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This year I was able to start seeds in the indoor greenhouse and then put them directly in the outdoor greenhouse when they were big enough to be transplanted. Example of power panel placement (220V shown): Place the panel in a location where it is least likely to be exposed to water.
Example of light placement: You can drill holes through the roof trusses, place an S-hook through the holes, and hang lights and baskets from the hooks. Example of shade cloth on free-standing model: The wooden foundation is perfect to hold the eyelet hooks. Please do not hesitate to contact Sunglo’s customer service or technical team for any questions you may have. If you have any “Sunglo greenhouse tips” you would like to share please let us know!
Sunglo greenhouses booth #701 is located on the 4th floor of the Seattle Convention Center on the other side of the breathtaking display gardens. We really wanted to engage with our long time Sunglo owners and give our new greenhouse owners something to be excited about! One of the most important keys to success with newer ornamental trees and shade trees is to protect the bark of these young trees for the first 5 to 10 years after planting.
The most common causes of bark damage are weed whips, mower decks, mice and rabbits eating bark, deer shredding bark with their antlers, and sunlight bouncing off snow cover all winter long. Though it has the word weed in its common name, don't let that scare you away from butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa). Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Some interesting stuffGetting Started In Hydroponics: Expert Tips, Plans & Secrets : Click Here! Please help keeping this site aliveThis site is maintained and updated by me without any external financial assistance.
Most people that start opt for erecting a shade cloth structure since it is the cheapest and provides the highest return on investment in the first year. Various designs used by commercial farmers in order to create the optimal environment for their crops. The basic differences (pro’s and con’s) will be discussed between the various greenhouse structures available on the market. Both plastic and shade cloth reduces the risk of crop damage caused by wind, rain, hail and sun radiation (heat stress).
Plastic houses provide the grower with the opportunity to control the environment inside the greenhouse to such an extent that crops can be grown out of season.
Since the ventilation is a limiting factor in tunnels, it is also difficult to control the temperature and humidity inside. I studied agriculture at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa in 1984 and completing my M.Sc Agric. Appraisal of potential sites or one existing site is a critical early step towards designing a Living Memorial. The following categories are intended to encourage you to think off the plan and plant list, working from a broad base of possibilities.
Watercourses can be a source of food for wildlife but also, a source of pesky insects and unpleasant smells from stagnant water.
Rockland County's new park at Haverstraw Bay was created atop a former brickmaking factory. Enhanced apple size and quality, larger high-quality yield, protection against sunburn, effective water consumption, and protection against natural and environmental damage are among few advantages of covering apple orchards with suitable nets.
Nets were spread horizontally above the trees in Kibbutz Barama€™s apple orchards, in the north of Israel, forming a high and well-ventilated net house. The following nets were studied for five consecutive seasons, in two cycles of 700 m2 for each net: Pearl, Red, Blue, Grey, and Black, with a shading level of 30%, and White with a shading level of 15%. Acknowledgements: With thanks to Polysack for development of the colored nets and the contribution to research. The research was supported by the Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Israeli Fruit Board. Paradise Tree Farm is a family owned and operated grower of quality shade, ornamental, and evergreen trees.
Over the past 23 years of business we have learned the importance of what it takes to grow quality trees. We focus on growing the soil first to develop a very fiborous root system which in return offers a stronger, healthier, quicker growing tree. And I knew it would be a trial and error sort of thing but I was pretty disappointed in these limp little plants. I also was lucky enough to receive 4 packs of seeds from a dear customer of mine in Alaska.
From tomatoes to dahlias with our high insulation value and thermostatically controlled ventilation and heating system you can control the environment to your exact needs.

We suggest purchasing 6+ bungee cords and the same amount of eyelet hooks to install your shade cloth.
For larger greenhouse you can use a long rope at the corners for easy installation and removal. Click the map on the left for directions to the convention center from the light rail, on foot, shuttle, etc.! ALL of the photo entries were beautiful and we had a lot of fun interacting with all of our contestants. Sometimes called milkweed, it's as easy to grow as a weed but much prettier, plus hummingbirds and butterflies (especially monarchs) adore it. There are five basic types of structures, they are illustrated in the previous figure; A, B, C and D. These structures are characterized by a roof which are curved and extents from the ground upwards. Certain crops, such as cucumbers, require temperatures in the region of 28°C with humidity between 65 and 85%. Now and then one would need a splash of paint to keep rust away and repair a torn piece of plastic. Although the structure is designed to hold a tomato crop, they are the first to suffer in strong winds. The more advanced, and expensive, bi-tunnels have the ability to raise part of the roof in order to provide improved ventilation characteristics. The inclusion of an additional row will make a makeup over the long term for the extra cost.
Not only does it provide a large area of production in relation to the whole structure, but can also be used in difficult areas with steep slopes. Although not over a hydroponic system, this structure allow 5,000m2 of space without any supporting poles. Here one must learn to let go of notions of one ideal site, and instead objectively set about learning about the natural and human elements to the space. Even if special trees have already been planted, there is always more that can be done to make the site a representation of your community's changing priorities and needs. Here you are asked to think about the natural and cultural, historical and present-day, existing assets of your Memorial site.
Trees under Pearl net produced an additional 20 tons per hectare of Golden Delicious per year in general yield, with large and high-quality fruit, compared with the uncovered control plot.
We strive to provide the best service so that each of our customers will receive the most value for the dollars spent.
Another factor that inhibited me from successfully growing anything was my access to our outdoor greenhouse. We are re-designing our booth and bringing some hands on displays to really show how strong and wonderful our product is! Clusters of orange, yellow, pink or vermillion flowers appear in mid- to late summer, followed by thin, ornamental seedpods. A small donation helps me going out and getting more information and images for your benefit, thanks in advance. His irrigation system should therefore cater for a much wider variety of crops to grow during the year. The more expensive multi-span types are used by intensive commercial growers (C), the flat roof is used with shade cloth (D), many older fibre glass design used the “saw tooth” design (E) however shade cloth can also be used on these frames. They are at least 3m high (the highest point of the arc of the roof), a minimum of 8 m wide and can be up to 50 m long.
The biggest problem these structures provide the grower are the weak hinges of the doors and vents above the doors. The heavy weight of a crop hanging from the inside is at times to much to handle for the flimsy tubular pipes (usually water pipes).
The area used for ventilation can reach 50% of the floor area which is ideal for African conditions.
The better control over ventilation and temperature will ensure higher yields, better quality produce and a reduction in costs to control pests and diseases. They provide the same benefits as bi-tunnels with the advantage that space is used more efficiently.
It is only in this way that one can institute creative designs and planting schemes that can turn traditional "disadvantages" into unique "opportunities." Admitting constraints of the site is equally important to ensure that plantings are sustainable and appropriate. As you put your insights into practice, consider the following aspects of the living landscape, and notice how they bring a depth of meaning to your selection of tree species and overall design. These assets provide opportunities to integrate the new design into the existing natural and cultural context. These seeds were started in a indoor greenhouse and then when they were big enough moved outside. This will provide you with information on different plants that thrive in your greenhouse atmosphere and additional information about grow lights, plant nutrients, temperature and moisture control, etc.

Not only will you be able to touch and see a Sunglo assembled but we are offering some killer NWFGS promotions! Alternate growing areas for tomatoes and you diminish the risk of soil-borne diseases such as bacterial spot and early blight. Before selecting a greenhouse structure, a full viability study should be completed in order to determine which alternative will provide the highest returns over the long run. Smaller multi-span systems that can also be used with shade cloth, the arches are made from steel tubing (F). The plastic is kept apart by inserting a piece of wood, with a maximum of 500 mm in between. Since the hinges are attached to tubular piping with screws, one cannot expect them to last to long. The area under production is not used efficiently as compared with structures with vertical sides, see next figure. Many of these designs have shade cloth or some porous material in order to improve ventilation. Since the vertical walls can be made from stronger materials, more support is provided for the hinge.  Since the vertical sides of bi-tunnels are made from thicker steel, they are inherent stronger than tunnels. A further advantage is that these structures are cooler in the summer, which is a big advantage for African conditions.
The vertical sides of the “saw tooth” structure must face in the direction the wind is blowing (i.e. It is obvious that the climate cannot be controlled, but the grower can compensate through diversifying in crops.
The ‘strips’ of shade net are loosely attached to each other so in the case of hail storm, the net is not damaged.
My love for "Controlled Environmental Agriculture" (CEA), started in my third year when I was exposed to the Welgevallen Research Station. Appraisal of the site gives one the physical context as one proceeds with visioning, building a stewardship group, and long term planning.
The 1000C – 8×10 greenhouse will be displayed so you can actually see how the greenhouses are made and experience one first-hand! Plant your tomato seedlings up to the first true leaves.New roots will quickly sprout on the stems. Each grower will have his own unique requirements and they should be analysed very carefully. There are no complicated components and lends itself ideally to people who are DIY inclined. The inclusion of an additional row will make a significant difference in the viability of a business. And vice-versa, the process of learning about the site can create opportunities for the community to offer knowledge about a site, to ground a site in community context, and to participate in a design scheme. I grew up working at my aunts nursery watering, and moving plants from greenhouse to greenhouse. The least a potential grower can do is to understand fully the various alternatives he has and to understand what are the various possibilities using each of the different greenhouse structures. This method does improve ventilation to some extent but is not enough during periods when the temperatures exceed 30°C. There have even been companies that build 12 m wide tunnels but it is not recommended since they are extremely susceptible to wind damage, especially when there is a heavy crop hanging inside the tunnel such as tomatoes.  These structures are relatively cheap to make and install, although slightly more expensive than tunnels. In order to heat the area inside the tunnel, more heat is needed than with bi-tunnels and conventional tunnels. If the wind direction changes, hot air is forced into the tunnel resulting in reduced ventilation efficiency.
This year I learned that I should give the seeds more space when planting because some of the roots were bound together and made it difficult to transplant. The trick is to tighten the cables with the shade cloth in such a way that the cloth does not have much latitude to move during strong winds. The structure and its underlying irrigation system should provide the grower the freedom to change to the changing marketing conditions. Like how the cactus greenhouse stayed a perfect 70+ degrees while the smaller cold crop greenhouse was always cooler. I never thought how the fans and shutters were timed to come on at different temperatures and times and what affect the big misting machine had in the tropical greenhouse. Now that I have gained some knowledge I realize there were a lot of components at work to create the atmospheres inside each one of those greenhouses.

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