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In this introduction video, learn the basics involved in building this simple storage chest. In episode two, learn how to tackle the basic elements of a box that you'll transform into a great storage chest. In episode two, learn how to assemble the chest's frame and then insert the plywood panels and bottom to finish off the basic box assembly.
Learn how to build and attach the top, finish trim, and a smooth coat of paint to your storage chest in the final episode of this project video series. In this extra episode, learn how to mimic a more traditional raised panel look on your storage chest.
Build a Storage Chest: Follow along with the videos above to build this simple storage chest.
Maybe a bit late for Scott but for anyone else wanting to make this chest, here is all you will need.
Much as access garages are important home fixtures, many do not know that there are very many different types available.
Getting from place to place, using a bike is not only environmentally friendly; it also is a health-conscious means of traversing city streets as well as the open countryside. Modular and cabinet combination kits – Modular cabinets afford you the liberty to use various cabinet pieces such as wall and base boxes all at once.
In order to make your garage comfortable, it is recommended for you to insulate garage door.
Whether you are a veteran homeowner or one who had recently purchased your first home, it is inevitable that you will have to replace your garage door at some point.
To store anything in your garage neatly and efficiently, you need to find gladiator garage that will offer you with the best product to help you keep stuff in your garage.
Before You Start:When it comes to building a large-scale project with a modular design, such as this garage storage unit, there are a few tricks of the woodworking trade worth knowing and using. When you get to that point, start by routing at one end of the first panel, using a straightedge guide; in effect, you are routing a rabbet rather than a dado because the joint will be open at the panel's end. At this point, you can use the same jig for routing the shelf dadoes in the dividers (O) for the cubby unit; note that the two end dividers should get dadoes only on their inside faces, while the other four dividers need dadoes on each face as shown. The face frames on each unit will be installed one piece at a time, attached to the front edges of the plywood parts. If you plan to install the basketball holder, now is the best time to prepare the uprights to hold the dowels. After the cleats are attached, move on to the bigger parts by attaching the two end uprights to the top and bottom panels as shown.
When that step is complete, recruit a helper to assist you in standing the carcass upright and then tilting it forward so its front edges rest on the floor. Next, put the smaller back panel (G) into position, butted tightly against the edge of the larger (F) panel. Finally, you have to rotate the assembly onto its back again so you can install the face frame parts (H, I, J), which are cut from 1x2-inch pine stock.
At this point you can also cut the shelves (K) and their trim pieces (L); secure the trim to the front edge of each shelf with glue and finishing nails. Construction of the base unit follows a very similar sequence, with just a few design differences. Follow the same assembly sequence you used for the upper assembly: Attach the two outer uprights (O) to the top and bottom panels (N), then install the remaining uprights to fill in the center area. The back panel (Q) on this unit is easier to install due to its smaller size and one-piece construction, so you can re-cut it to exact size prior to installation if you want.
As for the installation, any large vertical assembly such as this garage organizer involves the tendency to be a little top-heavy, especially when the storage bays are filled.
The base unit is stable enough to simply rest on the floor and be positioned against the wall, but if your garage floor is uneven you may have to slip shims  under one or more feet to get things level and to keep it from rocking.
Recruit a helper to assist with lifting this cabinet into place, and align the ends with the base unit.
What makes a project like this versatile isn't just the open storage spaces but also the accessories for organizing specific items. Basketball HolderThis is probably the simplest accessory to make, consisting of just two 1-inch dowel rods connected by flat bungee cords. Baseball Glove HangerThis hanger features a plywood base with dowels angled upward to act as hooks. Tennis Racket Holder This holder features construction similar to the baseball bat rack, but the dimensions of the base (BB) and the dowel spacing are different.
Rollerblade RackThis is a shelf-and-divider unit that requires just two parts (Z, AA) and a dado construction method similar to one used for the larger assemblies.

Fishing Pole RackThis accessory features two plywood bases, similar in design to previous versions, and introduces one new material—PVC pipe cut into short sleeves for the pole handles to nest in. Get your garage in top shape with these garage storage shelves from Lowes by Edsal, Style Selections and Enviro Elements to mention a few options.
Then I got a question on facebook requesting a platform bed tutorial to go along with the headboard. For folks who are brand-spanking new to woodworking, you may want to go with the simpler, flat panel version of the chest. The basic framework is built of poplar, which cuts easily and takes a painted finish that's super smooth when properly sanded and prepared. Plus, you'll be able to choose between a raised panel or flat panel look for your chest.
They act as a seat while providing an ample amount of storage space underneath to store any types of things to conceal the mess. They however, come a lot more completed and include pre-established setups that have both wall and base cabinets. And if they did, they would not know how to place them apart going by their characteristics.
The contemporary home plans and layouts as such, need to offer innovative ways of stowing bikes to the increased number of people who are embracing biking. They have various attachment schemes that make it easy to mix and match various plans to end up with cabinets that best suit your storage needs. Insulating the door in the garage also brings other benefits, such as to reduce the energy bills and also resist the moist and noise from outside. This is the product that prepared to help every home owner to store things in their garage efficiently. First, to reduce the number of times you have to set up machines for cutting and to get more consistent results, plan your work sequence so you can cut all like-size parts in one batch rather than working piecemeal.
First, use a portable circular saw and straightedge guide to cut the full plywood sheets down to the required lengths. These dadoes are all spaced at 16 inches (center-to-center) and consistency is important, but it's time-consuming to do laborious measuring and marking to ensure accuracy. As big and versatile as this project is when completed, it's surprisingly simple to construct from a relatively small assortment of different parts. Because of its size, the locker unit requires two pieces (F, G) to cover its back; the cubby unit's back panel (Q) can be one piece.
This step involves mostly just cutting 1x2 stock to length, but don't cut these rails and stiles (H, I, J, R, S, T) until the carcasses are assembled and you can confirm your dimensions. Note also that the fourth upright from the left requires the splice cleats (C, D) and that they go over and under the shelf cleat on that side; these cleats help provide a wider fastening surface where the back panels (F, G) come together.
It's easiest to build this assembly "on its back" - that is, to work on a flat floor surface and have the back edges down. Attach with nails or staples, then use a router with a flush-trim bit to rout the outside edges of these two panels with the perimeter of the carcass. Start with the two end stiles (H); use glue and finishing nails to attach the stiles to the front edges of the outermost uprights, aligning them flush on the outside and the ends.
As noted earlier, the uprights (O) for this assembly have dadoes routed to receive fixed shelves (P). Next are the shelves (P); start with the two in the end bays and secure them from both sides with glue and screws through the dado joints. Again, lay the assembly front-edge down and attach the panel at one corner; align the remaining corners with the panel to square up the carcass, then drive the rest of your nails or staples. Take care of that first, then use a stud finder to locate the wall studs and make sure they are within the open bays so you'll have access for fastening. That means the best accessories for your storage project might differ from what we used, but these guidelines will help you duplicate the ones you want or come up with your own versions.
Cut the base (X) to size and chamfer the ends as indicated, then mark the locations for the dowels.
The two dowels provide a nesting spot for the end of the racket handle, so measure your racket before you mark and drill for these dowels.
Before building this rack, confirm that the dimensions we provide will accommodate your own rollerblades and accessories.
As opposed to regular shelving, these garage storage shelves are extremely strong and durable and would be a good choice if you want something extra solid. Please support this site by following and sharing DIY Fun Ideas here on our facebook page so we can continue bringing you fun & fabulous DIY ideas and inspirations! That said, if you feel up to it, Lowe's also offers a slightly different version that includes raised panels.
Things will also not be left lying around unattended, but instead will be kept inside the storage safely for easy retrieval afterwards.

You thus have the option of choosing from among different configurations and styles to end up with a unit that best suits your storage needs as well as available space. These garage cabinets are however not many a DIY enthusiasts’ cup of coffee since the installation demands are too complex.
Instead, you can make a simple plywood jig that uses each dado to guide the router for cutting the next one. Position the jig described earlier so the indexing tongue nests snugly in that rabbet, butted against the inside edge, and clamp it securely in place. Note that the shelves feature trim pieces (L, U, V) that need to be ripped to narrower widths as well as cut to length.
Then fit the upper and lower rails (I) and attach them the same way, and finally, attach the remaining stiles (J). Then, before you lift the upper unit on top of the base cabinet, mark and drill holes through the cabinet back panel for the mounting screws; plan on using at least 10 screws in two horizontal rows (a pair in each open bay), fastening within 12 inches of both the top and bottom of this upper cabinet. Note that some items like the undercabinet shelf (above) can be purchased ready-to-use at Lowe's and simply attached to the upper storage unit.
We spaced our holes at 4 inches and 36 inches up from the bottom panel (A); the upper rod should fit easily by spreading the uprights apart slightly by hand, but you will have to use a hammer and a wood block to coax the lower dowel into place, as the uprights won't flex as much that close to their lower ends. If you have a drill press, clamp some guide boards down on the table to create a narrow channel for the pipe to nest in and adjust them to make sure that the drill bit will enter the center of the pipe face. Don't worry though, the method used to construct these fancy raised panels is super simple. They can also be customised easily with paint or fabric to match the rest of my furnishings. You can discover How To Build Lowes Garage Cabinets guide and look the latest Garage Cabinets Lowes: Recommended Cabinets in here. You can get Lowes Garage Storage Cabinet guide and read the latest Garage Cabinets Lowes: Recommended Cabinets in here. Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted.
Most of the parts will be used as is, but the top and bottom panels (A, N) for each unit, and the dividers (O) for the cubby unit, should be set aside so you can rout the joinery when you're ready. After trimming, index the jig by placing the tongue against the bottom edge of the divider; secure with clamps before routing.
The same goes for the back panel of the lower unit.) Clamp or screw temporary stop blocks to the back edge of the upright with the splice cleats on it, so the first panel (F) aligns on the joint between the cleats and divider.
This assembly nests in the bottom of any of the locker bays, but you'll have to tilt it slightly to clear the face frame when setting it in place.
First, it allows a margin for trimming if the plywood shifts away from the fence and leaves an irregular kerf during the first cut; this is a common problem when trying to maneuver large sheets of plywood on a table saw.
After you finish routing all the dadoes, drill countersunk holes for the assembly screws as shown.
Then align either the top or bottom edge of the panel with the carcass top or bottom and clamp it in place. This one features heavy duty particle board shelves with a metal frame and it looks quite durable and strong. Not all of these are for queen-size, but the first tutorial has the measurements for twin through king, so you can transfer lengths and widths to other designs.
Second, it gives you room to trim the factory edges off the plywood, which sometimes get dinged or damaged during handling or transport. At this point the carcass may be slightly out of square; if that's the case, nudge the corners so they align more accurately with those of the plywood back panel and check the assembly for square. Add two screw-eyes as indicated on the upper base (CC) and attach it near the top of the locker as shown. Further down on the page you have the Style Selections metal shelving unit, which is all made out of sturdy metal. Watch all the episodes below, and if you're interested in building it, you can even download a complete diagram and cut list here.
Connect the bungee cord hooks to the screw-eyes to secure the upper ends of the fishing rods. This would be a good option if moisture might be an issue, or you just want something that's easy to clean off. You'll have better results to show for your effort, with less time spent setting up your cuts.
This one could go outside as well as inside, it's a little smaller than the other units and it looks durable and sturdy.

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