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Commercial metal buildings, Butler buildings and pre-engineered commercial steel buildings are some of the terms used when describing a pre-engineered metal building.
Portable metal buildings are portable buildings that are made of steel or metal without using any wood. While seasonal needs are a major reason for preference of portable buildings over permanent buildings, the general cost effectiveness of such structures has contributed to their growing use and popularity.
Unfortunately I don't have a picture of what you are talking about to study, but I am familiar with panels close to your description. These panels were used as a liner panels on the inside of a metal walls, as a soffit panels and some limitied high slope roof applications over decking because they have a very low structural capacity. Canadian Building Technoogies is your western Canada source for pre-engineered fabric covered buildings manufactured in Canada.
Steel garage and shop buildings are among the most durable structures that can be assembled at a fraction of the cost and much shorter construction time frame, compared to other types of traditional constructed shop building. Metal garage building systems have the best dollar return for your investment in the project and less maintenance incurred over a longer period of time. A steel garage is a solid sturdy addition to any property and adds a substantial value to the real estate. With our unique MultiBuild™ Computer System we now offer our customers a very fast & efficient quoting service. Our prefabricated steel buildings and metal buildings are custom designed to fit your exact needs.
The iconic roof lines of our American Barn style metal building is perfect for steel homes, barns, garages, workshops, warehouses and more! AmeriBuilt steel and metal buildings come in large sizes as well, perfect for large industrial or manufacturing facilities. AmeriBuilt Steel Structures offers large building pacakges as well perfect for self storage facilities.
When you choose AmeriBuilt Steel Structures for your next steel building, you should know what to expect!
Once you're ready, take a look at our different building types to find the type of steel building that you need.
We pre-engineer custom steel buildings and metal buildings perfect for the do-it-yourselfer. Many of our steel buildings are easily converted to cost effective, energy efficient "green homes." Since each of our buildings are custom made, there are thousands of possibilities to explore! Our goal at AmeriBuilt Steel Structures is to see that you get the most building value for your hard earned dollars. Steel buildings by AmeriBuilt Steel always include complete engineered foundation plans that match the steel building being purchased.

Learn more about the AmeriBuilt construction process by viewing step by step slideshow presentation! They are a flexible and cost-effective method of commercial construction including projects with unusual size or complexity.  With systems construction, each part is engineered and designed to assemble together.
Mueller Construction Company because they require premium quality and customized solutions for their pre-engineered steel building’s application.
Mueller Construction Company, you’ll get a contractor you can trust, and results you can see. Installing portable metal buildings is an effective way to avoid spending money on setting up expensive permanent buildings. We offer a full line of portable fabric buildings in a range of standard sizes and colours from 24' wide up to 46' wide which are usually available for shipment within 1 to 2 weeks.
Steel garages double as a shelter for your vehicle, storage for tools and equipment, and can even serve as a working shop space.
With thousands of options available, AmeriBuilt Steel Structures can design the perfect building type for any project, big or small.
This steel building style is heavy duty enough to handle tough jobs, but stylish enough to look great as a metal home! Our steel buildings come with a pre-drilled, galvanized steel frame perfect for the do-it-yourselver. After that, take a look at our different building styles and pick the design that is right for you! Whether you are looking for a garage space, a warehouse, a workshop, or a home, we have you covered! Our custom, pre-fabricated steel buildings can accommodate every need from business to residential. With AmeriBuilt Steel Structures, you can turn your AmeriBuilt steel structure into the home of your dreams! We are not going to try to sell you a steel building that has been "cancelled" because they rarely exist. This engineering will include the foundation slab, piers, and any other requirements for your steel building design.
Other companies will tell you they are giving you "calcs" for the columns and foundation bolt placement.
So, a steel building system can be built with greater speed and precision than is generally possible using conventional methods. Whether the requirement is for a new multi-use complex, a church sanctuary for a new or expanding congregation, or a distribution center, Al J.
Since there is no need for a concrete base, construction costs are significantly lower with portable metal buildings than with permanent buildings.

I HAVE LOOKED FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS TO LOCATE THE PARTICULAR APPLICATION OF THIS PANEL, SO FAR NO LUCK.THANKS TO YOU FOR ANY ASSISTANCE OFFERED. Our steel foundation base rail eliminates the need for concrete blocks or foundations and enables our buildings to be constructed in any location anywhere year round. Our metal buildings and steel buildings are designed in the United States, and we can ship worldwide!
We feature steel sheds, steel garages, steel barns, steel mini-storage, steel churches, steel homes, steel industrial shops, and steel agricultural buildings. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our available financing options, or with any other questions you may have about AmeriBuilt Steel Structures.
We're not going to be calling you every day telling you we have a special, or that prices are going up, or just hounding you to buy from us today. Building options can include steel "rollup" & "overhead doors", steel access doors, insulation, roof overhangs and a wide range of color choices. Our 45 year warranty is backed by one of the oldest and largest steel fabricators in the industry. Our pre-engineered metal buildings are custom-designed for use as offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, schools, shopping centers, agricultural buildings and distribution centers. Mueller Construction Company can help you define your needs, outline your design specifics and help with any project requirements.
Moreover, these buildings have almost a zero-maintenance feature, and there is no need to be concerned about permanently losing yard space.Portable metal buildings are made for both domestic and commercial applications.
With a metal garage, you can store one vehicle or even a truck or a boat, and you can always choose a metal garage building plan layout without sacrificing space or looks.
With our Outback Calc™ software, we can custom design and quote you a steel building price within minutes. The metal garage building structures are also better suited to withstand the natural elements such as hail, sever heat or cold, earthquakes, fires, and high winds. For example, a portable metal building can be used in houses for storing electrical and communications equipment, while commercially, these buildings can be used for storing construction equipment.
Their metal construction helps them handle the fury of nature, particularly hurricane-force winds, heavy rains, and blizzards.An industry that makes major use of portable metal buildings is the construction industry. These strong and sturdy buildings provide protection from burglary while offering flexibility in moving them from one construction site to another.
Based on the size, these portable metal buildings can be moved using a forklift or a crane, even when they are packed with materials inside.

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