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As developing a website may appear daunting we have a clear web design process in place to ensure your journey is streamlined and stress free. We send you a website briefing form to complete containing background material and information required for the project. We will present you with one to three design concepts depending on the requirements and during this phase we appreciate your evaluation and feedback to ensure everything is on the right track. There are lot’s of advantages to hiring a freelance designer to design and develop your new website. Read about the 7 steps that will take us from an idea on paper, to a fully functioning website! This tutorial covers part one of a multi-part series where we’ll go through the process of building a stylish design portfolio website. The website we’ll be creating features a nice and clean layout and makes use of a contrasting header area to draw in the user. Right click and transform a selection to 960px, then draw guides to highlight the centre and each side.
Use the rounded rectangle tool to draw a content area, but leave the edges around 10px short of the guides to allow for a Drop Shadow effect to be added. Make copies of the button to either side of the logo, then add text to each navigation item. CMD+click the thumbnail of the of the white content area, then ALT-drag across the lower portion with the marquee tool to leave a shorter selection. Use a black to transparent gradient to draw a small shadow along the bottom edge of the header. Draw a button shape using the rounded rectangle tool, then use the layer styles window to begin sprucing it up. Give the button a beveled appearance by manipulating an Inner Glow into a thin light grey border, then add a 1px dark grey Stroke. Finish off the button with a line of text and adjust the settings of the Drop Shadow effect to create an inset appearance.
Add a Drop Shadow using Photoshop’s layer style effect then right click and select Create Layer.
Use the typography from the header titles on headings in the main content area and write out the main body copy with a nice large sans-serif font.
Draw a grey rectangle as the base of a portfolio item preview, then give a rounded rectangle an Inner Shadow to create a subtle button element. Finish off the portfolio item with a thumbnail with the project being showcased, then add a text link using the font styling from the navigation menu. Group and duplicate the elements that make up the portfolio item then swap out the thumbnails to showcase your latest work. The Portfolio page can be constructed by duplicating the portfolio items and replacing the thumbnail for each of your design projects.
Use a range of rounded rectangles to lay out a typical contact form for the contact page, then list out your favourite social website along with icons.
Don’t forget to stop by over at Line25 to learn how to take your PSD concept and turn it into a fully working HTML and CSS website.
Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files.
I’m still on the evolutionary road as a designer and at the moment it is mainly 3D design or design for print. As with everything it takes some initial time to learn the basics but you’ll get the hang of it no doubt. Amazing work there, it is such an art(no pun intended) to get wonderful web design right but you have nailed it with this one. I especially like that you’re following this up with how to code into a WordPress theme, awesome, thanks. Design-build is a system of contracting under which one entity performs both design and construction. Not only does quality website design build trust, it also attracts and increases new customers who visit a company’s website for product research. There are several trust aspects a company must portray in order to gain and increase customer loyalty. Customer care – As a company, you must treat your customers as human beings and not just as a source of business. Honest and ethical – When you say that your products or services perform a certain way, customers expect that you’re telling the truth. Quality – Customers have certain expectations for the products and services you offer on your website and you need to meet and exceed those expectations with quality performance.
Secure purchasing – Online shopping and purchasing is extremely popular and you need to ensure that you provide maximum security protection to your customers so they feel safe when buying from your site. Legitimate – Everything about your company from your website to your content to your marketing needs to reassure people that you’re a legitimate business worthy of their trust. By incorporating all these aspects into your company’s overall image, you gain customer trust and with quality customer care after the initial purchase, you keep their trust and their business. One of the fastest ways to lose a customer’s business and trust is by having a cluttered website that’s difficult to navigate.
The more visual signs and symbols of trust you display on your site the better as customers put more faith in business with established credentials and security. Accolades – When your company receives awards or positive press mentions, displaying these accolades prominently on your website’s homepage establishes legitimacy.
Satisfaction Guarantee – If you offer a satisfaction guarantee, outline it on one of your main pages so customers know you’re dedicated to quality service. Seals and Security – Place BBB seals and secure checkout symbols, including VeriSign and TRUSTe where customers can easily find them.
Contact information – When your company has a physical location, list it, but if it doesn’t, you still need to provide contact information to create customer trust. Client logos – Your business doesn’t need to have famous or notable clients to be trustworthy (though it certainly doesn’t hurt), but you do need to include a list of current and past clients, including their logos, somewhere on your site.
The attention span of humans seems to grow shorter every day and you only have a few precious seconds to capture interest, make a positive impression, and encourage engagement from visitors to your site. Unfortunately, there are companies that pay people to write positive reviews so it takes more effort to gain customer trust when it comes to reviews and testimonials. Including interactive features on your site and actually following through with human interaction is one of the best ways to show customers that you value their business and care about their best interests. Great website design involves striking a balance between creating a site that looks unique while also performing as users expect.
A majority of online users aren’t impressed with a website cluttered with too many unnecessary visual design elements. At Minyona, we’re experts at incorporating all the essential, trust-building elements necessary for standout website design. The WHAT_architecture design process from pipe dream to turning the key configured as a decision-making flow chart.
The Build Windows site was a collaboration between the three-person Paravel team and Windows's Nishant Kothary.
As the posts from the team suggest, their primary methodology was getting the design into the browser as fast as possible.

The iteration process was incremental and fast; two people focused on layout and content, while the other two focused on front-end code.
There are three main animations that occur, all accomplished with CSS transitions and animations triggered by watching the scroll event and adding classes to "in-view" sections.
This, slightly modified from the script.js file, shows the primary function that watches for the scroll and adds classes accordingly. An important note here is the ".no-js" class, which is applied to the body class in the markup. Similar animations are defined for the tiles and logos, and the Responsiveslides image fader is started when that section is scrolled into view. The team building this site decided to immediately add the "in-view" class to all appropriate sections on DOM ready on any iOS device.
This is most likely a decision made to increase performance and avoid scrollTop issues in Mobile Safari. Most of the JavaScript in script.js is dedicated to adding these classes and updating the timer on the bottom. As Nishant's post about the project indicates, trusting your first instinct and rapidly building and incrementally revising a design project can be very rewarding for experienced developers and designers.
The Build Windows site is very simple, employing a single landing page that relies on a few large sections to communicate a limited amount of information and incite a single call to action. The site gracefully degrades, so that browsers that are old or don't have JavaScript can still retrieve the necessary information. The site also employs responsive design techniques to allow for accessibility across an array of devices without limiting the "prime" experience to a single device.
While the site employs some animation and behavior, the content and typography are the kings of this design. While the site employs many "best practices", there are some aspects that could have been further optimized, such as the concatenation and minification of JavaScript files and CSS, the use of sprites where possible, etcetera. However, the site doesn't suffer from these particular issues in any significant way, and the team most likely made the choices they made to allow for a more maintainable codebase. However, this site does not use and abuse the userAgent browser sniffing; they use it for two primary purposes. Paravel and Nishant at Windows paid close attention to detail on this project, despite the short timeline allowance for the project. Jonathan CutrellDirector of Technology at Whiteboard and Host of Developer TeaI am the Director of Technology at Whiteboard, a digital interaction firm based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We involve you completely in the strategy stage and part of the planning stage to gain your ideas and to understand your business requirements. It has evolved from the time we started designing websites for small and medium businesses in Perth, and therefore we are confident that your project will flow through a similar staged approach once we get started. Any amendments are made and the design will need to be re-approved before the website build gets underway. The website has been developed so we make your site live, this can take up to five working days depending upon project complexity and technology implemented. If you need assistance maintaining your website, want to embrace the latest trends or have any general queries feel free to keep in touch. In this particular article we’ll create the visual concept and overall design concept in Photoshop, using various effects, blending modes and layer styles to create all the detailed elements of the design. Otherwise the concept is styled with large typography and subtle details on the interface elements. I tend to work with dimension of 1680×1050 to gain an idea of how the website will look on a widescreen monitor. If you fancy creating yourself a cool little emblem style logo like this, check out my old tutorial.
Make a selection from the header area then add a layer mask to trim the screenshot to size. The inner pages don’t need a large header area, but we can use the space to display the page title. When we eventually build the website as a WordPress theme, each portfolio item will be created as a blog post. Been following you for a while through your various blogs and most recently your Black Ops videos and I’ve also been building my own site over the last month or so, so this is a brilliant piece of inspiration.
I as many others have dabbled in the designing side of UI interfaces but as of yet have not ventured into the technical side of things and code it. Was just wondering though, regardless of the fact that your purely showcasing your talent, isn’t a blog something we designers can’t do without these days?
I like the subtle texture in the background, and the fabric texture reminds me of the one used on the iPhone.
I was just starting to stress out about how I needed to get started on my portfolio as I’m about to graduate in a little over a month. I’m looking for a medium that can help us to get a good amount of promotion for my websites which in return gave me a business too through websites and I must say this has definitely helped me in this process. I’m trying to get a portfolio up but cant take the time to learn how to build a website. In a "traditional" contracting approach a client commissions an architect or engineer to prepare drawings and specifications and separately selects a construction contractor or construction manager either by negotiation or competitive bidding. The Design-Build team works with your management and engineering personnel to identify your needs and provide counsel on important decisions that can affect design, performance and cost.
As one of the most influential factors affecting a user’s initial opinion of a business, quality website design increases conversions rates by over 30%. A site with accurate, relevant, and interesting product or services information helps customers decide to purchase from a certain business. These aspects require incorporation in the company’s overall brand image and conveyed adequately in their website design. People appreciate knowing that a business truly cares about providing quality services and products to their customers and that you follow through on your promises. That’s why it’s so vital that your website design portray the positive aspects of your business in an upfront, interesting, and easy to navigate way.
If it takes a visitor more than one or two clicks to find what they’re looking for, they’re going to leave your site and take their business elsewhere. Invite customers to contact you via email or an online form when they require assistance or want to inquire about a product or service you offer. Doing so tells site visitors that those clients had such a positive experience with your company that they’re proud to be associated with it. The sooner a user finds information on your site that shows your business in made up of real people and has loyal customers, the more likely they are to trust you and investigate further. Increase the credibility of any customer feedback by including the name and location of the person who gave it, but it’s a good idea to ask those customers for permission first. These interactive features can include a customer login, which allows them to save preferences, view forums, set up appointments, and utilize advanced search options in their own unique profile.
A certain level of internet conformity is required on an effective site so customers can easily navigate through pages and links to find their desired information.
Not only that, too many elements on the page can increase the load time of the site and that’s an instant turn-off for visitors. We provide unique, easy to navigate sites with well-written, relevant content that attracts customers, builds engagement, and ensures a powerful online presence for your business.

For Paravel, this is absolutely essential, as much of their work revolves around media-query-based responsive design. In general, these are margin, padding, width, and font fixes, as well as a rule for the ".button" background color. Modernizr removes this class when it runs, but if Modernizr never runs, we know that the browser's JavaScript is turned off, and therefore we can't trigger the animation to bring the countdown widget into view. The "metro tiles" also have tilts defined for the "active" pseudo-selector, which uses a transition on the transform property. Generally speaking, mobile browsers do not emit a scroll event until the scroll has come to a complete stop.
The countdown is set to use a serverTime and tells the user, down to the minutes, how much time is remaining until the event begins. What can we take away from reviewing this site, and seeing how it was made from the ground up?
In fact, focusing consciously and “taking your time” will actually hurt your performance if you’re someone with much experience in the field at hand. This kind of simplicity allows for a solid and focused voice and brand, the backbone of any good design. The imagery and other graphical design elements (such as Reagan Ray's illustrated Seattle skyline) simply support the typography and content strategies. Beyond this, The team might have anticipated that other developers and designers would look into the source code, and thus left pieces of it unminified. It should be known to all readers of this article that navigator.userAgent is not a reliable way to detect what browser someone is using. Their rapid development approach and trust for their own instincts paid off in this modern design, a far cry from Windows design of old. Check out Envato StudioSee what’s popular this week on ThemeForest, including multi purpose themes, single page layouts and much more! The build phase is where we develop your website from scratch and conduct a series of tests to ensure everything is working how it should. You want to work smarter, not harder, and tools can help you get your websites up to HTML 5 speed, get color scheme inspiration, develop responsive frameworks and dive into content management systems.1. Once you’ve finished your PSD concept, head over to my web design blog at Line25 to learn how to code up the design, then transform it into a fully working WordPress theme. Updating a site to make it more modern and changing details such as headlines and images have positive influences on visitors and are 2-3 times more likely to convert visitors into customers. Insuring that your customers have a beneficial experience when using your site leads to positive reviews (both written online and shared verbally) and a higher potential that those customers will return to your site in the future instead of visiting a competitor’s site. Avoid this problem by having a website design that features well-organized content in a layout that flows from aspect to the next. Convey how human and relatable your company is by featuring photos of your location, owners and employees in action instead of using what are obviously stock photos. Testimonials and reviews from legitimate social media users including their link or photo create a highly trustworthy impression. Implement a rating and review system that encourages both positive and negative reviews as this earns trust and gives insight into any issues that require solutions. Great website design is eye-catching without slowing down load time so that customers can quickly start navigating through the pages in search of products and information.
The "metro tiles" account for a large amount of the CSS; in particular, these tiles adjust from 4 to 8 columns throughout the media queries. Check out this writeup about the issue and some potential workarounds: onscroll Event Issues on Mobile Browsers. Server time is much more reliable, as the user's computer clock (which JavaScript's Date() function uses by default) may be set to anything. The promote stage, is an optional service you can use to help boost traffic to your new site. Google Web DesignerGoogle Web Designer is the latest tool that comes from Googleville, and it’s currently in public beta.
The easier it is for users to find solutions to their problems on your site, the higher their trust and faith in your company becomes.
Basic functions that most online users expect to find on a website include the ability to return to the home page when clicking on the company logo, a search bar with filters, and email confirmations when signing up for notifications.
Overall, a great website design has a pleasing appearance with unique visual elements and a classic layout that appears both trendy and classic.
We'll get into the nitty gritty, but we will also be covering some things from a mile-high perspective.
Both of these particular use-cases are legitimate, as neither compromises the content heavily. It is designed around interactive HTML 5, so if you’re working to get up to speed on the capabilities of this particular technology, let Google help you find the way. Use boxes and bullet points to organize information in logical, understandable ways so visitors don’t have to search through endless pages for answers. Every link on the site needs to go somewhere because even a single broken link can frustrate customers and lower their trust in your company. Customers appreciate reading accurate, typo-free content broken up into manageable sections rather than finding themselves faced with huge blocks of text. When you pay attention to even the smallest details on your website and focus on making it unique yet familiar, it has a huge impact on customer satisfaction and interaction.
These designs work in a similar fashion across all devices, adapting themselves to any screen. It’s a great way to keep a cohesive design across multiple platforms, allowing you to develop one site instead of two or three. This is free software that will really take your business to the next level, as it streamlines the framework process.3. WordPressWhen it comes to maintaining a website, nothing is quite as good as having a content management system in place to handle the heavy lifting for you. After all, you don’t want to go into the site files and manually change all of the content and text for your client.
Well, it’s great for your job security, but it is a frustrating experience for your client overall. WordPress allows you to set up a system to add posts and pages to a website without having to go into the code at all. The templating system WordPress uses is easy to work around for developers and designers, and if you’re really lost there are plenty of basic templates to get you started.4. Adobe KulerThis free Adobe tool brings you a handy color wheel, along with user-created color schemes to provide you with inspiration for your next design project. Since many times your clients trust you to go with the best colors for their sites, having a variety of palettes to choose from makes your job much easier.

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