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From the time I became seriously web-aware, about six years ago, my name-specific domain has always been taken. Finally, I felt both emboldened and excited to start carving out my own little corner of the web. One of the great perks of working for Copyblogger is having the entire library of StudioPress child themes for Genesis at my beck and call. After testing out five or six different child themes on a different side-project site, I finally settled on Agency Pro for the visual punch and simple layout it gave me.
I liked how Agency Pro actually made my other site seem larger than life while focusing attention on the live broadcast and podcast, which are the site’s main features.
I want it to be a place where anyone who is interested can get to know me, and what’s important to me, and what I have to say on those subjects. And I want the flexibility to host a podcast and an email newsletter, but without any clutter that might distract from the intimacy of the relationship I hope to develop with whatever audience I’m fortunate enough to build there. One of my favorite pictures is a photo my dad snapped 14-15 years ago when we were hiking in the Rocky Mountains. The included widget for social media buttons is easy to configure and displays your selected social media accounts stylishly in the upper right corner of the page.
I already mentioned this one, but it bears repeating: the HTML5-powered 411 Pro is mobile responsive. So even me, an idiot when it comes to HTML and CSS, can have a site that looks spectacular no matter what device it is viewed on. Keep in mind that I didn’t use some special secret version of 411 Pro reserved only for Copyblogger employees.
You just add your background image, set up your widgets, alter a few colors here and there … and then start creating content. Hopefully I’ve made the case that 411 Pro is a smart choice for a personal blog-based website. As Shanice Cameron writes in this useful post on why she changed the name of her blog and business, you have to figure out your goals first.
My personal website has no immediate business purpose, insofar as I have no revenue-generating goals for it. And if I can pick up some subscribers and develop an audience along the way, that would be quite exciting.

Maybe you want to set up a personal site to write about topics that would not be appropriate on your business site(s).
The benefit of a theme like 411 Pro is that it is spatially efficient and induces razor-sharp focus on your content. I love everything about this theme except that the reverse type in the navigation menu isn’t strong enough. On the Whois lookup, there is an individual listed as the registrant, with his address, email, phone. I am a great believer in having your own name domain as a blog as it gives you credibility and people will feel they know you better as after all people will follow people they know like and trust and especially if you have something of value to offer! I myself am still not 100 percent happy with my personal site and toying with removing WordPress and handcoding it again as I have done before but to be honest WordPress really is quick and easy!
I Particularly like the fact then when posted to Facebook, Facebook pulls in the picture of a blog and several sentences from the blog as well. It is so much easier just to swipe to what you want, rather than click and wait for pages to load. One thing I have to say, I think you’ve made a smart choice in your background image. The theme demo has a tightly cropped head shot staring out of the page.A Personally I think it would have been weird to scroll down the page and have a static mug grinning at you.
On the domain front: 1,400 new much-more-descriptive domains are being opened up, and many are already available for pre-registration. Thanks for the post and Ia€™m sure Ia€™ll see you inside the Genesis framework before long! What makes this theme successful for me is the simple organization of a striking photo and social media links without expecting the site owner to have business assets such as a logo. Jarod – Taking a similar approach as you to a personal site, I went ahead and bought the 411 Pro Theme.
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According to an email from JCPenney Corporate Communications sent to The Frisky, the shirt has been pulled.
A word of advice to all clothing manufacturers, designers and stores: please don't use your clothing to encourage young girls to value being cutesy-pies over smarty-pantses.

Note: I found this image in my Facebook stream, but I suspect the use of DD in the image might be a copyright infringement. John Kremer is the author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, eBook Marketing 411, and other book marketing, Internet marketing, and social media reports. This memorial website was created to Remember our Dearest Jemahl Fulton who was born in Jersey City, NJ on May 17, 1971 and went to be with our Lord Jesus Christ on August 9, 2006. We send our love to you,from all our hearts to yours.Just think, a birthday spent in Heaven,means you'll spend it with The Lord. HAPPY EASTER SONOn this Special Day, I send you my Love and wish you a Happy Resurrection Day. I plan to use it as my own personal R&D sandbox for content I create here at Copyblogger, plus it will be a fun diversion. Or maybe the simplicity of the theme, and the ability to grab attention with a compelling image, would work for your business site. I finally looked at the site on a large desktop monitor yesterday, and the image didn’t look quite as good as on my laptop. First it was my main blog then it was my portfolio site and now I added genesis to it and turned it to my revamped portfolio site as I got a separate blog. I will have to keep it in mind, I have been wanting to update my personal website theme which is already on the Genesis Framework.
You know – logo at the top, full width scrolling banner, three nice little logos with a short paragraph below. This article's comments are now closed.Get instant access to proven marketing training a€” for free. I was able to get on a backorder list, but the prices were too high … so I just kept waiting.
I inquired about what had happened, and they informed of the date when it would be officially open for purchase.

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