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We know that google is the world largest web giant,with the Alexa Rank of #1 google accepts the cost of the domain price,their main moto is to provide website for all indians. Hostgator was privately held and based in Houston Texas,it was founded by "Brent Oxley" on 2002,Hostgator is best known for its customer care services like live call facility,email etc.. Using Google Drawings to create graphic organizers can help students gather their thoughts and customize to their needs.
If you use Google Classroom, create a new assignment and choose the option to deliver a copy of your graphic organizer to each student. You can copy the URL (link) to the graphic organizer and deliver it to students via a class website, TodaysMeet room, etc.
Here are 15 graphic organizers that can be used for many different subject areas and grade levels.
Evaluation: Lets students identify criteria, explain whether it was successful and why, and provide evidence.
Cause and effect chain: Lets students identify actions that caused other actions and their effects. Character map: Lets students list important information about a character, like what the character says and what the student thinks of the character.
Vocabulary cluster: Lets students identify synonyms, antonyms and related words to a specific word. Vocabulary concept map: Lets students make connections to other words from a specific vocabulary term.

Think about your thinking: Helps students think through their decisions and how they arrived at their conclusions.
Argumentative Writing (submitted by Melissa Rasmus of Chippeway Falls Area USD in Wisconsin): Helps students organize essays by breaking down parts of the essay in different sections. BONUS: Click here for the entire folder of all of the graphic organizers in one shared Google Drive folder! An interesting way of diverting the attention of your readers is to start a discussion over a topic that is trending in the blogosphere.
Highly Flexible: The platform has robust options that allow the webmaster to customize it according to his needs.
Group description: Write something about you forum, just like we add the description in our website.
Group's primary language: This is the language that a person may select according to his desire needs. You can also make a shorter, easier URL to type with URL shorteners like Bitly and TinyURL.
That way, students won’t be able to change your original copy and will have to make a copy of their own. I first learned about hexagonal thinking at Google Teacher Academy in Austin, Texas, in December 2014.
Can you share a link to a graphic organizer you’ve created so others can use it, too?

Don’t be confused because we will explain each and every text area so everyone can fill it without facing any problem whatsoever. At first when I look at the description, I thought it's the longest and hardest way to add a google forum, but when I read the first step then I thought it is so easy.
I have started a  blog on google last year october 2011 and now I have 4 blogs on Google.
If you looking for more usage on internet , you can do it by having a internet connection at home.Watch out for some cheap plans but reliable connection. When done, they can save their work as image files or PDF files and can add those images to documents, slides and spreadsheets. I have been looking for a way to increase engagement and interaction and this might just be my solution!
For that reason, we have Web Forums that allow a user to start a discussion over any topic that he likes. Those who are looking to add a Forum to their Blogger enabled website then today in this article, we will learn how to create a Google Groups Forum in Blogger.

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