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Thursday posts are sponsored by Cabin Master: garden offices and studios to fit any size garden. Ideal for the eco-minded shedworker with a penchant for water, Harry Dwyer and Charlie Waller of Aircraft Workshop have created what they claim is the world's first houseboat made entirely of recycled cardboard. The aim is to make use of otherwise wasted cardboard found in and around the site of their workshop, transforming it into a fully seafaring vessel, capable of sleeping two. Wednesday posts are sponsored by The Stable Company®, the UK's premier supplier of garden offices and garden rooms. We've reported on various motorised sheds over the years, but Kevin Nicks from Chipping Norton claims his is the fastest, an upcycled VW Passat which can do nearly 90mph thanks to its V6 engine. New Zealand winery Cloudy Bay will be back at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show again this year with this Sam Ovens-designed garden.
And this is what last year's Gold-winning Cloudy Bay garden with garden office looked like, below.
Continuing our look at this year's shedworkingish elements at the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show, The Harrods Eccentric British Garden is designed by Diarmuid Gavin, no stranger to shedworking designs who readers will remember from his 2007 design. Friday posts are sponsored by Warwick Buildings, manufacturers of outstanding quality timber buildings. Enviromate is a platform which allows you to buy and sell surplus building materials and has recently seen an influx of DIY enthusiasts who have discovered supplies they can buy for cut-down ‘trade' prices as well as making cash selling surplus materials from their own projects. It's Chiropractic Awareness Week and this year’s campaign focuses on shedworking, flexible working, and the impact that working remotely can have on back health. Work was cited as a trigger of back or neck pain by nearly a fifth of sufferers, but despite this, more than a quarter of workers admit to taking no proactive measures to protect their back while at work, whether at home or in an office. The survey revealed that sitting in the same position for long periods of time was the most common cause of back or neck pain in the workplace, with over two fifths of workers who have suffered from back or neck pain citing this as a contributing factor. The BCA has developed a series of simple exercises to improve posture and help prevent back pain on its site here.

Today we start our annual look at the forthcoming shedworkingesque delights at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show next month with The Garden of Mindful Living, designed by Paul Martin.
Well in the past few years, with the high uptake in home working, home offices have become ever more popular, yet many people are still working from a cramped back room that is not well suited to the demands of home working. What is ideal when working from home is your own space that is not cluttered up with junk or your kid’s old toys for example. In general, a wooden building that is designed as a home office will be far better built than a normal shed or summerhouse and will feel far more sturdy as a whole.
The benefits of using a home office are huge, giving you a dedicated working space away from the clutter of your home.
These days, with governments having the environment and carbon emissions to think about, having a wooden outbuilding as an office has several great additional benefits.
They are also far cheaper to build, and you have far more flexibility when it comes to installing your wooden building due to significantly easier planning restrictions.
Building a good home office can prove to be a good asset when it comes to selling your home, so why not consider buying a wooden building to use as an office and move out of that cramped back room? Made from top grade redwood painted choice of colours house grade upvc windows with 28mm double glazed units plus upvc french doors with saftey glass felt shingles on the roof.
Lots of natural light, being able to work in the garden, WiFi, phones, heat, good indoor lighting too. Theywill be showcasing the logic-defying boat for the first time at Grand Designs Live on April 30. The boat, currently being assembled in London's historic docklands will contain two bunks, an electric motor, kitchen and all the amenities one would expect to find in a houseboat, in cardboard. Using only surplus materials like double-glazed windows, timber and plasterboard that would have otherwise gone into landfill, he set about building a fantastic home office in his garden, all for just £150.
The campaign is a result of consumer research conducted by the British Chiropractic Association who say that a fifth of people working remotely on a computer do so from the sofa, and more than one in ten admit working from their bed.

An easy way to ensure that you get away from your desk is to set a loud alarm in another room.
Built by Beautiful Horizon Landscape and sponsored by Vestra Wealth, this lovely piece of microarchitectre is described as a "contemporary modern garden owned by a busy city client" and has been "inspired by the love of Far Eastern travel, yoga and a requirement for a calm space in which to relax after a busy day at work".
You could add an extension to your home, but they are costly and you will need planning permission to build one, followed by several weeks of disruption whilst the builders are in carrying out the work. You may think of these as just being a plain summerhouse, yet modern summerhouses can now be bought fully equipped for home working.
Only using top grade materials all sheds, cabins, workshops, summerhouses, mainly using Russian or Scandinavian redwood shiplap or log lap exterior cladding. If you have a particular shed,workshop,summerhouse or cabin in mind and you wish to change doors,windows or size please contact us and our friendly staff will be happy to help. If you're in the area on April 28, tiny house expert Bill Rockhill (pictured) will talk about his tiny house building experience. As well as all the interior facilities, Harry and Charlie will include everything required for a fully functional boating experience such as fenders, rubbing strips, funnels, wheelhouse, portholes and even an anchor. It includess Corten walls, grey-splashed limestone, and large sliding shutters "that open to reveal the sparkling city views at night".
Whilst an older style summerhouse may only be equipped with basic features, a new one may well have the option of insulated walls and double glazing, as well as being capable of having electrical sockets and lighting fitted. The fact that most do not require planning permission means that you can have it built and installed in a week, saving months when compared to building an extension. There's also an excellent interview with Paul about his garden studio and garden in general in the Irish Times.

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