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Some time ago I built a hydraulic ram to pump water from my creek, the water is used to keep some trees alive, water the garden, wash the car, etc. Having built a few pumps from scratch, or replacing the cups in the big pump for the farm windmill, I can tell you its much easier to use a $30 electric pump from ebay. I was thinking of trying to use one of the 12 volt pumps out of a old camper to pump water out of our main well if the grid should go down. I was wondering how far one of these units will lift water? I might have to set up a primer and a check valve.?
Hi Isiah, The height that water can be lifted is limited by physics to about 30 feet or 10 metres, which is the maximum height of a column of water that a vacuum will draw, and is directly related to atmospheric pressure, which is what actually pushes the water up the column.
Thank You for the info DonB. The one well or Bore is only about 25 feet deep so I should be able to get water out with one of those little pumps.
Hi again Isaiah (got the name right this time, I hope) The type of small DC pumps used in camper vans that I am familiar with are positive displacement types rather than centrifugal (or impellor) types and, as such, would not need a foot valve as their own internal valving makes this unnecessary. I just wanted to give praise to your solar installation team – they were professional and courteous on every level.

Do you have any sort of control on the cell output to the battery or is it just straight in - do you have a schematic for the overall system? And its a lot easier to move energy through wires than a drive shaft, the pump is down near the pond, so it doesn't have to suck any more than a meter. The other well is 70 feet deep and I dont remember how far the water comes up the pipe, it dose have a semergable pump down in it. Weather here has turned on the cold nasty side so this project will wait ti it warms a bit.
The pump has been working well all year, but a few days ago the creek stopped flowing, and hydraulic rams need a flowing source of water to power them. A few weeks ago, knowing the creek would stop flowing soon, I started on a new project, a solar pump.
Foot valves are anything but lossless, so the practical limit for a suction line to, say, a centrifugal pump, is probably around 6 or 7 metres. The controller is up on the bank, and I would put a windmill about 10 meters away on a fence line.
Electricity does have advantages when it comes to ease of locating the individual bits. Some months ago I did start on a savonius windmill using a cut up 44 gallon drum to pump water as you suggested, but the pump would have been about 4 meters above the water line.

For the solar panel I bought a 20 watt panel from Jaycar, along with a few components, including a PicAxe 08M chip. Also my water source is a living ecosystem, a soak fed pond with fish and other wildlife, so I don't want to take too much water away from it. If the battery voltage goes much over 14 volts, the PicAxe switches in a 10ohm 40 watt dump load. I gone for a dump controller because its a simpler circuit that used components I had in my junk pile. In the creek is another coke bottle, with lots of little holes and a few rocks inside to keep is under water. It works well, and I have another inline filter just before the pump, its remained clean after a few days running.

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