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This tutorial covers part one of a multi-part series where we’ll go through the process of building a stylish design portfolio website. The website we’ll be creating features a nice and clean layout and makes use of a contrasting header area to draw in the user. Right click and transform a selection to 960px, then draw guides to highlight the centre and each side.
Use the rounded rectangle tool to draw a content area, but leave the edges around 10px short of the guides to allow for a Drop Shadow effect to be added. Make copies of the button to either side of the logo, then add text to each navigation item.
CMD+click the thumbnail of the of the white content area, then ALT-drag across the lower portion with the marquee tool to leave a shorter selection. Use a black to transparent gradient to draw a small shadow along the bottom edge of the header. Draw a button shape using the rounded rectangle tool, then use the layer styles window to begin sprucing it up. Give the button a beveled appearance by manipulating an Inner Glow into a thin light grey border, then add a 1px dark grey Stroke. Finish off the button with a line of text and adjust the settings of the Drop Shadow effect to create an inset appearance. Add a Drop Shadow using Photoshop’s layer style effect then right click and select Create Layer. Use the typography from the header titles on headings in the main content area and write out the main body copy with a nice large sans-serif font. Draw a grey rectangle as the base of a portfolio item preview, then give a rounded rectangle an Inner Shadow to create a subtle button element. Finish off the portfolio item with a thumbnail with the project being showcased, then add a text link using the font styling from the navigation menu.
Group and duplicate the elements that make up the portfolio item then swap out the thumbnails to showcase your latest work.
The Portfolio page can be constructed by duplicating the portfolio items and replacing the thumbnail for each of your design projects. Use a range of rounded rectangles to lay out a typical contact form for the contact page, then list out your favourite social website along with icons. Don’t forget to stop by over at Line25 to learn how to take your PSD concept and turn it into a fully working HTML and CSS website.
Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files. I’m still on the evolutionary road as a designer and at the moment it is mainly 3D design or design for print.
As with everything it takes some initial time to learn the basics but you’ll get the hang of it no doubt. Amazing work there, it is such an art(no pun intended) to get wonderful web design right but you have nailed it with this one. I especially like that you’re following this up with how to code into a WordPress theme, awesome, thanks.

In this PSD to HTML tutorial you will start with the Photoshop mockup that was created in the previous tutorial “Build a Clean Portfolio Web Templates in Photoshop ” and work your way through the process of converting that PSD layout into a coded HTML page.
Make sure you have the PSD template created in the first Photoshop tutorial “Build a Clean Portfolio Web Templates in Photoshop ”. Jeffrey Way delivers a simple guide to understanding HTML5 for the every day designer or developer. In designing this website, Absolute Web Services opted for a simple layout on a white background to convey the professionalism of the company.
Pull a project together based on these files (you'll need to grab HTML5 Shiv) and let’s get started with the HTML markup in index.html. In the body, we first add a ‘container’ to hold all our elements within a set width, centered on the page. We’ll start by dealing with some playful elements; the selection state and the scrollbar (which are entirely optional) plus we'll haul in some fonts.
We then set a width of 9px for our scrollbar (in Webkit browsers) and gave the ‘track’ a light gray background, a thin border and a mild inset box-shadow. We’ll give our body a light gray noise background and apply the ‘Open Sans’ font we imported earlier. Now, for our container, we’ll set a width of 960px, a 10px top and bottom margin, and center it on the page by setting the right and left margins to ‘auto’. We’ll simply increase our heading font-size, center the text and give it a font-weight of 300 for a sleeker look.
We’ll center align the text horizontally, add the top and bottom margins of 50px each, set the text color to gray, and position it below the ‘work’ section by using ‘clear: both’. We’ll ensure that our image always fits the thumbnail by setting its height and width to 100%. As we want it to appear on hovering on the thumbnail, we’ll set its opacity to 1 on figure:hover. When the thumbnails of a certain category are given the .current class (through JS), we want them to grow and get their normal tone back (i.
In this particular article we’ll create the visual concept and overall design concept in Photoshop, using various effects, blending modes and layer styles to create all the detailed elements of the design. Otherwise the concept is styled with large typography and subtle details on the interface elements. I tend to work with dimension of 1680×1050 to gain an idea of how the website will look on a widescreen monitor. If you fancy creating yourself a cool little emblem style logo like this, check out my old tutorial. Make a selection from the header area then add a layer mask to trim the screenshot to size.
The inner pages don’t need a large header area, but we can use the space to display the page title.
When we eventually build the website as a WordPress theme, each portfolio item will be created as a blog post. Been following you for a while through your various blogs and most recently your Black Ops videos and I’ve also been building my own site over the last month or so, so this is a brilliant piece of inspiration.

I as many others have dabbled in the designing side of UI interfaces but as of yet have not ventured into the technical side of things and code it. Was just wondering though, regardless of the fact that your purely showcasing your talent, isn’t a blog something we designers can’t do without these days? I like the subtle texture in the background, and the fabric texture reminds me of the one used on the iPhone.
I was just starting to stress out about how I needed to get started on my portfolio as I’m about to graduate in a little over a month. I’m looking for a medium that can help us to get a good amount of promotion for my websites which in return gave me a business too through websites and I must say this has definitely helped me in this process. I’m trying to get a portfolio up but cant take the time to learn how to build a website. In this PSD to HTML tutorial you will also going to implement a jQuery slider, so the lead image will be part of a rotation rather than just a static image. This site is dedicated to everything you need to know about creating, slicing and converting a PSD web layout.
We utilized the WordPress platform because of its commitment to producing responsive websites so the site displays well not only on computers, but on mobile devices as well.
Then, we’ll absolute position it (within the figure) and make it fill the figure fully by setting all the 4 properties — top, right, bottom, and left — to 0. To make them appear a bit smaller than their descriptions, we’ll set their font-size to 80%. Once you’ve finished your PSD concept, head over to my web design blog at Line25 to learn how to code up the design, then transform it into a fully working WordPress theme.
The primary purpose of this site is to act as a platform for sharing web design related tutorials and resources. They use competitive bidding among their vast network of service providers to ensure that customers receive the best value and best workers for their particular job. Yoast integration helps to evaluate the site for search engine optimization purposes, helping Build 360 rank higher in search engines to get their message out to a broader prospective client base. Then, we’ll convert our description terms (Client and Role) into uppercase using ‘text-transform:uppercase’. You may prefer to have media queries within your main stylesheet, you may even prefer to have them modular and inline with each and every style declaration - it's up to you!
We’ll also ensure that the slashes don’t change color on hover by forcing their default color on li:hover too. Then, we’ll set the position to relative so that we can absolute position other elements (the caption in this case) within the figure.
Finally, if the selected category is ‘all’, we’ll remove the dynamically added classes (i.e.

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