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Yes, one super fan who has been collecting Tolkien memorabilia from 30 years of traveling has built himself a Hobbit house so he has somewhere private to go and read his rare books. Wisely, the owner is very quiet about the location of his house so that tourists can’t come and visit it. We’ve noticed a surge in hobbit homes as more people throughout the world seek alternatives to the bigger is better model of living. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
I would like to build a little tiny hobbit structure on my property which can be used for extra bedroom and guest quarters. From someone who is living in london paying crippling rent, this house looks very inspiring and attainable.
Dear Inhabitat, You have displayed pictures from two separate homes built by Simon in Wales. Vince Donovan from Chester County, Pennsylvania, is such a big fan of JRR Tolkien's make-believe world of Middle Earth that he's built his own Hobbit House. Donovan commissioned local architects Archer & Buchanan to design the Tolkien-inspired abode. Instead, the creatives went back to Tolkien's original sketches of his imaginary world, and played up the rustic nature of the hobbits' living quarters. These features are imbued with a sense of place and history in keeping with the tales, so the window is mahogany, the cedar door is hung by a customised crescent hinge in iron, and the stone façade was made from an 18th century wall that existed - albeit in collapsed form - on the property. Meanwhile, outside, the dwelling is enclosed by a fence of woven branches, and the landscaping takes its cue from traditional English gardens. Actually to call this a house is stretching a point, as this $150,000 (£95,000) dwelling does not have a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or any plumbing.

However, the architects see the quirky project as more than just an eye-catching homage to Tolkien's imagination. Phaidon is the premier global publisher of the creative arts with over 1,500 titles in print. Here is one interesting project that will give your children place to hide, place to play in, or it can be perfect for any other your need. The Daily Mail reports that Simon Dale built the home without any prior home building or carpentry experience on a plot of land that was provided for free in exchange for watching over the owner’s other property.
As well as being made from sustainable material the Hobbit house, as it is dubbed by locals, has lime plaster on its walls instead of cement, a compost toilet, a fridge cooled by air from beneath the foundations and solar panels for power.
Dale and his family are now working on a new hobbit house that will be the first “low-impact ecovillage” in Wales. Although he didn’t build it himself, he hired architects, Archer and Buchanan to do it for him.
It is definitely worth it though, what better place to keep your Hobbit figures, Gandalf’s staff, chess sets, capes, chalices and The One Ring. All we know is that the Hobbit house is tucked away somewhere in Chester Country, Pennsylvania. As for the south of spain , thay more or less have them , in the form of caves cut into yhe soft sandstone. Resort cities and towns that are getaways might seriously consider providing housing choices that have a smaller footprint in order to become more sustainable.
If the UK population were about 1 million instead of 60 million I suppose everyone could have a house like this.
Being 'common' , as said early in the article "a common practice among designers in Wales", where are these homes to be found please?

There was, of course, a huge risk that this could have ended up as some Disney-esque pastiche - as other such attempts (we're told) have done.
Hence the circular front door, arched rafters, and butterfly windows - the round, shuttered portals that open from the centre.
Luckily, the client has his main residence nearby; this one is more of a private museum, where he houses his Tolkien memorabilia.
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The hobbit house project needs some effort in digging the ground and making it hidden in the ground. I do see that it would be difficult though, at least here in California, due to strict building codes.
Unlike in The Hobbit, the house is not built into a hillside, it’s instead built below a garden, with a stone wall that goes all the way around the property.
But I wonder if resorts that rely on large second home residents for their economy could lobby for alternative choices.
This makes the house look tucked away and it actually looks more like a stone cottage rather than the houses in the shire.

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