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Our gal Rachel, editor of Mosaic Brides and regular guest blogger here at Brides Up North explains why hiring a wedding planner should be at the top of your wedding wish list.  Headsets not included. Rachel says:  Think wedding planner and you might just picture a control crazed Monica from Friends when she took on the role for Phoebe’s big day – but fear not, none that I know of bark military style orders at brides and grooms whilst carrying a clipboard everywhere they go.
The duty of a planner is not to take over, but instead to help a couple achieve their wedding day vision whilst saving time and money, thus resulting in an enjoyable and stress-free celebration. Professional planners can help with as little or as much of the planning as a couple desires, being involved for either a short period of time or throughout the entire planning process and during the big day itself. Whilst your chosen venue may have an on-site co-ordinator thrown in as part of the package, their duties rarely go beyond assisting with the menu, decor, floor plan and perhaps providing a list of recommended suppliers.
Before hiring a wedding planner it’s a good idea to meet with them so you can enquire about their experience and see how you get along.
Planners can do the groundwork of researching venues and suppliers which will save you endless hours. Due to their contacts in the industry many planners can often score discounts with suppliers who they bring repeat business to. Planners can offer advice on subjects you might not have even thought about such as wedding laws, etiquette and insurance.
Initially many couples don’t realise how the cost of a wedding can mount up or where hidden costs can occur. For those who are struggling for inspiration, or who have an idea but aren’t sure how to make it a reality, planners can suggest and source everything from decor and chair covers to table linen and stationery and ensure it all corresponds. A planner is particularly useful for those getting married overseas especially if the couple aren’t familiar with their chosen destination. In short professional planners are the answer to a wedding fairy godmother offering priceless expert knowledge, professionalism, creativeness, guidance, stress relief and perhaps even friendship.
Check out the Brides Up North wedding planners’ page in our directory to find help in your area.
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Former lawyer and bride to be Julia founded Brides Up North in 2010 with a chip on her shoulder. Astounded by the rapid growth of her blog and brand, Julia now manages Brides Up North’s online content alongside their busy wedding exhibition season, industry events and related commissions.

November 16, 2015 by Joelle Charming Leave a Comment How is your website copy looking these days? Even if you have the prettiest of website designs, if your copy – the text, the words – you have on your site – stinks, then it’s not going to land you your dreamiest of dream clients.
So, here it is, the five ways you can shine up your website copy so it engages your dream wedding couples and gets them to hire you. Have you ever been shopping in your favorite store, heading to the aisle where the item on your list lives when you suddenly get distracted by a shiny object glittering at you from a display? After you attract them with your bangin’ headline, continue to draw them in by painting a picture, setting the scene, and taking them on a journey for their wedding. This is more engaging than launching into everything your biz does for them and how great your company is.
So feed their selfishness by telling them exactly how they benefit from what you do and what you offer. If you are talking about how you find, interview, and hire vendors that fit the style and budget of your couples, then include a testimonial from a couple that gushes about how great your vendor referrals are, and how the tip-top vendors made their wedding absolutely fabulous. Once you attract brides, grooms, and couples to your site, your words (your yummy, yummy words) have to engage them enough to take the next step to hire you. 5 Ways to Make Your Website Copy Shine was originally posted on the Wedding Planner Collective.
In fact, their affordable rates and varied packages mean they can help couples from all walks of life to make their dream weddings become a reality. For example an initial consultation is ideal for couples who want to be very hands on with the planning but perhaps are just a little overwhelmed. It’s important you feel at ease and trust them as your planner will need to get to know you and your wishes for the wedding so they achieve, or even surpass, your expectations. They also have knowledge of what things should cost so can shop around for best price and haggle on your behalf.
A planner’s knowledge means they can help you set a realistic budget and stick to it by keeping track of costs so there are no nasty surprises. On the day itself co-ordination and styling set-up services offered by planners will ensure all runs smoothly and looks perfect meaning no added pressure on the bride and groom or any of their guests. There are planners who specialise in certain destinations and therefore are totally clued up on the country’s wedding laws and venue options and also boast a list of trusted suppliers.

Contact Brides Up North for real wedding and features submissions or details of our advertising packages. I have the Kikki K wedding binder, and the Kikki K wedding notes notebook, they are so helpful!
If you pay a web designer a gazillion bucks to pretty up your site, then your problems are solved, right? One of the MOST important steps you can take when writing your website copy is to create a shiny headline that attracts your dream couple – right away.
In other words, don’t tell them that it’s yellow (That’s a feature.) Instead, tell them how the fact that it’s yellow benefits them, how it makes them feel, how it makes their wedding planning journey easier (faster, alleviates their headache, or insert the benefit here).
It’s marketing speak for telling them what you want them to do once they get to the end of your copy. Otherwise, you just have a pretty site that isn’t doing anything for your online business efforts. As a former certified wedding planner and word addict, she knows what’s up in the world of weddings and she knows how to put it into words. An early meeting with a planner will help them establish a budget and give them an idea of what will need to be done and when. When they land on the page on your site, you have about two seconds to engage them, to get them to read what you’re saying on that page, AND to get them to take the next step to hire you.
Partial planning gives brides and grooms the option to cherry pick a number of services they require as such venue searches, creative styling or on the day co-ordination.
So, let the words of your past brides and grooms speak directly to the heart of potential new clients.
Instead, place a testimonial where it complements the journey you are taking them on with your copy.
A full planning service is usually a popular choice with couples who have little time to spare and would therefore prefer to let someone else to do the leg work for them.

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