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Every region of our state has great waterside eateries where you can tie up your boat and grab a bite to eat or a cold beverage. The requirements for making our list were basic—access to fishing areas, easy and safe dockage and good food.
East Central: Veteran outdoor writer Bill Sargent’s recommendation of Grill’s Seafood Deck and Tiki Bar at Port Canaveral was seconded by several of my angler buddies from the Space Coast.
Monkeys who run around stealing candy, getting into parked cars and biting people should have a nice little island of their own where they can’t hurt people.
This could be a great model for our society as well: separate islands for each group of repeat offenders who refuse to change. Furgy felt the need to dress up what he felt was an eyesore, so he built a small lighthouse.
Homossasa is an excellent destination for lovers of boating, fishing, and exploring nature under a broad canopy of oak trees, magnolias and more.
River Safaris and Gulf Charters – Airboat tours, manatee tours, scalloping and fishing, boat rentals. SIT:  Inside in the large dining room, on the screened patio, or outside on the spacious deck and tiki bar.
When Mom was still alive she and I were kind of secretly combing the real estate sites for a compound. Homosassa River Retreat is still renting out their adorable cottages – call Jeff to book your stay.
Homosassa is on Florida’s west coast, on the Homosassa River that runs into the Gulf of Mexico, 43 miles south west of Ocala and 73 miles north of Tampa. Where Else in Small Town Florida Can You Stay in a Pink Cottage and Walk to 10 Waterfront Restaurants? On our way home to Austin from the Everglades, we decided to visit one more state park along Florida’s western coast, the Homosassa Wildlife State Park. Because I have a lot of photos to show, I’m going to keep text to a minimum and only show my favorite images or ones that tell a good story. This Green Heron has a severe wing injury, and lucky for it, it has a home at the state park.

I watched a male Anhinga work several minutes to pull a section of leaves from a tree I was standing under.
Nolan and I sat down to sketch this beautiful alligator, sparking the interest of others who came over to watch us. Here is an image of the feeding process, made interesting by the very large bills of the parents.
Beautiful photos, interesting facts (I didn’t know those pelicans grew horns!), and looks like a great place to visit!
It was definitely a fun trip, but it sure took a long time to get the posts finished, haha! And our team of Action Spotter field editors has furnished me with information about some of their favorite places.
The Bahamian Fish Chowder or the Tahitian Tuna Poke will get you into an island frame of mind. Starting with native Americans, and then with people named Cooley and Yulee forging ahead buying land and clearing it for trains and tourists. While away traveling for the cattle company, Furgy instructed a dragline operator to fix a dangerous pile of rocks lurking just below the river’s surface, that had been wreaking havoc on passing boats. Under the care of the Homosassa Riverside Resort they’re fed healthy meals specifically designed for them, and their toys and climbing structures are changed or moved around as are their bowls, and even the grass heights and patterns are changed. We love nature as much as the next guy, but as our focus is fun on the water, fun at a waterfront bar, and a fun little place to stay, we didn’t do any Manatee or bird watching on this visit. A place where we could all live side by side but have our own four walls and our own kitchen to mess up to whatever degree we each felt like. Find your perfect getaway far from the typical tourist attractions with our tips for the best beach, the best beach bar, and the best beach bungalow - or clean and affordable mom-and-pop - for your visit.
This 210-acre park is a rescue facility for many bird and animal species native to Florida. I watched the father add sticks to the nest, and both parents shared the responsibility of feeding their baby.
Just to offer full disclosure about our Florida trip, we did sneak in two days at Orlando — Epcot and Universal Studios.

And then I get to conquer the back story of all that has gone at home since all this time has passed.
Your photos of the natural world are really beautiful and I enjoyed reading your captions—quite funny and down to earth.
A Texas Master Naturalist, Habitat Steward, and Travis Audubon committee member, she enjoys teaching people of all ages about native flora, fauna, and healthy environments.
We could all gather at night by the water, sisters, brothers, everyone’s kids, and toast the sunset.
Places that remind us to slow down and chill like when we were kids, and the only thing that got us out of the ocean was the jingle of the ice cream truck. A detour, I admit, from the wildlife we focused on the rest of the time, but we wanted to have some butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Apparently the dragline guy got a bit carried away, and when Furgy returned the “fix” had become a small island! Traveling and living here for years now, we're (self-proclaimed) experts who are exploring the coast every chance we get. The state park, with is spring-fed waters, is also a rehabilitation center for injured and orphaned West Indian manatees, who eventually are released back to the wild.
Without going into details here, I’ll just say that we had a glorious time, and butterbeer is yummy. Another favorite place, noted for fun dining and great food, is Cap’s On The Water, just up the ICW from the Vilano Bridge. Teach the grandkids to fish, watch the manatees, get your sedentary husband out on a SUP board. Also, the owner, Jeff, is interesting, knowledgeable about the area and fishing,  and made us laugh. The worst punishment would be spending their days forced to look at each other and get along; like looking in a mirror and seeing the true them.

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