’s play equipment.
The unit is manufactured at the company headquarters in Bradford, and can be personalised around the customer’s requirements.
Available in 3 sizes depending on the outdoor space required, with an optional ramp for accessibility, and comes in a range of 3 colours to suit the surroundings of Dark Green, Brown or Ivory. There is nothing better than an open fire to keep you warm and cosy during the cold winter months and open fires are having a renaissance as more and more people realise the cost savings, benefits to the environment and that wonderful romantic crackle of a wood burning hearth or stove. If that tired old shed at the bottom of the garden is more eyesore than eye-catching, then it’s time to take action, with a makeover that will restore it to its former glory. And, no matter what the transformation you have in mind – be it from shed to home office, to den for the kids, or simply a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind – Sadolin has a woodstain just perfect for the job.
Why not turn that dull roof into something spectacular with a low maintenance green roof that offers some worthwhile environmental benefits?
Sedum Supply specialises in growing and supplying a marvellous range of sedum products, for use on green roofs and in garden landscaping projects and has also developed ready grown environmentally friendly wildflower roofs.
The Posh Shed Company have applied all their experience to come up with a range of high quality sheds that will stay dry inside, will be secure and above all, look good.
The beautifully crafted and cleverly designed Lynford Eco-Store has been created by HSP Garden Buildings to conceal all household recycling storage and shows how recycling can be stylish as well as practical.
As our mountains of recycling increases and people become more aware of the need to reduce our landfill sites, HSP has provided the perfect solution on storing our unsightly containers. Bespoke CollectionSuprisingly Affordable, built to your specification.Standard Models - Non-planning collectionSmart and functional.
Read more about our bespoke collectionRead more about our affordable non-planning garden buildings. Room StylingFrom Contemporary Garden Rooms to Traditional Garden Rooms, we have a style guide to help you plan your garden building, read more. GalleryBrowse our photo gallery, seeing our buildings will show you the quality of our workmanship and inspire you to plan your idea building.
Planning and BuildingThe build process is fast and efficient, and often does not require planning permission.
The term ‘Man Cave’ has come to be known as a place where the male owner can go to enjoy his favourite activities away from day to day life. For our customers, ‘garden buildings’ is popular name, ‘garden studios’ and ‘garden office’ are also frequently used. We have a range of standard garden buildings, and we can also design a bespoke “She Shed” to meet your requirements.
We have one all-inclusive price for the foundations, construction and electrics through to the flooring, glazing and decoration.
When deciding on the type of garden paving or flagstones to be used in a British garden why not cut down on your CO2 footprint by choosing a native British stone. A good ecological use of your lawnmower is to let leaves stay where they fall during the autumn, unless they are absolutely smothering your grass or any vulnerable plants, then mow the lot when you have a good amount and collect the cuttings. A nice little article on making your garden shed a place to make a better garden was published by the Daily Telegraph website today. The Grab-O-Saurus works on the same principle as eagles' claws, with opposing paddles on long handles. New research has shown that UK local authorities are having to reduce the size of individual allotments in order to shorten waiting lists and fulfil their legal commitments to maintain communal plots.
The popularity of allotment gardening, an intrinsic part of the British way of life, is said to have grown in the last decade, driven by an ageing demographic and the focus on 'green' issues combined with concerns about the quality of our food.

The advantages of green roofs are many: They are pleasant to look at and in some cases can provide additional amenity space for building users. The main negatives are related to the initial set-up costs (you need a stronger than normal roof to support the earth and plants - a living roof can weigh around 85kg per square metre when fully saturated) and maintenance (for example, finding and repairing a leak under 4-12 inches of soil and vegetation can be a right pain). A sedum roof can be installed wherever the structure is strong enough to take the weight and the where the pitch of the roof does not exceed 30 degrees. Some research published this month by British Gas claims that garden patio heaters damage the environment more than a gas-guzzling 4x4. That boom in sales he's talking about has come from two sources, individual families who have been encouraged to make more use of their gardens by TV shows and other media, and pubs trying to retain customers affected by the 'Nu Labour' puritans smoking ban.
In response, garden centre chain Wyevale announced it was to stop selling patio heaters and Notcutts said they will: "sell through current stocks of Gas and Electric Patio heaters and not stock in the future".
As our report on garden centres in the UK shows, Dobbies is a chain of 21 garden centres mostly based in Scotland with some branches in the North of England. You can bet that Tesco will attempt to make Dobbies a nationwide brand and Wyevale, the current market leader by a long way in a fragmented market, must be pooing in its pants.
Important steps he recommends include: Dig a Pond - Ponds encourage hoverflies, craneflies (whose larvae eat aphids) and frogs.
Updated daily, covering all aspects of sheds and shedworking, and written sharply and humourously, we cannot praise this site enough.
We have been alerted to English Heritage Buildings, an oak frame building company based down in East Sussex, that uses traditional oak framing techniques to build beautiful wooden buildings. As well as using a most eco-friendly material, there is also the bonus that these wooden structures are long-lasting - with several examples in the UK of existing oak framed buildings dating from the 15th and 16th centuries. BGS is now enquiring into an extension or re-build of his own shed but first has to clear it with the better-half. It came from an interesting site called the Business and Biodiversity Resource Centre and we encourage you to check it out if this subject interests you. The lean-to turf roof has doubled up rafters and a rubber liner, Sedum plants and bulbs have been included to make a special feature when entering and leaving the garden. The lower Oak frame has been left open for maximum air flow to dry out the properties fire wood.
The frosted shingle roof, using high quality materials we make buildings that stand out by not standing out. The wood shed is built with a traditional oak frame on the lower section, Douglas fir has been used for the loft area and roof. The walls have been clad vertically with Douglas fir weather boarding and the main roof is laid with blue label cedar shingles. But log stores are having a renaissance and are no longer the rustic old shed full of timber and they now add a touch of something special to almost any back garden. When you are just looking for a space to put the garden tools and a bike there are hundreds of sheds available, but they all look much the same. The term was first used in the fun article on “The Lighter Side of Real Estate” called “Introducing “She Sheds”: Women’s Answer To The Man Cave”.
Whilst reading through some of the commentary on the latest ‘She Shed’ trend we have come across some great names, which could be considered instead of ‘She Shed’. Many of our customers call their building an ‘annexe’, other names reflect the usage of the space, gym, dance studio, yoga studio, play room, etc. From garden room design ideas, to landscaping and horticulture, our blog is full of inspiration.
Amongst the wide range of natural stones available, BGS likes slate or local sandstone flagstones such as Corncockle Red. The highest spend on gardening equipment was on lawnmowers with almost all respondents saying they had purchased at least one type of lawnmower, be it cylinder or powered, in the last ten years. These cuttings provide an excellent compost material and help to speed up the rotting process in many cases. We particularly liked the sedum 'living roof' idea which can be supplied in carpet form for easy application. One handle has a row of stub-ended teeth which target the waste matter for collection as the sister paddle clamps it into position. While waiting lists to manage an allotment are rising (some councils now have a queue of over 10 years) land is getting scarcer, so the committees that run the sites are having to divide and conquer. 300 sq yards or a plot 30ft by 100ft) which was supposedly enough land to feed a family of four for a year.
The trendy 'Organic' movement has publicised the the role of chemicals and pesticides in our food change and now many people are encouraged to grow-their-own.

Unless you put in a good 4-6 hours minimum a week for your five rods your carrots will be mangy and your sweet peas sour. You can reduce building heat loss and maintain a more constant core temperature, with the additional benefit of reducing energy use within that building. As the technology becomes better understood and more suppliers become present in the market costs should fall, so we are hoping that this will become a more common feature of the British urban environment, and we will of course keep posting news on any further developments in this area.
According to their figures, a commercial gas-fired patio heater can emit almost 4 tonnes of CO2 a year (compared to six tonnes of CO2 emitted by an average UK household) and that the average heater emits more CO2 in a year than a Range Rover. There has been a real step change in people's concerns about reducing their impact on the environment and it's worrying to see these efforts cancelled out by a sudden boom in patio heater sales. Tesco PLC announced today that it had agreed to buy Dobbies Garden Centers PLC for ?155.6 million pounds. No Nettles Required, written by Ken Thompson, the focus is on avoiding poisons and weedkillers and instead letting your yard go a little wild.
One wonders, for instance, about the effects of hundreds of hungry caterpillars on your baby shoots and there's no talk about counter-measures against slugs.
Indeed, we're slightly nervous about linking to it because you may not come back and read us, so good is it. Absolutely perfect if you're looking to build a gazebo, summer house or, of course a nice luxury shed!
The company uses green oak for main structures but weatherboarding, studwork and roof rafters can be either oak or softwood depending on individual requirements.
The BBRC is hosted by Earthwatch Institute (Europe) and is supported by the Environmental Action Fund of DEFRA, English Nature and members of Earthwatch's Corporate Environmental Responsibility Group (CERG). Judges considered a wide range of criteria: inventiveness of form or construction, historical interest, sprightliness of decoration and so on.
Because in most places a shed under 100 square feet is unregulated by zoning or building code rules. Read more.BlogOur blog shows our recently completed builds, as well as other features we know you will love.
The Houzz user explains why they like this gender neutral suggestion, conveying a warm and cosy place for relaxation.
We have designed some wonderful rooms for female owners, the majority have been designed to enable the owner of the ‘She Shed’ to work from home. It can easily be lifted and released wherever the user wishes, in one easy movement - without having to bend. Mind you, judging by my grandad's old plot and that of his fellow allotmenteers, most of that land was used to build a shed big enough to hold a table for playing cards or dominoes and a camp-bed for having a nice kip in. They can reduce stormwater run off, filter pollutants, heavy metals and CO2 out of the air and of course help to increase wildlife habitats in general. Mr Thompson is a plant ecologist and lecturer at Sheffield University who studies wildlife in urban gardens. However, we do like the emphasis on natural growth and the eco-friendly solutions he does provide. Nonetheless, credit where credit is due; a big hat-tip to Alex for his sterling work promoting the benefits of eco-friendly commuting (no petrol used when you walk to your shed of a morning) and the use of environmentally sound materials when constructing your workplace. Another nice characteristic of green oak is that as it dries, it moves and twists across its width which strengthens and adds charm to the building. Used as a play area for the children and occasional stop over space for visitors, the loft is fully insulated with a small wood burner for heat. Another popular choice for our female clients has been for a studio for practical work, such as painting, sculpture, upcycling and much more. Now, however, the average size is coming down and many authorities are now offering a maximum of five rods to new plot-holders, whilst one committee in London has reduced its entry-level allotments to one-and-a-half rods.
It has info on where to apply and how to start plus lots of good gardening tips and some interesting news groups.
His gardening philosophy is based around a desire to let nature take its course as much as possible with minimum interference. Smarter Products are the distributors for online sales and the company is looking to sell for retail horticultural and gardening markets.
Our friends at ECL Ecologists, joint authors of a CIRIA research report Building Greener have joined forces with and EPG Clear to set up the Green Roof Consultancy in order to provide practical advice on the design, installation and management of sedum roofs and living walls.

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