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It's been a rough few days for the website, and I'm so grateful you have been patient and understanding of the technical growing pains we have been dealing with. I built this picnic table set for Grace's American Girl Doll a while back, and have been eager to share the plans with you. And of course you can't beat FOUR BUCKS in lumber for this cute super strong doll picnic table set. I used leftover pink paint from the Dream Dollhouse roof to paint, and used nails and glue to attach with a finish nailer. It is always recommended to apply a test coat on a hidden area or scrap piece to ensure color evenness and adhesion.
My 8 year old has asked for another AG doll and we wanted to get her some plans to make something for it herself (we're probably making beds too) and this is perfect! And I won't put the photos up (my apologies to the sweet Birthday Girl), but I actually caught THREE of them standing on the top bunk.
And I know that American Girl dolls now come in different complexions and hair styles to match their owners . I think if you left the ladder support piece shorter, you could even swing adding a trundle! I don't even have a saw, but I know my local hardware store will cut the wood for me (for a price, but still it's totally worth it). Horses for American Girls were on a couple of special little girl's Christmas lists, and Auntie Ana just couldn't afford to buy stables too.
So I thought, I'll just put together a really quick little barn so at least they have something to play horses with.

The horse stables fits two horses, but you could make it longer or shorter to fit the needs of your children - one stable for small spaces, three or four for more horses.
Then ends are open so little hands can reach in and play with the horses and clean stables.
I don't know what got into me, but I just had to make some little hay bales to match as well. Well, if you are trying to get it under the tree, you better get building so I won't keep you any longer! Step 2 Instructions:  This should be the easy part but it was actually the hardest part! Remember to rotate your trusses so that the pocket holes are hidden to the insides unless you are painting - then you might want to keep them on the outside to fill, sand and finish them easier. Spread glue evenly on the back of the wood or cardboard and place in the middle of the aluminum foil. Recently I found a pattern online (that wasnt correct) to make a table out of plastic canvas.
If posts are sponsored or if a complimentary product has been received for review, it will be stated at the end of the post. This blog is in no way affiliated or endorsed by American Girl, Mattel, or Pleasant Company.
I had considered using smaller boards for the legs, but smaller boards either cost more or require you to have a table saw. The Birthday Girl has been talking quite a bit about getting her first American Girl doll, so Grace and I thought we'd make her a bunk bed.

I used the Kreg Jig to hide all holes, but you could use countersunk 2" screws from the outsides. I already made the farmhouse doll bed for my daughter, but she's managed to pile more than 3 dolls on it at a time. I have never made anything out of wood in my life, but with your detailed instructions and the shopping list and cutting list etc. You can also add a hook and eye closure or magnetic closure to keep those ponies in the pen! My daughter is getting the same size horse only the Target brand one this year and this would be awesome. And the "Beach Hair" We have a lot of that at my house too :) I can't get my littlest to hold still to even pull her bangs out of her face most times. The small amount of income generated by these affiliate links helps support the costs of running this website, such as web hosting fees. But in our case, we wanted to gift the doll bed unfinished so the birthday girl could do the painting. Of course I can use you pictures, but if you give to people you models, they can translate mesures.

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