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It’s pretty common for clients to come to me with a project they have in mind, and ask whether it will actually increase the value of their home. Both Home Depot and Canadian Tire carry this shed, but Keter made the marketing decision to offer one colour exclusively at each retailer.
Choosing the delivery option was smart; it was hard enough just carrying individual pieces from the boxes on the driveway to the back yard. ProfileAlways helpful, always patient, I strive to make your buying or selling experience one to remember! The recommended base for all of Keter sheds, the Factor 8x11 included, is either cement or wood, to which you could fix the shed using the designated holes in the sheda€™s floor. The Factor 8x11 shed, is made of durable, maintenance free Polypropylene and steel-reinforced structure. The Factor 8x11 comes in Beige (exterior walls), Taupe (doors, hinges, window frame) and black (roof). Wide opening double doors for easy riding mower entry, also includes an additional single side access door. The answer to that question will often be a matter of personal taste: a gardener would love a landscaped flower garden, but someone seeking a low-maintenance yard would not.

Additional storage is usually a plus for homeowners, with a few caveats: 1) The shed must be sturdy, and follow any municipal bylaws on size (you may require a permit).
We liked the slate grey colour sold at Canadian Tire, but the brown one at Home Depot was (and still is) $200 cheaper – which covered the $60 delivery fee and then some!
It was harder work than expected to dig various depths for the blocks so that the beams eventually read level, but it worked. If you don’t count the afternoon we spent levelling the supports, it took us…nowhere near four hours.
I have added some hooks and shelving, leaving room to stack the patio chairs when fall arrives. I will provide you, as my client, with ALL the information necessary to make a wise buying or selling decision.
Polypropylene (also known in short as PP) is a specific plastic, used in our products in general and the Factor range in particular.
The Factora€™s double-door opening dimensions are W54.5a€?xH75a€?, so you should be able to fit your cut riding lawn mower into the building quite easily.
It also includes dual door bolts, which enable to fix the door in place by securing it to the floor and ceiling.

2) The shed must be well-maintained and not look shabby by the time you are ready to list your house.
Made of residual wood fibre and recycled thermoplastics, it is sturdy, maintenance-free, yet has the drillable walls and appearance of a natural wood shed.
Even though construction was straightforward, many of the angles for drilling were quite awkward, and required one person to be on a stepladder inside with another person on a ladder outside.
Just getting the bikes, lawnmower, and garden tools out of our one-car garage has made a world of difference.
The Factor 8x11 has metal-reinforcements in some of its components, mainly, the corners and the roof system.
It also features two sets of windows and a skylight along the ridge to brighten up the interior. Now there is room for my workbench, drill press, and table saw, so our garage can be used for its true purpose – as my workshop!

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