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And here is what you guys said on Facebook were your favorite sources: Etsy shop coverLove, Very Jane, West Elm*, Pottery Barn*, World Market*. You must click over and see my favorite picks for AFFORDABLE and colorful throw pillows this summer! Hobby Lobby also has a decent variety of covers for throw pillows for very reasonable prices! No one EVER thinks about SteinMart for throw pillows, I used to work at one in the home decor department, and the selection was HUGE, prices were mostly in the 30 and below range (with there sales and coupons can get for much cheaper! This little beauty was painted several weeks ago, so if you follow me on Instagram, this is old news but bear with me.
I think we’ll end up taking out the top three drawers and making them cubbies for all the technological stuff For now, I’m using every since drawer for storage! If you like the navy painted media stand, be sure to check out my mint nightstand, or my painted end table. I am so excited to be sharing my latest project with you guys while Allison is enjoying every moment of her sweet new baby girl! I’ve been stalking my local thrift shops lately and hoarding collecting things big and small to paint. November 12, 2013 By Chelsea We’ve been doing a lot of little projects around our home to make it more us. After your frame is dry and the pieces are all attached you can add some stapes to the edges if you’d like but it should be secure enough with the wood glue. The inspiration started when I found a large piece of driftwood ashore on my local beach; the lumber is clearly something that had been used in real construction at some point in its history, it was well-weathered and had had a lot of potential thanks to rusted nails and sheer size. Cutting a hole all the way through the wood with a drill and a long paddle bit, I created an access hole for new wires to be run through. I saved a few dollars by using the electrical system from a lamp I found at a garage sale, laying out all of the components to re-thread them into one of the new lamp bases. Following suit with the second block of wood, I now had a matching set of lamps to flank my couch and provide much needed light to the living room. Using an assemblage of pieces from old junky lamp shades (thrift store and garage sale finds), I began to craft something that would be a sturdy frame for the new paper shade to be affixed to. Cut, chop, e-6000 and clamp together, the lamp shade structure was starting to come together nicely. When I was pregnant with my daughter my husband and I picked up tons of frames at thrifts stores to refinish and potentially use in her nursery gallery wall, you can see that here.
The first thing I did was lay out my hearts in the frame to position them the way I wanted.
I was able to get these awesome charcoal grey stripes without paint with the help of Walls Need Love!
You all know we live in base housing so I am always looking for temporary but bold options in home decor. Okay, go and get yourself tons of goodies but be sure to send me a picture of whatever you do.

You can enter your email address below and get the tutorials, tips, and tricks delivered directly to your inbox! They were less than $10 each and it makes it super easy to change the look of a space by just changing out the pillow covers.
Their selection isn’t huge but the decorative pillows offered are definitely worth a peek. Originating in thhe unemployment rate to fall and subsequent blood clot Clinton suffered in 2012. Especially when they go on clearance which was a lot!) Check it out, they have online, but instore is soooo much better!
On a whim, I moved my dresser, which was too large for my room slice in gelded space for the crib, to the living room.
I'm not a designer, I'm not a professional, I'm like you and love making my home reflect the personality of my family. All images and text on this site are copyright to Making Home Base (unless otherwise noted).
I love the rustic look of the wood and the chain gives it a great industrial touch (my two favorite styles). They needed shades too, of course, and after considering a few store-bought drum shade options, I decided to create something myself, a low-cost decision that was worth trying; after all, if the DIY plan flopped or the shade eventually got destroyed, it could easily be replaced. I have a white frame like that, currently still displaying the New Year’s message, but this looks like a great alternative.
I love valentines day and cant wait to get start on some cute projects, including this one!
A few weeks ago we finished our rustic shelves and over the weekend we completed our striped accent wall.
I am not a renter but I created a pinboard on Pinterest for ideas like this for people who do rent and want to have a beautiful home that is all their own! If that’s the way you follow Making Home Base, I want to make sure we get connected another way so you don’t miss a beat around here!
Bloglovin is great because you can easily import your reading list straight from Google Reader. If you’re like me you may find yourself changing up pillows quite often so you need affordable decorative pillows! I spent years discovering my decorating style and after too many mistakes to count I finally feel confident in my own decorating.
It sat around the garage for a long while (do you do that too?) before I finally cleaned it up and got it ready to paint. There was a blank space on the same wall as the media stand and I thought a custom chalkboard would be perfect for that space. For now it has a bunch of numbers that are special to our family (our wedding date and our daughter’s birthday) but I love that it looks like it could be anything from a passcode to a scoreboard.
I am in the process of decorating my own office and this is definitely top on my list of things to do!

It is perfect for that space and I just love a great chalkboard project and this one is super!
You can use any heavy stock you want for a DIY shade like this, but I chose pages from a well-designed coloring book (literally, something I bought at Anthropologie and and been using sparingly over the last few months, like in projects like this). We carry wood table lamps and wood floor lamps to accent your decor and provide extra illumination. This fun piece is made using a recycled picture frame, some hearts cut out of card stock, twine, and good ole hot glue. I’ve been trying to think of what I want to put up on my mantel for Valentine’s Day this year, and I think something similar has to happen! I’ve been wanting to do stripes or some sort of wall treatment on my entryway, I just can’t figure out what!
They are perfect height, you can pull our drawers to use as cubbies for stash cable boxes, plus there is plenty of storage space! Our walls are very light, so color was necessary, and I’ve been obsessing over navy and brass for awhile now.
Don’t forget you can get some behind the scenes sneak peeks by following along on Instagram.
Reuse of any materials from this site (photos, text, tutorials,etc.) should be credited back to Making Home Base, without exception. Our friend Emily from Merrypad did an awesome job on transforming some reclaimed wood into lamp bases and making DIY paper shades! Because the pages were only 9×12, I chose a few of my favorite complementary pages and cut the pieces of paper into strips, only to hot glue them back together edge-by-edge in succession to create a more randomized effect. I glued two heart cut outs together that way if they get turned around you don’t see the string or glob of glue on the back side. With my husband’s help, I started at the top and stuck the vinyl to wall squeegeeing (is that a word?) out the air bubbles using the handy squeegee WNL provided. I remember trying to decorate a tiny, tiny nook we had when we lived on base – what a challenge! I am copying it as we speak and doing a mustache on one side and heart on the other, will send you the post when I finish! Once they are dry remove the clamps and glue together the other two corners (so now you’ll have a complete frame). While I’m not opposed to painting our rental (and have plans to paint really soon!), this striped accent wall without paint is something we can simply peel off when we move instead of having to paint it back.
The space I had to play with was a bit tall and narrow so instead of making a super long chalkboard, I made a semi long hanging chalkboard.

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