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SANS10400 are the Building regulations in South Africa, and both international and national standards, are fundamental to successful building and construction projects, both big and small.
Waterproofing roofs is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to roof construction. The National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act states that roofs must be designed and constructed safely so that they are not damaged by wind or any other natural force.
Roofs must be durable and must not allow the penetration of rainwater or any other surface water to its interior. The SANS elaborates on the legislation stating that roofs must be able to resist penetration of rain to the extent that water in category 1 buildings (see below) any water that penetrates the roof won’t run down the inside face of walls onto the floor, or form damp patches on the ceiling or the floor. The SANS also state that roof coverings and waterproofing systems must be capable of being repaired if damaged, even if the materials are old. All products that are used for roof coverings and waterproofing systems must have a lifespan of at least 10 years. If metal roof tiles are used on an existing roof of this category, the existing slope may be retained. NOTE: SANS 10062 contains fixing instructions for the fixing of different types of roofing.
If tiles are laid at a pitch of 30 degrees they must (in terms of the SANS) be tested in a rig as specified in SANS 542. Sheeted roofs should be tested in accordance with ASTM E 1646 to check that they don’t leak. All roofs with a pitch less than 26 degrees or more than 45 degrees, and all roofs in coastal areas (to a distance of 30 km from the sea) should have an undertile membrane that is loose-laid so that water can drain between the rafters. The manufacturers’ instructions must be followed carefully for tiles, slates and shingles.
Roof lights have become increasingly popular over the past few decades; but if they are not properly designed and installed, they can leak. The SANS for roofs state that any roof lights may have an opening of no more than 0.6 square metres. Lastly, all roof lights must be designed and installed in a way that rain will not penetrate the roof. It is very important that precast panels and precast roof structures are designed in a way that if there is subsequent movement of the concrete elements, this will not damage the waterproofing system or compromise its performance. The SANS has a really useful drawing that shows how construction drawings should clearly designate ridges and valleys, and indicate the relative fall – or slope. In addition to these design elements, all concrete and screened roof surfaces must be waterproofed and constructed to the correct falls and cross falls (see first paragraph under Drainage and Waterproofing of Flat Roofs above and the relevant section in the SANS). It is important to realize that waterproofing systems can delaminate if the substrates don’t allow any moisture vapor that has been trapped to escape.
Where waterproofing turnups are provided against brickwork and other masonry walls, they should be counter-flashed if they are not linked to the stepped damp-proof courses in cavity walls. All external corners and edges to be waterproofed should be rounded, and the height of all DPCs should be at the same level as the waterproofing turnups. In addition to this part of SANS 10400, SANS 10021 also provides some information and guidance about the waterproofing of roofs. If a body corporate uses a flat roof top as an exclusive use area for entertainment purposes, what is the legislation with regards to the legal height of the parapet wall around that roof? There is nothing in the NBR that specifies this, though I guess it would fall under the regs that relate to balustrades and safety. We are purchasing a house and upon Inspection it has been discovered that there is no under tile membrane, which is required as the roof is below 26 deg. Yes the owner can sell a house if it does not adhere to the National Building Regulations – even though this (not installing the membrane) would have been in contravention of the law.
I am looking at starting a paint contracting business and found this article while searching for information on the subject. The best is to ask one of the professional waterproofing manufacturing companies such as Duram, as it would be in their interests to give or to know where to go for training.
Does anyone know of an Engineer that can do a report and recommendations on waterproofing that I can get implemented and claim back from the builders? Check with the NHBRC to see if the developer is registered – he should be and the house should have been enrolled and inspected by the NHBRC.
Hi, I just would like to know if it is mandatory for me to put in the undertile membrane if am using the HARVEY TILES for roofing, my roof pitch is more than 26 degrees, and am inland? If you look at the first comment on this page you will see that I have already supplied this information. With our RUVOLUM® dimensioning concept, the optimal forces at the anchor points can be determined as a function of the geotechnical parameters, to provide the static verification for the overall system. Send your inquiry to IDECO INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED , China ,gabion baskets,gabion box,stainless structured packings,steel gratings,I-DECO-METAL GROUP CO.
Higher ribs make R-Panel a great roofing or siding for commercial, agricultural, and industrial type situations. Very similar in looks to our Tuff-Rib panel, R-Panels' main differences are in the height of its ribs.
R-Panel can be installed over solid decking, or over open framing spaced as far as 5' apart. For slopes with 3:12 or less, we recommend using our butyl sealant between the laps for greater protection, as well as stitch screws that pull the panels tighter together. R-Panel can be installed on open framing up to 5' apart, which is why it is used on so many steel buildings.

You will not find a more competitively priced commercial roofing material anywhere, period.
Formed ridge, fasteners, sealant, and about everything else you need to finish your R-Panel roof or wall project can be found here. Best Buy Metal Roofing's staff is there to help you, whether you are roofing a small garage, large home, or building of any type. Our rollformer has been upgraded to a double stacker with the capability to manufacture both Tuff-Rib and R-Panel. You can calculate roofing pitch in several different ways; Go to your local hardware store, and buy a pitch meter for estimating roof slope from the ground.
Some standard roofing materials, such as metal and shingles, are unsuitable for roofs with a low pitch, or slope. Various materials can be applied to roofs, from metal shingles to clay tiles, to protect the building from the weather elements. When choosing roofing materials, it may seem that you have an infinite choice of The reason you cannot have conventional shingles on the low-pitched roof is that the Have questions? A low pitch roof offers more challenges to roofers than a roof with a steeper slope, or pitch. Mineral Surface Roofing – Liberty Low-Slope Membrane Liberty ™ SBS Self-Adhering Roofing System.
There are four categories of low-slope roof covering materials andthey should be inspected as follows: Built-up roofing .
You can shingle a low-pitch roof using standard three-tab asphalt shingles or using rolled roofing. For additional guidance, anyone building needs to refer to the South African National Standard that explains how the law can be successfully applied. If the structure or system is particularly intricate, making it difficult to replace, then the expectation is that materials used should have a lifespan of at least 20 years.
But is is important to be aware that if there are strong gusts of wind, the suction force on the roof tiles might exceed the mass of the tiles. In addition to these, sheeted roofs in category 1 buildings that don’t have hips and valleys, may have a slope of 5 degrees, as long as all the end laps are sealed and have a lap of at least 250 mm. The relative humidity must be maintained at a minimum of 70% during the test, and droplets should not form on the underside of the roof. If an undertile membrane is properly laid it will provide a very effective, impermeable barrier against wind-driven rain and dust.
This might require a steeper design slope of 1:50 in concrete slabs where construction is not always 100% accurate. If there is timber decking they must be recessed so that there isn’t any ponding around the outlets. This will be determined by a concrete technologist or other competent person, who will determine the required thickness of the concrete and its density, and design the roof in such a way that a waterproofing layer is built up. These should be positioned away from any outlets, and should be built in accordance with the illustration given in SANS 10400-L. It is vital that there are no undulations in the concrete surface, and nothing should be allowed to protrude into the concrete or contaminate it.
While the final surface should be sound and smooth, concrete and screened surfaces should not be highly polished. SANS 10400-L states that for roofs to be up to standard, they must remain watertight for at least five years without the need for any form of maintenance other than the normal cleaning of downpipes, gutters and so on. Generally a sand-cement screed that is not very dense will allow retained moisture vapor to dissipate and therefore protect against the possibility of delamination. The SANS also suggests that concrete and screened roof surfaces be allowed to dry thoroughly before any type of waterproofing system is applied. The same membrane should be used, and the flashing should be cut into walls to a depth of at least 40 mm. Where there is a timber deck, 38 mm timber fillets may be fixed at all the junctions of horizontal and vertical surfaces. The installer must therefore pay close attention to overflow pipes, flues and so on, and make sure that the waterproofing material used covers everything but the opening. Elements such as water storage tanks and solar absorbers should never be allowed to penetrate the waterproof layer.
However, the parapet wall would need to be on the approved plans and the roof top area would need to be designated ON PLAN as an area that will be used by people. If the owner knows about this (they might have been conned by the builder) and tries to hide it from the purchaser, that would be a problem and it would be their responsibility to fix it. Contact one of the many roof truss manufacturers and ask them to advise you on the best design for the water runoff and the best way to fix it to the existing structure. I see that accreditation will soon become law and that SAPMA is the only institution that offers training in the field.
It isn’t clear from the Multiwall website whether or not this specific product is SABS approved.
The mesh adapts to the topography and so prevents not only slides and deformations, but also breakouts. With it's industry leading looks and commercial grade strength, R-Panel can meet your roofing needs. In fact, an estimated 80-90% of metal buildings have R-Panel installed on it for this very reason. Whether you go with our 40 year warranted industry leading paint system, or the highly popular 25 year warranted Galvalume® zinc-aluminum coated system, you will be amazed by our low prices.

These Energy Star® rated colors reflect 25-65% of the sun's rays, and saving you on your electric bills. By manufacturing R-Panel in house, we are now able to offer this quality commercial and industrial panel with the shortest leadtime in the industry, and the best quality available anywhere. The pitch, or slope, of a roof needs Calculate Roof Prices to Install Asphalt Shingles Roof, Metal Roofs & EPDM Rubber Roofing Materials.
If you are framing a new home, garage, shed, or similar building the pitch of the roof can be Roof Pitch Calculator helps you quickly calculate roof pitch, total roof size, and approximate cost to install new asphalt shingles or standing seam metal roofing This is great.
We have been doing windows and exterior coating for a while and are adding roofing to our services. To accurately calculate the area of your roof, you must first determine its slope, or pitch. Quickly calculater roof pitch, roof area and metal roofing price to install standing seam and metal shingles roof. In Canadian latitudes and climates, shingles on low slope roofs typically age more rapidly than Discover the superior quality provided by Architectural Building Components online today!
There is a large portion of the roof that is virtually flat and has, historically, been the Commercial low slope roofing products are available in many different variations from CertainTeed. Built-up roofs are composed of several layers of From the deck up, ABC Supply has contractors’ low-slope roofing needs covered.
For this reason the SANS states that underlays should be provided for all slate and tiled roofs, no matter what the pitch (or slope), and where ceilings are not installed.
In addition, roof lights must be able to resist UV degradation for at least 15 years, and hail (at any time) of 10 J (in accordance with SANS 10400-B).
A 1:50 slope is also required where there is an interruption in the flow of water on the roof. They should also be designed to ensure that stormwater doesn’t penetrate the inside of any building if they become blocked at any stage. Any outlets should be at least 500 mm from upstand elements including parapet walls, and they should be at least one metre from any expansion joints. Upstand beams that are at least 170 mm high should be incorporated where masonry walls meet the concrete surface of the roof.
Generally waterproofing membranes around any pipe work should be clamped with a hose clamp or something similar, before flashing is applied over the pipe. However, you could put a clause in your offer to purchase that they must install a membrane. They have all the qualified people that will supply you with COCs to give the council when you give them your amended plans, most times this is a service they give free as part of the truss manufacture. LTD from China,We provide gabion,gabion baskets,gabion box,steel gratings,stainless steel structured packings,welded razor mesh fence,steel wire rope mesh,aluminum expanded metal,demister,hexsteel,refractory anchor,drag mat,steel pipe winding mesh,etc. The roof's pitch is its vertical Trying to frame a new home, shed, garage or carrying out other home construction? Consider Coal Tar Pitch By Joe Mellott Coal tar remains a desired and strong source of technology within the roofing industry, as innovative coal tar Once encountered, you will never forget the smell of pitch. I have something very similiar I use to educate my customers but I am always looking for ways to improve. Osborn replies: According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (301-348-2002), asphalt shingles can be applied to a roof Southern California new home low slope roofing company – GreatWay Oxnard roofer can install new home roofing and do residential roof repair on low slope roofs. As the largest roofing distributor in the country, we offer a broad selection of Best Answer: Standard asphalt roll roofing is an option. Visit Our YouTube Channel To view store specific pricing and availability please enter a zip and choose a store. When this is done it is important that attention is given to ventilation so that any moist air that might accumulate below the waterproofing layer is vented to the outside.
If this is causing major structural damage then you should still be covered by the NHBRC’s 5 year warranty (if of course the house was enrolled). The most important part of the house is the building roof pitch and you At the modest end of the spectrum is a roof-pitch-measuring app called Pitch Gauge 2.0, which came out this month for Android smart phones.
First experience was tossing the roof cutter squares from the cart off the roof to the dumpster.
Does pitch tear-off have your crew The source for industrial and commercial roofing tools, equipment and service in the Midwest.
I t's no exaggeration to say that the roof is the most vital part of the building envelope, and therefore, the most critical investment.
This will reduce the risk of wind uplift because it can lower these pressures substantially.
I would also like to know if there are other institutions you may know of that provide training for prospective wall and roof coating practitioners. Alternatively you will need to go to a letter to send a letter of demand that he fixes the problems within a specified period of time. Another drawing shows how drips should be incorporated under all overhangs of concrete roofs.

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