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This is a shed that stands tall and proud and shouts "I love my pipe!" Its pressure treated wood and slate roof will make it an enduring feature of Big Kev's pipe smoking future. The coastal phase typically has brownish-red bands that alternate with white or yellow bands. Ever since then, I've been a fan of these snakes and have recommended them as pets to many snake keepers. In this article, I'll share everything I've learned about the keeping and care of California kingsnakes — feeding, housing, heating, cage cleaning and more! Is it a King Snake or a Kingsnake? Let's start by clearning up some terminology and spelling.
There are also some striped varieties of this snake available in the pet trade, but the banded varieties are much more common.
In addition to being one of the keys to a healthy snake, feeding can be an interesting thing to observe as well. The scientific name is Lampropeltis getulus californiae, which when loosely translated means "shiny scales." So, while you often see it written as California king snakes (three seperate words), I will use the proper term kingsnakes (one word) throughout this care sheet. It can also be found as far north as the southern part of Oregon, and as far south as the tip of Baja. In captivity, these snakes will do extremely well on a steady diet of rodents, primarily captive-bred mice and rats.
I know some breeders who offer lizards to baby snakes who are stubborn eaters, but in my experience with California kings this has never been necessary.
I have never encountered a healthy kingsnake in a proper captive environment that refused to eat mice or rats (unless the snake was in shed).

Here's how to create a more specific feeding schedule that's more in tune with your individual snake. This is evident in the number of professional reptile breeders, the technologically advanced cages and products, and the availability of quality reptile foods. For example, type the words "frozen rodents" into a major search engine like Google or Yahoo, and you'll encounter dozens of companies who will ship frozen rodents (in bulk) direct to your doorstep. In terms of quality and convenience, you really can't beat frozen rodent companies. You can go online, place an order in ten minutes or so, and have a six-month supply of frozen rodents shipped to your door. Thus, there is no way the parasites could be passed on to your snake (this is a possibility with freshly killed rodents). They are easy to acquire, easy to store, easy to prepare, and safer than the freshly killed alternative.
I even have a separate freezer in my garage for this very purpose, since I have to store enough rodents to feed seven snakes on a regular basis.
I usually order a large number of rodents, knowing it will last me for almost an entire year.
Check them all out, compare their prices, and find something that works for you. Everyone has their own opinions about the best way to thaw frozen rodents before serving them to a snake. In truth, it really doesn't matter how you thaw them, as long as the rodents are fully thawed before you serve them to the snake. You could simply leave a frozen mouse or rat sitting out on a paper towel if you want.
Put it out first thing in the morning, and it should be fully thawed by mid to late afternoon.

You can also soak the frozen rodent in a tub of warm water for a couple of hours, if you prefer a quicker method.
On feeding day, I'll put the necessary number of rats into the tub, fill it with hot water, and come back in an hour or two. In such cases, it may become necessary to offer live rodents to your snake. Close observation is the key to offering live rodents. You never want to leave a live rodent in your snake's cage unless you are there to observe. The reason is that a live rodent can turn the tables on a snake and deliver a nasty bite (or several). This is especially true of adult rats, which have a strong bite and tend to be more "bold" than mice.
But when the snake is not interested in eating (which is usually what leads to the offering of live prey in the first place), the snake may become the hunted, rather than the hunter. I've seen veterinary books with photos of pet snakes that were attacked by rodents, such as rats.

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