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These affordable and durable metal garages can serve a variety of uses for your home, farm or business.
No, you may choose one color for the roof, a different color for the trim, a different color for the sides at no additional charge.
Unless you are purchasing a garage for the federal government, state government, have a farm or agricultural exemption or have a sales tax exemption number and are willing to sign a sales tax exemption form, you have to pay sales tax, or live in a state that is free of sales tax.
Factory trained installation teams deliver the materials and assemble the garage immediately upon arrival in your area. NOTE: Perimeter sealing at the foundation at the foundation of the metal garage, if necessary, is the responsibility of the purchaser. All garages with 8' legs or higher come standard with a minimum of 5 peak braces and a brace at every leg where possible. Garages can take anywhere from 1 ‐ 2 days to assemble depending on the options that were ordered and the size of the garage. Although, there are exceptions, the rule of thumb is, if the garage doors are to be placed in the end (width) of the garage the leg height must be 1a€™ taller than the height of the garage door(s).
Ironbuilt Steel Buildings has helped many congregations for over thirty years to get the church they wanted yet stay within the funds budgeted. Your congregation will save money by using a pre-engineered church steel building that goes up in considerably less time than conventional wood frame or masonry construction. Your building will be engineered to accommodate all of the church activities and functions you foresee.
Ironbuilt's team of experienced professionals offers complete support for your church building project. From initial floor plan design and determining whether you need to hire an architect to the final completion of your church metal building, Ironbuilt will be with you at every stage of the construction.
Although once used primarily for business or home storage solutions, today prefabricated metal building systems are used in a wide range of applications and are some of the most attractive buildings to be seen. While some companies specialize in smaller buildings (like portable storage sheds), Braemar Building Systems designs custom pre-engineered steel frame buildings of any size. Although we can design and manufacture any size building you need, the majority of our buildings are larger than the typical small prefabricated storage or garden shed buildings you might find online or at a home improvement store.
The small storage sheds are often delivered as a completely assembled building, or, in several modular sections requiring little or no on-site assembly. Our specialty is with custom steel frame metal buildings that are engineered to meet particular building performance requirements, your design aesthetics plus conformance with local building codes. Depending on the size and complexity, the building may be assembled by the building owner, or, by a contractor hired by the owner. Where a small prefabricated building may not have any particular code requirements, in most areas larger buildings need to be designed and engineered to comply with all applicable local, and state building codes. Although factoring in all of these requirements is a complex process, it's easy for you because we do all of the work.
Today, we are able to quickly create finished plans and specifications for your building in only a tiny fraction of the time it used to take. Prefabricating all of the structural steel and metal components of the building in the factory eliminates the materials waste common in traditional construction, saving materials cost and also being more environmentally friendly.
Braemar's building designs utilize a rigid steel frame and are frequently designed with clear-span interiors. We have the longevity in the business to actually stand behind our warranties and our reputation. We are confident that if you give us the opportunity to show you, you will be pleasantly surprised with our service, our competitive prices, and any prefabricated building, frame or new roof you buy from us. You can call us at 888-480-5552 or fill out our quick preliminary quote form to let us know what you're interested in.
Braemar's energy efficient designs, state-of-the-art engineering and precision manufacturing processes all add up to metal buildings that are easy on your wallet and easy on the environment too. When you run out of space for your lawn equipment and vehicles or need to store your tools and supplies in a secure place, you can rely on an Ironbuilt metal storage shed.
Call Ironbuilt today at 1-800-805-0084 for information and pricing on our steel storage sheds or check out our small shed building specials! Prefab steel buildings or prefab metal buildings generally can provide great cost savings and convenience in many situations. Prefab buildings are ideal for schools, hospitals, businesses, hospitals and many other facilities which have a need for extra space as they grow.
Prefab buildings have been very popular in the education sector as some schools found themselves with a need for extra space quickly.

Prefab metal buildings can be constructed quickly in the factory of your supplier and erected in parking areas of your property or anywhere you have some free space and can’t wait for a full scale building project to be embarked upon.
The cost savings you will experience with prefab buildings arise from the fact that your prefab steel building is constructed in a factory and then delivered and assembled on your site.
Metal prefab buildings have been successfully used for extra office space, in healthcare situations, in education and schools and even to provide extra space in churches. Prefabricated office buildings are ideal for an immediate need for office space in a growing company. Prefab buildings can be permanent or temporary and also can b e supplied in multi storey units. The impression created by a well fitted out and constructed prefab building versus a construction trailer sends a message that your organization is professional and reflects well on your overall property development and professionalism. Prefab buildings, whether metal prefab or prefabricated steel buildings are well worth considering if you have a need for extra space in your hospital, school, business or anywhere else for that matter.
Over the years our metal garages have been used for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The prices on the following pages include shipping, anchoring and installation on your level site in our normal service area in these 34 states.
You may also choose to make all of the colors the same on your structure, it's your choice. You may choose one color for the roof, a different color for the trim, a different color for the sides at no additional charge.
The 3 member installation team brings the material with them and construction begins immediately upon arrival.
You turn out with a much better floor finish and appearance if the floor is poured ahead of time.
However, keep in mind that there will have to be enough room for the installers to attach the sheet metal to the sides with their screw guns and set their ladders for taller structures. If the garage door is to be placed in the side wall (length) of the garage, the leg height of the garage needs to be 2′ taller than the height of the garage door(s). These states include Alabama(AL), Arizona(AZ), Arkansas(AR), California(CA), Colorado(CO), Connecticut(CT), Delaware(DE), Florida(FL), Georgia(GA), Idaho(ID), Illinois(IL), Indiana(IN), Iowa(IA), Kansas(KS), Kentucky(KY), Louisiana(LA), Maine(ME), Maryland(MD), Massachusetts(MA), Michigan(MI), Minnesota(MN), Mississippi(MS), Missouri(MO), Montana(MT), Nebraska(NE), Nevada(NV), New Hampshire(NH), New Jersey(NJ), New Mexico(NM), New York(NY), North Carolina(NC), North Dakota(ND), Ohio(OH), Oklahoma(OK), Oregon(OR), Pennsylvania(PA), Rhode Island(RI), South Carolina(SC), South Dakota(SD), Tennessee(TN), Texas(TX), Utah(UT), Vermont(VT), Virginia(VA), Washington(WA), West Virginia(WV), Wisconsin(WI) and Wyoming(WY). Metal church buildings from Ironbuilt save on expensive architect fees and have a functionality and beauty to be admired.
Additional huge savings can be found by having your church members assist in the construction of your Ironbuilt steel building.Church Metal Building GalleryView full galleryOur experienced church project designers will help you effectively layout the floor plan of your church. You will be able to access our network of factory certified church builders through our contractor services department and they will help you with whatever level of church construction assistance you need. Then, all of the steel frame components along with the metal wall and roof components are prefabricated at the manufacturing facility. Part of our service is to help you determine the physical needs (usage) you will have for your building.
It arrives with all of the prefabricated components neatly organized and marked for easy identification along with a complete and detailed assembly manual. A clear-span building (also referred to as free span buildings) does not require interior support columns. We have built our business on the satisfaction of our customers which is reflected in our 100% perfect rating with the Better Business Bureau.
Get a custom eco-friendly building made from sustainable steel and metal materials that helps save you money while conserving our natural resources. Our design professionals have decades of experience working with budget conscious customers who are building small backyard steel storage shed kits. Prefab buildings or modular buildings as they are also described are ideal for the expansion needs of many organizations and businesses.
You will of course need to check with your local building code department to ensure compliance with zoning and local building and planning requirements. The benefits of meeting and greeting potential customers in a properly constructed prefabricated office building as opposed to a construction trailer makes a much more professional appearance on potential clients. Many s successful realtors use prefab buildings for high end and luxury developments and have reported great returns on the investment. Not only are they more affordable but they are also very solid, equipped with a wind & snow ratings where it is needed.
We can deliver and setup your metal garage or steel building in these areas or drop off our kits. Our steel church buildings can be customized to fulfill your congregation's present needs and still allow for you to expand at an affordable cost in the future.

You will be able to incorporate space for an interior narthex or greeting area, offices, classrooms and bathrooms.
With an Ironbuilt steel church building custom exteriors such as stucco, EIFS, brick veneer or decorative block can be simply integrated for an attractive outside appearance.
And finally, all of those elements along with any building accessories (doors, windows, vents, gutters, etc…) are delivered to the building site where they are assembled (erected) onto a prepared building foundation. And once you have approved the building, we can transfer your building's data directly into our manufacturing systems and begin the manufacturing of your building's components. This provides the ultimate in flexibility for how the interior of the building may be used.
Our extensive experience has given us the opportunity to be involved in a variety of challenging building projects and to develop the solutions to those challenges. We will offer suggestions and ideas for things you may not have considered that may help to improve the performance of your building and also give you ideas to help save you money. We have permanent facilities in both the United States and Canada so that you can work with a company (and currency) that's local to your country.
Our buildings specialists will be happy to provide you with a free, no hassle,  no pressure consultation to discuss your building ideas and needs. Rigid frame solid I-beam construction makes your Ironbuilt prefabricated steel shed storage building durable and able to withstand the toughest hurricane winds or winter storm conditions. These metal garages are truly a cost effective and maintenance‐free alternative for your valuables. We do not have a model per se because everyone wants a garage tailored to their application.
To determine the cost - it would be the exact same cost as the next larger standard size garage.
So if you want to add the convenience of an electric garage door opener they are an option priced at $500 per motor. You can choose any color combination for your metal garage or steel building at no additional charge.
Certified garages and buildings are designed by a state certified engineer to meet the codes for your state. Ironbuilt can design your church metal building with the flexibility to have a large open sanctuary area for services that can double as or be easily later converted into classrooms, dining and kitchen or perhaps a recreational wing. Typical snow loads or wind speeds are examples of two factors where the same basic building size may have different local code requirements for a location in Colorado than a location in Texas, Florida or Alaska. Clear-span buildings are an excellent choice for any type of building from small storage buildings (flexible storage space) to huge aircraft hangars.
Our metal storage shed kits are made to last for years and come with a 40 year warranty on the silicon polyester baked on enamel wall paint, 25 year limited warranty on the roof and a lifetime warranty on the steel fasteners.Metal Building Storage Sheds And Kits GalleryView full galleryDo you need a car lift right up against the sidewall of your metal shed or to fit tall shelves in a narrow building? If you happen to live in an area where this option is not available we recommend that you let us build the garage door with framed in openings that will accommodate the garage door(s) size of your choice.
Due to covering such a wide range of states we ask that our customers check with their local building and zoning department to see if a permit is needed and if so that you the customer pick up the permit. An inexpensive drive through portico with columns at the main entrance can be integrated into the design that adds both an important architectural accent and allows for people to be dropped off and picked up out of the weather. Our clear-span design and ability to place doors almost anywhere in the building allows you the maximum usable space in your steel storage shed or metal building kit workshop. We are able to offer you these steel buildings through a network of metal garage manufacturing facilities located throughout the U.S. This is your choice if you decide to purchase and assemble yourself (not our recommendation).
After your garage is completed you or a local garage door contractor can install a sectional raised panel garage door that an electric garage door opener will work with. If the local inspection or zoning department needs plans we can provide them in some cases at an additional fee. Our metal building specialists can walk you through every step of your project while providing industry leading real-time customer support over the phone as well as through fax and email. Each of these manufacturing facilities has installation teams to install your garage in a timely fashion.
Only the highest grade commercial US steel is used in your Ironbuilt metal storage shed & workshop buildings guaranteeing you the finest quality durable building.

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