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Jyo John Mullor (Dubai) is the digital designer behind a series of helmet concepts that appear to leave the human head completely exposed. Alexis Diaz and Elian collaborated in Europe to complete a new mural on Hanbury Street in East London.
Artist and contemporary muralist, Aryz recently finished a another massive installation in Spain. Freelance illustrator and graphic designer, Simon Prades creates surreal compositions and portraits that take you into the mind of the subject. In this series of animal portraits by Andreas Lie  the texture of forests, mountains, and skies are blended into the fur of the animals portrayed.
While attending the ManifestoMX Street Art Festival in Mexico, Blu completed a mural with a strong political message. Pichi & Avo are a London based street art duo that are known for the stunning level of detail and color that they bring into their work. So I started this job in relief from the panic attacks and preconceived, nitpicky design sight design school so kindly blessed me with.
After an excellent holiday of eating, family, eating, gifts and eating, we’re personally kind of glad to get back to business.
But starting in the mid-60s and on through the 70’s the options for men just kept  on growing.

My eyes burn red at the sight of standardized fonts (Comic Sans and Papyrus are the top two on my hit-list), and poorly used Photoshop preset effects (damn you bevel and emboss!). You see an advertisement with a green background and red text, a pixelated picture, or an outer glow on text set at 100% opacity; you amuse your friends with the “I know that font” game. I have finally come into a world where I have very few preconceived notions, no real technical knowledge, and aside from my own personal taste in furniture, no real experience. My eyes are however, starting to adjust to the Tangram guided judgment of the world of office furniture.
Hard to believe the cult classic is 14 years old this year, so we decided to take a look back at the cast and see if they've moved on to better jobs -- so to speak -- since then.
McGinley played Bob Slydell, one of two consultants named Bob who come in to lay employees off at Peter's workplace. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate any form of design, despite a lack of personal know-how, but a month ago, my only judgment of a desk chair was whether or not it was comfortable to sit in.
I was watching a movie and I caught my eyes drifting past the fore fronted actors to judge the furniture set up in the background. I learned so much about titles and effects and photography and even color schemes that determine the genre of the movie. I heard the words “office furniture” and thought of the movie Office Space: cubicles twisted into a maze with no sight of an exit, executive offices whose square footage and net worth rivaled that of a small mansion, and employees a pin-drop away from going postal.

I thought “office furniture” and jumped directly to Corporate America, where the only excitement in an office is changing from Swingline to Boston staplers. That couch almost looks like the Await Lounge…” My eyes quickly darted back to the actors and I thought, “And so it begins…but really? Useless information from the brain of Natalie I know, but I bet you’ll start to notice these things now that I’ve pointed them out.
So soon?” Becoming “ruined” in the world of design takes months, even years, to develop in to the hellish wrath that infects your brain. I was living in Los Angeles at the time where you can’t go more than 50 feet without seeing some kind of movie ad, and I’d have mini panic attacks over poorly designed posters, or nearly wreck my car, elated by a captivating and well executed one. My eyes and brain were jaded with the babblings of my professors and the ever-growing knowledge of the semantics of the design industry.

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