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Having and creating healthy boundaries in your business will not hinder you; but help you grow! I wanted to film this video and speak to you about boundaries and why they’re so important to maintain online and in your personal space. When I first started out online, I was a big over sharer and its taking me a really long time to pair back and only be sharing the things I feel safe and comfortable with.
For example, I don’t give away the amount of money that my business makes – and I’m the old school of thought that you shouldn’t be talking about the amount of money you make anyway. When you are first starting out and building an audience, the biggest thing that I can suggest is to have a three strike policy. Now, I started with the three strike policy – I would give people a warning and I would simply delete their comment and warn them that if they said anything like that again it will be deleted and they would be banned. This is still a part of my business and I understand that, but you really need to start having some set working hours and do not cross that boundary. I wouldn’t expect to go to my local library or my local shopping center after certain amount of time and find them open so why should I be? The third thing that you can be doing is really being clear in your communication with your clients.
Notice the places and people that wear you down as well and stay clear of them where you can. We are here to help you turn your mission to healthify the globe AND be financially rewarded for it, into a reality.

If you’re looking for another pair of eyes to do this for you, check out what I do and then feel free to contact me for a free estimate. I thought that Ineed to share every single tiny detail of my life for myself to be successful. I like to keep a whole lot of things under wraps because that’s my safe and personal space. For me, it really boils down to personal safety and what I’m comfortable with giving out an away online. For example, when it comes to my physical product business now I am only open 9am till five pm. I understand that we cannot set our own working times but with weak boundaries you actually inviting a whole lot of other things that don’t need to happen. So what I would love you to start doing is practicing saying no and asking for clarification when things are not clear. So, whether that be exercising, journaling, meditating, playing with your kids, walking your dogs whatever it is; Get offline and have that time to yourself. Spent time with people that fill you up, make you feel good and re-energize you… because nobody wants to spend time with someone who is draining your precious life energy.
She has extensive experience with writing in the digital world, and has taken her Intuitive Cooking workshops all over Australia, and spoken at some of the nations leading Health and Lifestyle events. Now, while some aspects of this are true, it is still really important for me to have some parts of my life private.

While there are some people out there that are super comfortable with sharing the fact that they make six figures, I am not of that school of thought. Now, my time online is varied and it may seem like I’m online all the time but often I am off social media – and I’m just focusing on my business and while I’m in that mode Facebook is turned off. People do not hear from me after that time and that’s because it’s a physical base business.
When you start to say no you’re actually saying yes to yourself in a whole lot of different ways – and when you are asking for clarification on something it actually allows you to have a bit of conversation with that person.
A huge advocate for #adoptontshop, Adele’s dogs, Hank and Holly are the light of her life. So, I’m not going to start making claims that I don’t really feel comfortable giving proof with. But I wanted to share with you a couple of tactics that are going to make your life online so much easy and so much more pleasant – because when your boundaries are crossed it can be really yucky.

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