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Having a wedding money tree at your wedding is a cute place for your guests to leave their gifts which I am guessing you have asked for as money. A money tree centerpiece is a fairly unique wedding centerpiece but it makes so much sense!
Quite often a money tree will be on the gift table so your guests can attach their money gifts but a cute idea is to have one money tree centerpiece at each of your guests' tables. Cheap Red Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Apr 21, 16 07:26 AMLots of red wedding centerpiece ideas if you plan on making your own and if you don't! Cheap Wedding Cake Stands - Perfect For All styles Of Wedding Cakes Apr 11, 16 09:59 AMFinding cheap wedding cake stands is essential when you are planning your cheap wedding, as this one of those items that you will probably never use again. Learn Your Wedding Dance At Home Mar 27, 16 10:26 AMLearn to dance for your wedding at home, without the expense of private dance lessons and with a better result.
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Create the Money FlowersThe first step in creating the money flowers is to lay the dollar bill flat with the president's image facing you. Step 2At the four corners, make diagonal folds so they meet in the middle of the dollar bill.
Step 5Open up the folds on either side of the middle piece of wire to create the petals of the flower.

Prepare the BranchThe first step is to mix the Plaster of Paris and water in a tin can according to package instructions, which is usually two parts Plaster of Paris to one part water. Note: Look for a branch in your yard (or purchase one in a craft store) that is no taller than 18 inches and has many offshoots for hanging the money. Step 2When the Plaster of Paris is set, place the tin can with the branch in a larger, decorative planter or vase. Attach the Bills to the Tree: Step 1To attach the dollar bill flowers to the branches, use both the wire already on the bills plus glue dots. Step 2Position the flower on a branch and press down, allowing the glue dot to adhere to the branch. Leave the clay to dry before doing anything else!Think about how you would like to decorate the pot - you can cover in material, glue moss to the outside for a more natural look or just place the pot in another more decorative one.Next you will need to decorate your tree, you can do this by wrapping ribbon around the branches, if your wedding has a theme then you may want to add these items to your tree as well. They are relatively inexpensive and if you compared them to the cost of making your own there is not much in it.Plus they look great at night too! Most couples have either lived together or had their own place before they are married so money gifts rather than a regular wedding list is very useful! Money trees are tabletop branch arrangements decorated with dollar bills folded into floral shapes.
Cover the can with crumpled paper, squeezing the paper along the sides to keep the can firmly in place.

Use the color ribbon that fits with your wedding and leave gaps so that you can see the branches.The final part is to attach the mini pegs or paper clips, you may need to secure these with craft wire if your branches are quite thick. They make great gifts for birthdays, graduations, weddings and practically any occasion that you want to give cash. Depending on the size of your branch, as well as how much money you wish to give, you will need between 10 to 20 money blossoms for your tree. I have seen weddings where an avenue of these trees have been used to hide an ugly area of the reception room. The paper clips are hidden in the back, so when you turn the flower over, you don't see them.
These notes of wisdom are a great keep-sake from your wedding and quite often have some fantastic advice, plus they get everyone chatting to each other.Use the mini envelopes and attach a ribbon or clip to one end to make it easy for your guests to attach them.
Just go careful and make sure the tree is well balanced and that there are not lots of young children running around. If you have younger guests then you could have coloring pencils for them to draw you a beautiful picture on their envelope - it keeps them busy which is good!You may find that a number of your guests will have put money in a card or will have cards with them that they will want to give, here is a cute wedding card box idea.Have fun being creative!

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