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In 1990 Dennis Amodeo, a carpenter from Long Island, won a rather amazing VH1 giveaway: A collection of 36 Corvettes, one from each year from the model's birth in 1953 up to the then-recent 1989. You probably remember Richard Branson's April Fool's joke about Virgin producing glass-bottomed planes. Do you have recurring nightmares about floods, dust storms, and plagues of insects harming your child? By Dave Renkowic from Westfield, MA on October 14, 2012 I've been looking for something to cover my motorcycles in a unheated garage in the winter. I was looking for a reasonable and easy way to protect my bike in the garage from 3 adopted cats that like to sleep around and stratch whetever they can. The high density storage concept is based on converting traditional access aisles into one or two movable aisles based on your activity level. I will not know how well it will protect my chrome until spring, until then sleep tight bike. Even though there are 5 beds and cat trees to sleep on, they love getting on and hanging around the bike.
For garageless riders, a host of companies have designed a variety of solutions to keep bikes dry, ranging from flimsy to whimsy.
Cities like Tokyo and Kyoto were reportedly designed to confuse invaders with twisting, irrational angles.

By eliminating unnecessary aisles in your storage or filing area, you can condense materials and recoup valuable floor space for other uses (view High Density Storage Shelving image gallery).Reduce Construction and Lease Space Costs with Spacesaver High Density Storage ShelvingRight sizing your filing and storage system with Spacesaver High Density Storage Shelving will reduce construction and lease space costs. Maybe they thought hey she is sleeping and she’d fit in there wouldnt that be a cute pic? For the safest long-term cycle storage, wrap your prized chopper inside the Rhino Shelter Motorcycle Storage Bag.Unlike traditional slip-on motorcycle covers, the Rhino Shelter Motorcycle Storage Bag completely surrounds your bike from the bottom of the tire tread to tips of the handlebars.
I've tried towels and a motorcycle dust cover but they can still get in underneath and stratch what they want. Less floor space means less space to heat, air condition, light, and insure, which reduces building operating costs. Its 360┬░ coverage delivers maximum protection against moisture, corrosion, dust, bugs, and oxidation. It also includes a Desiccant moisture-absorbing dry packBy Eileen from Mayville, NY on October 26, 2012 Can this item be used for outside storage in a harsh winter area? Rats and mice won't transform your cycle's seat into their new nest, and rust won't turn your chrome accents into spotted eyesores.Rhino Shelter constructs your Motorcycle Storage Bag from heavy-duty 5 oz. Let's take this very basic Cervocav model from Germany, for instance:That would be neat to have in front of your building in NYC. Using the shelving in conjunction with color-coded file folders not only saves valuable floor space, it will increase employee productivity as well.

In fact, this storage and filing system was able to increase the client's productivity by over 35%. What's more, you also get a handy storage bag that holds your Rhino Shelter Motorcycle Storage Bag when not it use. Once you see how a Spacesaver High Density Storage Shelving will make your file or storage room more space efficient and productive, you will never go back to traditional filing cabinets.Spacesaver High Density Storage Shelving is Less Expensive Than Traditional File CabinetsDid you know that traditional filing cabinets cost more than High Density Storage Shelving? Click here to view our TXMAS High Density Storage Shelving Texas State Contract purchasing information. By Emily on October 22, 2013Answer:The manufacturer stated that the storage pocket purpose is to protect your vehicle from dust and insects. Designing and Planning Spacesaver High Density Storage ShelvingWe are experts at designing Spacesaver High Density Storage Shelving.
Our experienced and knowledgeable team understands building code requirements, floor loading calculations, and other important design details to ensure you get a productive and efficient system.

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