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Founded by Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simons, Yelp has increased its revenue and continuously raised the crowd- funding system.
Small businesses can use Yelp to improve website raking through increased traffic and positive reviews. Yelp is a place to send balanced reviews and opinions of customer’s experience and not a rant website. Through Yelp, businesses can reach wider audiences and gain more profit once used correctly.
You may be thinking of creating a review website akin to Yelp, however have no ideas how to start. To clone a website, create your own Global directory and let your visitors find the best deals for them. This clone script is a Social review Directory for products, businesses, people, and places.
There are currently over 270 million Web Consulting jobs begging to be done on the streets of Nigeria and there is an estimated N400 million plus to be made from these jobs. The simple truth remains that everywhere you turn in Nigeria today, there is a huge desperate market for websites, and those who know how to build them are the ones that will rake in cash. Play smart and offer this services to politicians when the next elections comes, and you can rake in huge sums within the shortest possible time. How I made 10.9 Million from what I learnt From School of Web consultingMy name is Benamaisia Gabriel.
I want to recommend this course to everyone out there who want to be a web consultant because there are great things you will learn (things that really works).I’m implementing it and enjoying it. How to integrate interswitch card, verve card, master card, visa card, and even paypal payments processors in few minutes. How to create a banner management system on Joomla to analyze impressions and clicks of all adverts placed on the website. Get introduced to our favourite SEO plugins, the Google Keyword tool and Google Analytics, how to use them and how to get search engines working in your favour. Learn to install WordPress plugins, where to find them, how to find them, how to use them, what they can be used for and how they are the difference between your site being average or amazing. We’ll talk about some of the other places to get themes and what we feel is the best course of action.
Show off your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Google+ page, YouTube video feed and much more. How to do regular backup and stop it automatically into DropBox account without downloading using a simple user interface, backup settings that are customizable and is also cross-browser compatible. How to make your website mobile-friendly without writing any extra code to be compatible with Android, IOS and other mobile phones.

How to lock part of your content and only open it up to the reader when they click to share the content on Facebook, Twitter or Google. The Simple and Proven Step-By-Step Professional Copywriting Methods To Creating Compelling Sales Copy That Turns reluctant Visitors Into Willing buyers. How to create content that brings customers to your site and make them to take action always.
How to use Web Analytics tools to understand how people arrive on a site, how they behave & how to use this info to improve site return on investment. ID CabasaI endorse you guys for the great works and for exposing me to unparalleled information on internet branding. How to Create mobile application in less than 30 minutes for your website how to upload it to blackberry store and other stores for FREE.
How To Build A Professional, Corporate, Dynamic, Blogging And A Membership Website Using The Latest WordPress. How To Build A World Standard e-commerce Portal Like Jumia, konga etc using one of the best Software Open Cart. Outmanoeuvring, Out-Selling And Out Marketing Your Competition – The Handbook To Create ‘Out Of The Box’ Marketing Strategies That Multiply Your Sales.16 Golden Rules To Immediately And Massively Grow Your Business, Plus 120 Brainstorming Marketing ‘Power Tools’ You Can Use Today – Powerful strategies to skyrocket your business and multiply your profits and business success.95 Powerful Tips For Converting Your Advertising Direct Mail Campaigns Into Powerful “Customer Magnets” – Apply These Insiders’ Secrets To Your Business, And Gain That “Unfair Advantage” Over Your Competition! How To Increase Your Response Rate – Quick And Simple Techniques To Boost Your Direct Mail Response. Over the past 6 years, it has cost us Millions of Naira and countless hours to read, test and develop the types of modules that are contained in this program. But, if you make the decision to attend the WebConsulting Training Now and fill the form below correctly NOW; that shows you are a serious minded person.
We are confident that you will be happy with our web Consulting training with all high quality, well tested and proven bonuses.
Or Text Your Name, Email Address & Phone Number to 07064243290 to register for the November Class. Will You Like To Be The Next Web Consultant?Then attend our Short Training Programme & become the NEXT HIGHLY PAID WEB CONSULTANT.
Unlike other website, Yelp don’t ask customers to leave reviews, instead they let them share their experiences.
Since the website is a juggernaut, it provides the latest deals everywhere around America, or even around the world.
This script offers useful listings and directories of hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, nightlife venues, and travel destinations. Think of the number of churches, schools, club, etc in Lagos alone, ask yourself how many of them have a website? Think of the Microfinance Banks, Radio Shows, TV  Houses, TV Shows, Commercial Retail Stores, Poultry Farms, Hotels etc and ask yourself-how many of them have Websites?

Just think of how many NGOs, Pressure Groups, Business Owners, Politicians, Schools, Churches, Government establishment are in this City. I attended the school of webconsulting training course on internet marketing and I implemented what i learnt and I was able to sell a product worth 10.9 Million Naira. Here we explain how to write Search Engine friendly posts that engage visitors and get your website noticed.
A collection of our favourite WordPress Plugins; most effective, most useful, easiest to install and more. Enable your visitors to interact, submit content, vote, search and get engaged just like some of the most popular websites around. This drag and drop interface allows you to develop high end web properties with loads of capabilities. I can now develop professional website in 20 minutes and drive quality traffic to the website.Your price is not as expensive as I anticipate. Now, I am going to be kind enough to you to give you a splash 50% discount on the normal price. Aside from encouraging customers to leave reviews, the site trains small scale businesses to host social events for reviewers, effectively respond to reviews, and provide valuable information about the business. It’s also easier to communicate with businesses as you can send direct messages to them. You don’t need to be technically literate because even common web browsers can set up a Yelp- inspired website. Your decision to attend the WebCONSULTING Training is the best; you will thank me for afterwards.
Included in the BizReview are 3 homepages, listing categories, 2 blog styles, and other relevant features that make the website outstanding. For what I have gained in just the day one, if I have known, I would have come at least 3 year before now.
I have been blessed; I have known how to do website design, and especially, the internet marketing. I won’t have problem in bringing web traffic to my website, and to make profit, which are the purposes of which I came.

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