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Before listing your site, you’ll need to research the data your buyers will want to know. Monetization stats — How much has your site earned, and what is its future earning potential? This information will be expected by potential buyers, and can also help you come up with a reasonable value for your site. Remember that even small changes (like how you word your offer or call to action) can make a huge difference in conversion. If your site can appeal to a wide audience, you can list it on a general-purpose auction site. Getting to the point where you’re ready to sell your website can be an exciting time.
An outstanding title can increase tweets, Facebook Likes, and visitor traffic by 50% or more. Generate great titles for your articles and blog posts with the Tweak Your Biz Title Generator. Angie Mansfield is a freelance writer covering a range of topics for small business owners. Website Designing Bangalore maintenance is a must for achieving consistent consumer retention.
Pre Launch Sobha Golden Quadrilateral development is placed in the middle of the four main roads in the city – the Outer Ring Road (ORR).
Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out.
Every webmaster wants to know “how to make a website sell more”, with 60+ hours of research and 9+ years of experience in online marketing area, FATbit has compiled this 101 actionable points to help you in engaging visitors, improving sales, and making the right impact. You should definitely diagnose your website against these 101 points. Neat and organized website architecture – If your web design lacks balance, details, white space or has too many distracting backgrounds, it certainly is going to hurt a visitor’s eye. Font type and size should be planned keeping in mind your target audience’s age and personality and the nature of your business. Your website color combination should be planned keeping in mind your target audience’s age, gender, maturity, personality and purchasing power. Carefully Chosen and Professional Quality Stock Images that add value to the content should be used. Use a header image that attracts attention and gives the viewer a gist of what is being talked about in the entire page.
No registration at the doorstep – Registration requirement would turn your visitor off right in the first place. Clearly separate the advertisements from main content – The website can have ads if you want them as a source of revenue but they should be clearly detached from the main content. Avoid being too Flashy – Flash websites aren’t popular anymore; search engines aren’t seconding it either.
Take down the splash screen- For those who are not aware, a splash screen is the first page of a web-site that doesn’t provide any actual content.
Get rid of irrelevant animated graphics- Do not use animated text and graphics till they actually add value to your content.
Resolve technical Issues– If you make people land on one of your pages that show some Server Side Scripting Error or Server error instead of the data that was supposed to be there, your website would certainly have a high bounce rate.
Do not have any auto play videos about your service or in the form of an advertisement from a 3rd party on your page.
External links should not open in the same window You only have few seconds to engage your visitors, so don’t give any external links that redirect them to another page. Optimized for mobile devices –Internet content consumption is rapidly shifting towards portable devices. You should always have an acknowledgement after any type of conversion, whether it is in the form of an RFQ, subscription or purchase. Do not break the back button- Make sure your back button is not broken under any situation. All websites focus on a devoting a large amount of space to “Sign up” and “Log in,” but their “Sign Out” option is hidden somewhere in a very small font size or maybe in a drop down list. If you are using the same website for different language speaking countries, your content should be easy to translate for the browser. Avoid automatic refresh of the content when the visitor is viewing your page like a few news websites.
To improve readability of your site, try to use the same alignment consistently- left alignment is preferable. Competitive Displacement- Clearly tell your customers how you are better than any of your competitors. Clean the cobwebs on your website – This could have happened perhaps owing to the fact that there hadn’t been any activity in a long time and or the website had almost been abandoned. Making your website sell online is not an easy task; as it requires a lot of hard work, persistence and perfection to create a website, which delivers optimum experience and lives up to the expectations of your visitors.
Give a clear breakup of the difference between the various packages of services offered and hence explaining a difference in the pricing.
There should be proper visitor segmentation and product segmentation to cater to all specific needs.
Contact Numbers and Tech Support details should be clearly visible on Contact Us page and footer of each page. Effective Call to Actions- Call to Action that cannot compel anyone to stay back is doing no good. Keep your main heading and text towards the top left corner of the page and your call to action towards the bottom right corner. You should have online payment option on the website if your target audience is Impulsive kind. Checkout process should be having minimum steps and smallest possible SMARTLY programmed forms. You should have targeted landing pages and not redirect every search query to the home page.
Any type of price discount, special offer, limited period offers or bulk discounts should be clearly highlighted. The price should be clearly indicated but in such a way that it boosts sales example Discounts on yearly plans, EMI options, early bird discounts, etc.. Your website should be dynamic to suggest the visitor to view related pages or similar products. Your landing page doesn’t live up to promises– If you wish to target customers through paid ads, make sure that your landing page offers them what has been promised. If you are selling some products online, make sure you have good quality product images on display. One thing to take note of when we work in online space of any form is that visitors will only convert if they trust you.
Use Guarantees, Risk reversal mechanisms diligently to inform your users about the product or service quality and your liabilities in the case of a default, to increase conversion. Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, contract details, shipping policy, return policy, etc.
Highlight list of your clients, past works in the form of a portfolio, or live demo of a product etc.
The moment that you request information is the right moment to provide timely reassurance as to why you need that info.

More people buy from you if you have testimonials published on the website from happy customers talking about different reasons to buy from you and how your company helped them satisfy their needs.
Have a comprehensive “About Us” page where your visitors can understand your company, its vision, management, values, milestones crossed, financial performance, equity holders, and tie ups with other firms. Introduce a list of your employees so that your visitors can see who is working behind the scenes. While explaining the features of your offering, don’t just list them in a bunch of bullet points. Start a newsletter to update your subscribers about any new event, feature, product launch, and helpful published content, etc.
Stay active on Social Media websites to build a network and keep them informed about any events, special offers, products, etc. Add fun elements: People remember how you make them feel, if we make them smile by including some fun element on website. With this checklist of 101 actionable points by FATbit, now you definitely know the answer to this mystic question “how to make your website sell “. Posted in Conversion, Design & Dev and tagged as make your website sell, how to make website sell, make website more visible, improve website traffic by FATbit Chef.
This is not just an exhaustive checklist but a comprehensive article listing helpful tools.
Grabbing visitor’s attention and direct to conversion funnel is critical for every web entity. If your pages are not relevant to the search terms that bring traffic, then, it is a big turn off. Thanks for such an exhaustive post covering almost everything to make a website more effective. At point 21 about screen resolution now days people taking more interest in building a web site in responsive. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website? Before listing it, test different ad networks, affiliate offers, and ad placements on your site to find out what works the best.
You have hundreds of auction sites to choose from, but only a few will attract quality buyers who are likely to give you what your site’s worth. If, however, it’s a niche site with a focused audience, try to find an auction site that will attract buyers in that niche. But don’t let your enthusiasm lead you to make mistakes that can cost you money on the sale. I’m not quite ready to sell any of my websites just yet, but will definitely bare these in mind for the future. Website Designing Bangalore also include general website updates such as change in context or pictures or more wide spread processes of addition of new pages or new utilities in your website for a better view. Ecommerce Development Bangalore accumulation to make or break a sale, lure-in customers or drive them away. Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site! Enjoy the post… On coming across a website for the first time, online users skim through it quickly, and if it doesn’t meet their expectations, it is abandoned within seconds. Do not use easily available templates that will make you look like a clone of the many other websites already online.
Your header must include what your users will get and also assure them that they are on the right page. By choosing wrong keywords you are bringing in traffic to your website via PPC and SEO but you are bringing them to either a wrong landing page or not presenting them with relevant information which they came looking for. Restrict the amount of content to the main propositions that you want to communicate about yourself (logo, tag line, services offered, USP).
It is a big disappointment for a person to land on a page that says “Under Construction” or “Coming Soon”. They are there to offers visitors some kind of information like what the website is about, to choose the language or their broadband bandwidth, etc.
They take a long time to load and might look like an immature attempt to grab attention of your visitors. The top 5 points that you want your user to know through the page should be communicated above the fold followed by a CTA to boost conversion.Web users spend 80% of their time looking at information above the page fold.
Make sure your visitors easily find what they are looking for like other related services, contact us page etc.
Especially for long web pages, the footer should also include contact information, link to the blog, Social Media links, Privacy Policy, Return Policy, Legal Disclaimers and a link to the home page. If you must have external resource links, make sure they open in a new window and not redirect the user off your site.
It is thus highly critical to ensure that your website is also optimally designed and optimized for smaller screens of tablets or smartphones. Follow the same font, colour scheme and layout pattern on all the pages, ads, landing pages, etc. For example on an ecommerce website, product results under every category are listed on multiple pages with each page displaying only 20 products at a time.
All the benefits that you state or the information you deliver must be directed towards your reader. Refresh your look and content from time to time to appeal to the visitors as well as search engines.
And we are almost halfway through the article but to be fully equipped with all the tools and techniques on how to make your website sell keep reading and get more valuable insights! Simply copying content from other sources is not only bad for SEO but also adds no value for your visitors. Visitors should be directed to the next step in the conversion funnel with appropriate and carefully planned CTAs. Being one of the most important aspects of a landing page, your CTA should prompt conversion. According to the Gutenberg rule, your eyes scan the page from the top left to bottom right.
Example: If the visitor left his cart abandoned, you should mail him his cart and also suggest similar products and remind him to complete the transaction. Your landing page should be dedicated to a single cause and should not have any outbound links. Use techniques like Cross Selling (displaying ‘people who bought this item also bought’) and Up Selling (in which visitors are shown similar but more expensive products than the one in view) will surely improve sales by at least 4%. For instance, if visitor has left the signup form incomplete to study some other page, reminding with a tiny message could bring back lost lead. For example if you have promised a 30% discount on a product, make sure you fulfill that and make it prominent on your landing page itself. Don’t forget to provide ZOOM option also, that helps users in convincing himself that he is making right decision. So you just have to push them through the to-buy-or-not-to-buy psychological barriers to get more conversions. Build credibility by having a 100% bug free payment gateways and all other security checks.

Publish from time to time about your star performers, your work culture, and various events at your workplace.
The feedback could be collected through a short survey that you get filled after any form of conversion.
This will help establish your brand name, share your expertise, bring traffic and engage visitors.
We strive to ensure that all information is as complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date as possible.
Count on the invisible reporter for detailed analysis based posts, new service additions, and other brand related updates.
This is very well researched article with 101 actionable points to improve conversion of a website. I personally think that giving a visual touch to your website works better than text arrangement but search engine benefit would be limited that way.
Website usability, accessibility, creativity, neat architecture, header images etc are all valuable from conversion point of view. I’m really impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your weblog. I absolutely enjoying every petite bit of it and I perhaps have you bookmarked to try out new substance you post. Do your homework, make your site as attractive to potential buyers as possible, and you’re more likely to get the best deal possible. Website Designing Bangalore servicing is a must for accomplishing reliable customer preservation. The quality and cohesiveness of the Ecommerce Development Bangalore fundamentals in your website says a lot approximately you and your online business.
If losing your treasured customers due to this haste of seconds is your biggest nightmare then learn about the tips to make your website sell and play safer with FATbit expert’s recommendations. Modular designs might be the latest trend, but if not executed with enough design expertise, can be very confusing for your visitor. Loading speed matters not just for your website visitors but for your Search Engine Rankings also. But if used effectively pop ups can turn out to be an impressive option for increasing conversion. Surely have Content Filters (like brand names, price range, model numbers), so that a visitor can gather only what is relevant and does not have to painfully scan through all the pages. For instance, if you are writing a heading for a website design company, which is looking forward to market itself, it would be “Design and Optimize your website to sell more” instead of “How can I make my website sell more”. Try to break your text into smaller blocks so that they do not cover the entire width of the page; that makes reading it very difficult. Phrase them such that they appear as a solution to your customer’s problem and not a product feature. Example: BungoBox has clearly differentiated itself from its competitors on the basis of price. Rather than just writing down your statistics, show them visually in a graph to be more impactful. If it incites anxiety and doesn’t reduce it, doesn’t create urgency, doesn’t solve a purpose, isn’t simple or concise, there is certainly something you must do to fix it!
When you have an arrow as a part of your CTA, it communicates that this button is more important than the surrounding headings, text and images.
Tools: Tools like getresponse and aweber help you easily draft newsletters and run successful email marketing campaigns for your subscribers. Here are some extremely useful tips that will prove your website legitimate and trustworthy and help you earn more money from your website. This will also give your visitors an option to leave their opinion and comments and build your authority in the industry. Despite our continuing efforts, we cannot guarantee that the information made available is complete, correct, accurate or up-to-date. Anyway keep up the excellent quality writing, it is rare to see a great blog like this one today. Website Designing Bangalore Web page overhauling is an absolute necessity for fulfilling dependable client conservation.
A successful Ecommerce Development Bangalore not only looks good, but also performs in bringing revenue. Your unique product or service will get a chance to impress only if website leaves a positive impression.
It should be informative and reflective of company’s business field, values and achievements. Did you answer the questions they might want answered as soon as they land on your website or the landing page? In short, call to action is indeed a very significant parameter that decides whether people stay or stray! This tactic should not be used more than once on a single page (especially a landing page).
Place a link of Privacy Policies and Terms of Use on such forms where you are asking for personal info from the users.
Use Verisign Seal, McAfee Seal, TRUSTe mark etc to reassure your visitor that your website is secure. Charge them a reasonable amount when they are in trouble, don’t take advantage of the situation.
Is it going to be easy to run, or are there too many pieces that turn it into a confusing jumble? Ecommerce Development Bangalore can provide enormously, cost-effective development without compromising on quality. People do not mind giving away their personal info if they are getting some benefits in return.
Website Designing Bangalore Customize solutions with configurations based on pre-set permutations & combinations.
To stay updated on professional insights and industry best practices, it would be helpful if you subscribe to the following: Conversion-Rate-Experts ConversionXL Marketo Moz FATbit Their blogs are a great resource to learn more about conversion optimization and internet marketing. Website Designing Bangalore Connect with the customer’s interests and generate qualified leads. For making a lasting impact, it is important to keep in mind visual as well as functional aspects. The points that roll in this list will equip you with the jargon of optimizing website to improve sales and increase online visibility. While undertaking design and development work for our clients, we always keep above points in mind to ensure real business benefit. All you need to do is making an action in the given direction for witnessing a notable change in your conversions. These tips to make your website sell will certainly save a lot of your time on research and will directly give you a well thought out action plan to implement.

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