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One of the items that got the most attention and questions was the 10ft long desk that my hubby and I built. To attach the plywood to the cabinets, we used L brackets on the underside of the wood so it can’t be seen. Here’s the replaced section of the desk and the perfectly drilled hole for all my cords. June is almost here (although it felt like summer this weekend) and more people are spending time outside sprucing up their yards and improving their curb appeal.
I’m fairly certain a bird had just perched on top of my mailbox and was ready to partake in a buffet of bumblebees.
Now, before you jump up and ask if my custom mailbox is approved by the Postmaster General, the answer is yes.
There are actually more regulations on the mail box post than there is on the box, but I’ll go over that later this week. Secure the roof to the walls by pre-drilling and driving three screws per side through the roof. Handy hint: It is easier to start drilling at a 90Es perpendicular angle from the roof and then tilt it straight down (plumb) with the walls.

Dry fit the front door.You will probably need to sand down the sides until it fits loosely. Tighten the nut until the flag is secure but can be raised or lowered without extreme force.
So today I thought I’d share with you the tutorial on how to create this DIY Craft Desk!
At first I was going to use oak and stain it, but after talking it over with my hubby, I realized that I wanted something that could easily be replaced when I mark it up with my exacto knife, hot glue gun or anything other type of scratch or ding. Yep, I found some Allure laminate flooring on clearance and paid $12 for a box that covered the entire desk… with plenty to spare! Just nailed it into place with finishing nails, filled in the holes and gave it a quick coat of flat white. We’ve used that drill bit before for the same purpose, and I think it’s so cool that you can make your own holes for cords without having to spend tons of money! You have totally inspired me to do mine just like yours – the flooring idea is just brilliant! As you drive down my street you are greeted by beautiful lawns, flowers, and {screech!}my peeling mailbox.

Plus, I wanted it to be tall enough to accomodate a priority mail box.A So, I set about building my own custom mailbox and now you can too! You may also need to countersink the hinges into the floor of the mailbox for a cleaner look. After looking at local stores and online for the perfect desk, I finally came to realization that I would have to build my own (or spend over $1,000 for something similar to what I wanted).
We laid out first at Lowe’s so we wouldn’t have any surprise ridges when we got home! Our postmaster told me that as long as it had a flag, an easily operated door, and it keeps the mail dry it should be approved. To cut where I needed, I just scored with a utility knife and snapped off the excess pieces. Bring your kids into Lowea€™s on Saturday, September, 26 and they can build this awesome Fire Truck!The Lowea€™s Kids Clinic is a FREE event.

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