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The purpose of this post is to walk you through the creation of a basic but fully functional Ruby on Rails Web Application. At the end of the tutorial we will have a live Recipe Finder App like the one I generated myself and which you can find and explore here.
Before diving into the code I would like to give some very brief context about how Rails works.
Convention Over Configuration (CoC): the CoC is a development paradigm  consisting in moving all the decision making about software architecture into a pre-established framework. You can replace the Gemfile generated automatically by Rails with the Gemfile I used for the final deployment on Heroku.
5- Create a view that lists each recipe as a row in an HTML table. Each row will have 3 columns, where column 1 contains the thumbnail of the recipe, column 2 its title and column 3 its social rank. Download and install the heroku toolbelt, a Coomand Line Application tool allowing the user to perform admin actions via a shell prompt.
The first one is going to ask you for credentials in order to remotely connect to the Heroku platform. With this very last command Heroku detects the Ruby app, checks that everything is in place and pushes the code to the platform.
The web interface is of course very primitive and the user is obliged to directly edit the URL to get dynamic content displayed. If you’re serious about getting your web application mobile-friendly, the easiest, fastest and proven method is to start with a mobile application framework. Most of the mobile frameworks consist of cross-browser consistent user interface elements and widgets, abstraction of boilerplate coding and wrappers for accessing native mobile OS functionalities.
Avoid platform specific frameworks – developing solely for say iPhones is going to restrict your reach to other mobile devices (iPhone U.S market share is only 27%).
ChocolateChip is a lightweight JavaScript library aimed at developing web applications for mobile devices.
The-M-Project is an HTML5 and JavaScript framework for developing cross-platform mobile apps. Jo is an HTML5 mobile app framework that sports a pretty UI widget framework that allow you to manipulate DOM elements, events and data stuff.
Rhomobile is a set of products primary meant for managing enterprise-level mobile apps and data. Kurogo is a PHP framework for delivering high quality, data driven customizable content to a wide range of mobile devices. Wink Toolkit is a lightweight JavaScript toolkit which will help you build great mobile web apps.
Unify makes use of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to create native-like applications for smartphones, tables and desktops. Before we start, I have included a bonus rake task inside the sample code for this part of the tutorial that generates some sample questions.
Next, lets create the "answer" action inside our questions controller which will take a user's response to a question and store it in the database.
As we explained before when we created the table to store answers, an answer is simply the combination of a question's ID and a choice ID. After a user answers a question, we have a decision that will determine what to show to the user. This line will direct the request of the root URL to the index action of the question's controller. Now that our Rails work is essentially done, we are going to start creating the views that will make use of the jQuery Mobile framework. In the head section, you'll notice that we are loading 2 jQuery Mobile specific files from the jQuery site: 1 CSS file and 1 JS file. The top-level elements of all jQuery Mobile apps are called "pages." To define a page, we set the attribute data-role="page" on an element. In our content section, we have added a standard HTML link with the Rails helper method of link_to. The interesting part about making sites with jQuery Mobile is that it attempts to mimic native-app behavior by default. Lastly, we will create a footer element of data-role="footer" to hug the bottom of our content section. When an unordered list is set to this data-role, it becomes a kind of navigation element with right arrows by default. This illustrates how jQuery Mobile's theming engine allows us to modify any element and assign a new theme to it.
Inside the list element we are using the Rails helper method to create a link again which will effectively answer the question we are displaying. Lastly, we are going to create a view that has a thank you message once the user has completed the survey.
You may have notice in the screenshots that when a user answers a question, they are presented with the next question immediately.

By placing this link inside the "header" element, it creates an interesting feature override. For the past decade, Ruby on Rails has been a go-to programming framework for those looking to build a better web app. Ruby On Rails for Beginners: Learn Ruby fundamentals like objects, classes, strings, numerics and control structures. Learn Ruby On Rails from Scratch Course: Understand the underlying concepts of Ruby to get your apps off the ground. Create & Deploy A Web App In 3-Hours Course: Can you get a Ruby on Rails web app up and running in just three hours? The course is addressed to developers who are totally new to both Ruby and the Rails framework and it guides the student through the whole pipeline from software installation to final app deployment on the web. I worked on a Windows 7 machine hence all the below instructions apply to Windows operating system only. The idea is to set rules and conventions which the developer follows to build a specific application, with the great advantage of having the framework writing code on behalf of the engineer or not writing code at all.
A view can be any output representation of information, such as a chart or a diagram; multiple views of the same information are possible, such as a bar chart for management and a tabular view for accountants.
Our intent is to write a Recipe Finder application which would let the user specify an ingredient and fetch the relevant recipes from the food2fork API (f2f). It definitely contains the correct dependencies and it should avoid you a couple of future headaches.
Use the search term as the keyword if supplied, and use a default value of chocolate if not supplied. For this purpose we need to get an API key from the food2fork API service and make use of the very powerful HTTParty gem. In addition do that each entry in column 1 and 2 will be linked to the actual recipe on the f2f website. Specifically rails_12factor and postgresql which Heroku relies upon as opposed to sqlite, only supported in development mode.
Whereas the second one creates the ruby application within the Heroku environment and generates a remote Git repository to which you can push to actually deploy the code.
Similar to programming frameworks like cakePHP, Zend Framework, mobile frameworks provide you with handy tools to automate many of the mundane tasks associated with mobile web development. And the best thing is that these frameworks allow you to use web technologies that you are already familiar with – HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
Internet availability on mobile phone is extremely prone to slow connectivity or latency issues. Stay away from frameworks that require you to learn a new language unless you have a specific reason to do so.
Using modern HTML5 technologies, mobl offers you a concise language to built native-feeling web apps that can be deployed on several platforms including iOS and Android. It allows you to develop mobile web apps that look and feel native on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry touch devices. It does so by allowing you to code using a special markup language called WAML (Web App Markup Language) that drives semantic meaning to your applications.
It comprises of JQuery mobile UI and core files along with build tool called Espresso which is in turn based on NodeJS. On the top of being an HTML5 app platform, it also allows you to author native application with normal technologies and get access to mobile OS’s API and app stores – best of all, it has support for multiple platforms including iOS, BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile, Android, Palm and Symbian OS. It’s not just a set of UI widgets, but a complete framework that allows you to create eye-catching, cross-platform web applications for mobile and touchscreen devices. This language is made-to-measure to express iPhone apps, so instead of keywords like if, then, while it has keywords like contentprovider, tableview or cell. The library, has a small codebase (only 2-5k in file size) but yet handles the most basic drudge work with a nice API.
It works across different mobile platforms unlike other frameworks doesn’t use a lot of resources. It provides a great framework for creating powerful mobile apps with just HTML, CSS and jQuery. Built on the top of jQuery and jQuery UI code, it provides a unified user interface across all major mobile device platforms. By providing shortcuts and reusable methods, baseJS helps you write code to be lightweight and extendable–perfect for the mobile web. Rhomobile uses the power and productivity of web technology and the cloud to allow enterprises to more easily develop, distribute, deploy and manage native smartphone apps and data. Its strengths lie in the customizable system that allows you to adapt content from a variety of sources and easily present that to mobile devices from feature phones, to early generation smart phones, to modern devices and tablets.The mobile web component exists as a based web application served using PHP.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
It is again interesting to note that we are not doing any special Javascript or Ajax calls here with this link.

The link inside the "header" element has a rel="external" attribute which effectively blocks jQuery Mobile from changing the standard link into an Ajax loader.
In short, Ruby on Rails makes creating dynamic, innovative app experiences that are much easier to pull off. If the request is dynamic Rails asks to the router (another independent component of the application) which maps the incoming URL to the correspondent controller with its appropriate action. The gathered data is then going to be formatted into an HTML table showing the recipe thumbnail, its title and its Social Ranking (as per f2f Ranking Algorithm). By the way, we already have everything in place as the Gemfile (pasted below for your reference) I provided at the beginning of the tutorial takes care of exactly those caveats. The main point of it was to illustrate the great easiness and flexibility in development and deployment provided by the Ruby on Rails framework. It borrows its syntax from JavaScript and its compiler automatically generate the related JavaScript and HTML files that can be then hosted to a web host. It does so by leveraging technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript for the highest level of power, flexibility, and optimization.
Several custom tags and attributes provide you with a quicker way to create powerful and highly responsive UI including widgets, controls and buttons. Some of the native features you can access (varies depending on platform) includes accelerometer, camera, compass, storage, geo location, sound notification and address book. By using a fair choice of available UI elements, you can build interactive mobile apps for business or entertainment.
Applitude is a developer tool and as such, a good knowledge of iPhone development in Objective C is required. With less written code, Zepto.js based applications take less time to download on mobile devices and provides better caching than other frameworks. If you want to jam an existing web page into an application framework, jo probably isn’t for you.
The code in itself is lightweight (12Kb compressed), flexible and supports a themeable design. The downside is that Rhomobile requires some knowledge of Ruby – could be an adoption pain if you’ve never worked with Ruby before. This application is hosted on a web server and users access it using the web browser on their mobile device. The toolkit’s core offers all the basic functionalities a mobile developer would need from touch event handling to DOM manipulation objects or CSS transforms utilities. A typical end user should not be able to distinguish an application built with Unify from a natively programmed application. By default a simple anchor tag will load the URL specified in the href attribute into a new "page" element via Ajax and then display it to the user.
You are riding Ruby on Rails” web page which is the final confirmation that everything is ready to go.
A structure like this one is extremely powerful as the developer is freed of the app architecture and of the communication among the parts, resulting in a much faster and painless deployment.
The controller talks to the model which digests the inputs, involves the data layer (a DB or an external API) and sends the answer back to the controller. What happened is that Rails, according to the CoC, generated files (plus folders where needed) which the programmer is supposed to complete during the actual application development. You should see a fully functional website responding to modifications to the search parameter in the URL. Sencha Touch is compatible with PhoneGap and this will enable you to distribute your application on the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace. Query Mobile makes use of several HTML5 and CSS3 features and if a mobile browser doesn’t support some of these features yet, it will degrade gracefully without affecting the user experience. Additionally, it offers a wide range of UI components are offered to help you improve the look and feel of a web app, or simply to experiment with new user interactions. After parsing the output from the model the controller passes the chewed information to the view, in charge of the final visualization into the browser.
Then we will redirect to the show action for that question with the RESTful rails helper method of question_path.
Of course we may now want to show what we were capable of putting together to our friends out there. In this case, since we are only displaying a single page element, this is not that important.

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