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Weather is the number one factor affecting completion dates of an inground swimming pool projects.
This article contributed by Keith Lombardo, President, Lombardo Swimming Pools, headquartered in the Charlotte, NC. Please read all the directions before beginning, and cut your pieces as you go, measuring before each cut.
If you want your lid to be hinged, go ahead and attach the hinges according to the manufacturer instructions. Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Instead of taking them down one by one, like I’ve done a million times before like with my microbraids,  I did some you tube research and found a super quick way to take them down.Here is the video I used. Then you take a small section, wet it, put conditioner on it and gently comb the braids out.
In the process of using this technique for box braids (male) now and I know exactly what you’re talking about with the matting at the roots.
This is an exciting time in the process & you are ready to see those dreams become your Backyard Reality! Sometimes, this means developing a large design plan that can be implemented in phases that accommodate budgets & desires.
You can see links to the complete series here, and enter my Lowe's gift card giveaway here.
If you have a Kreg Jig you can go ahead and attach these boards to each other to make a sturdier top.

It's low and compact, yet spacious enough hold your lawnmower, long-handled tools and all your gardening materials.
I pre-pooed with Sporty Afros Ayurvedic Oil, then I washed it with Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo since my hair had been braided for so long, I wanted to get rid of all of the hair product build up. Definitely something you need to do on a week off to not feel pressured and start pulling out your hair. Your experienced builder will be able to guide you with estimates based on your specific area. I designed this for the bottom boards to sit side by side with no gaps, but if you are worried about drainage or anything you could omit a bottom board or two and leave a narrow gap between the boards.
I'm a full time wife & mommy, a lover of yard sales, curb finds, DIY, and all things thrifty. Then, I deep conditioned my hair with Shea Moisture Deep Masque Treatment and started the detangling process.
I am 4C and when I wore human hair braids 3 times, they slipped out & unraveled on their own. Today's project goes along with yesterday's post - we're building an outdoor storage bench! Plus, I liked wearing them in a bun on top of my head and they were super heavy… to the point that they made my neck hurt. The LAST thing I wanted to do was wear my hair natural and come home at 1:00AM to do my hair. It was ridiculously frustrating, but I didn’t want to pull my hair out while detangling, so I was really careful.

Now I work a typical 9-5, Mon-Fri I get paid more, but not enough to comfortably get my hair done every 3 months. After I was finally done ,I washed out the conditioner and noticed something really odd…my curl pattern was different.  It was less defined. What I do is start taking out the back of my hair on Monday and do a couple of rows each night after work, then wrap the front and sides around my natural hair which is tucked under. My “curls”  aren’t really that defined in the first place, but I’ve always had OK definition in the front but my curls turned into almost loose waves, not the pretty kind either. My usual wash and go with kinky curly knot today and a touch of Kinky Curly Curling Custard didn’t work at all! This time I will comb out the knots after each row instead of taking out the whole thing and then being frustrated at the amount of knots.
I had to literally coat my hair with gel to get any kind of definition and what I got sucked. When my finances get better, I will leave my braids in for only 3 months like I used to when I was a kid.

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