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Here is my Minecraft Redstone Escalator it has taken me 3 goes to make this but it works!!! Really all he had to use was the correct timings for the pistons, which is not all that hard to do, you must simply incrementally increase the repeater delays.
Amazing work ACtennisAC i remeber the firt time i found otu you existed on youtube lol it was your tenniscourt video:DGood luck with future projects!!!
A logic gate can be thought of as a simple device that taking one or more inputs will return an output decided upon from the inputs according to the rule that the logic gate follows.
Below is a list of some of the basic gates with example images and MC Redstone Sim diagrams. Simple Piston Door (Click to Reveal)Possibly a 1x2 or 2x2 or 2x3 piston door that looks something like this. Mini Game or Adventure MapA (Click to Reveal)Something that is fun, but also has some pretty cool features. Pulse Multiplier ChallengeA (Click to Reveal)Link to mine (With no droppers or dispensers) ONLY FOR AN IDEA.
Automatic Sorting SystemA (Click to Reveal)Place your items in a chest, and they automatically get sorted into more chests! Working FaucetA (Click to Reveal)Press a button for water to come down, or press another for lava. ComputerA (Click to Reveal)Try and build a computer for a huge challenge that you can type into, or set commands.
Hidden PassageA (Click to Reveal)Want to hide something, or escape from your house during a raid? A Vending MachineA (Click to Reveal)When you press a certain button, the vending machine will dispense the thing you want! A ClockA (Click to Reveal)Ever notice that that already implimented minecraft clock is hard to read? Scoreboard TrackerA (Click to Reveal)Want to prove you redstone skills inside of your mini game, or server? Piston Moving PictureA (Click to Reveal)Pistons push along a picture to create a TV effect.
Block SwapperA (Click to Reveal)A block swapper switches two blocks from the starter block (ex. Slime Block ElevatorA (Click to Reveal)Make it so you bounce your way up to the top floor with a new slime block elevator! Conveyor BeltA (Click to Reveal)Need help carrying your items to another room in your house?

Invent SomethingA (Click to Reveal)Be the next Sethbling or Dragnoz, and invent something cool! It will swap the two selected blocks, lets say your wall is made of clay, but if you hit the button it will swap that one block with another. If you would had advertised in a civil and mature way, maybe we would check your content out.. Step 6 Sticky Pistons!Go inside of your elevator tower, and place 1 sticky piston on each block you just placed in Step 5. Step 7 Cover Up!You will need to go back into the tower and cover each individual sticky piston with 1 block.
This is a rather cool design and it works very well in Creative mode on a local (PC) platform. Minecraft voor de PlayStation 3 is sinds 18 december 2013 te verkrijgen in de winkels en PlayStation Store. In mijn ogen het mooiste is niet 1 gebouw, maar een heel project waarin verschillende bouwers het geniale, maar zotte idee kregen om de wereld van Game of Thrones na te bouwen: WesterosCraft. There are many different ways to construct them other than those shown below, so use them as guidelines for creating one to fit your needs.
Trick your friends, or enimies with a hidden trap that falls from beneath them, or blows up. Check out our tutorials, post to the community corkboard, and come play on our free server!The workshop this past Saturday was focused around making a Redstone Elevator, and everyone joined in and made their own versions—all very cool and creative. This is the block that the sticky piston pushes, and in return will push the player right up the stairs! Place redstone on top of this block, and place another redstone 1 block down so that it charges the block below the sticky piston.Next, stand to the left of the sticky piston, and face left. You have now made the master of all elevators!The images below are just quick screenshots showing everything in place.  The final step for you would be to cover up the wiring, which shouldn't be too hard to do. Unfortunately, on a laggy server this elevator does damage to the user once in a while, and over a height of about 50 blocks will sometimes kill him outright.
Van het spel zijn al miljoenen exemplaren verkocht en de game komt daarnaast ook nog eens op steeds meer platformen uit. Bouw een meesterwerk of verpruts een groot fort van je medespeler door blokken stuk te slaan. Een kerel heeft heel de planeet Hoth van Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back na gemaakt. I think this is the first 100% working Redstone Escalator were you don't touch the keyboard.

I CALL YOU USED THE REDPOWER MOD.If you didn't use redpower, How the heck is this possible? All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Keep in mind that before you choose your building material, it will need to blend nicely with the stairs that we will add later on.Add a block in the ground to show visitors where they need to stand in order to activate the elevator. This elevator is as compact as compact gets, so making a decent-looking elevator shouldn't be too much of a challenge for you! Also, the pistons occasionally glitch through the player, leaving him stranded on the middle of the stair.Not your fault!
Speur fora en afbeeldingen in Google af en plaats hieronder in de reacties een link naar een mooi meesterwerk gemaakt in Minecraft. EXPLAIN, MAN.I swear, I don't care how annoyed by your voice i am, Just please, Teach me your ways of redstone. This style of elevator works beautifully on lag-free servers and is completely compatible with 1.1! I just wanted to point out that it can be hard to get mechanisms like this working smoothly and reliably in all environments. So, for those of you that missed the last workshop, feel free to follow the detailed tutorial below to make your own! Aan het einde van de video zie je ook dat die vent de Ewok vilage heeft gemaakt en ook Yoda's planeet Dagobah heeft gebouwd. Dat wordt uitgebreider laten zien in andere video's maar ik vond Hoth echt prachtig gemaakt!
If you like a faster elevator, change repeaters to 2 (1 click) instead of 4.Continue connecting the sticky pistons to redstone and redstone repeaters all the way to the top. Make sure you are doing a stair-like method (the only option) along the outside of the elevator. Keep in mind that the redstone will always power the block BELOW the sticky piston—the redstone never actually is beside the sticky piston.

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