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Cooke’s killing spree involved a series of seemingly unrelated hit-and-runs, stabbings, stranglings, and shootings. Mary NeilsonOn 6 October 1986, 22-year-old student Mary Neilson turned up at the Birnie house to buy some car tires. Susannah CandyThe second killing took place two weeks later when they abducted 15-year-old Susannah Candy as she hitchhiked along Stirling Highway in Claremont.
Noelene PattersonOn 1 November, they saw 31-year-old Noelene Patterson standing beside her car on the Canning Highway; she had run out of petrol while on her way home from her job as bar manager at the Nedlands Golf Club.
Denise BrownOn 5 November, they abducted 21-year-old Denise Brown as she was waiting for a bus on Stirling Highway. In late September 1912, he set fire to a railway station, which was extinguished without extensive damage. On December 3, 1912, Godino saw Jesualdo Giordano playing outside his house and offered to buy the boy some sweets to convince him to go with him. On January 4, 1913, he entered a reformatory, where he tried to kill some of the inmates. Marc DUTROUX is a Belgian serial killer and child molester, convicted of having kidnapped, tortured and sexually abused six girls from 1995 to 1996, ranging in age from 8 to 19, four of whom he murdered. FIRST ARRESTIn February 1986, Dutroux and Martin were arrested for abducting and raping five young girls.
SECOND ARRESTIn late 1995, Dutroux was arrested by police for involvement in a stolen luxury car racket.
On 9 August 1996, Dutroux and Lelièvre kidnapped 14-year-old Laetitia Delhez as she was walking home from a public swimming pool. On 17 August 1996, Dutroux led police to another of his houses in Sars-la-Buissière (Hainaut). Hundreds of commercial adult pornographic videos, along with a large number of home-made sex films that Dutroux had made with his wife Michelle Martin, were recovered from his properties. Marc DUTROUX (born 6 November 1956) is a Belgian serial killer and child molester, convicted of having kidnapped, tortured and sexually abused six girls from 1995 to 1996, ranging in age from 8 to 19, four of whom he murdered.
An unemployed electrician, Dutroux had a long criminal history including convictions for car theft, muggings and drug dealing. He owned seven small houses, most of them vacant, and used three of them for the torture of the girls he kidnapped. As well as working together with Mulcahy, Duffy had started to rape alone and he was arrested while following a woman in a secluded park, he was questioned also about the spate of rapes and murders, and the next day charged on all counts. Duffy went on trial in February 1988 and was convicted of two murders and four rapes, although he was acquitted of raping and killing Anne Locke. Following his conviction, Duffy revealed to a forensic psychologist what the police knew already - that he had not attacked the women alone. However, Mulcahy - a married father of four - could still be implicated and following Duffy’s claims, he was tracked for several months by police prior to his arrest and DNA-tests (which were not yet in use during the original investigation) also proved his involvement conclusively. Prosecution evidence at trial presented Mulcahy as the chief perpetrator and the first to decide that sexual stimulation wasn’t enough of a thrill any more, so turning to murder. Mulcahy was convicted of three murders and seven rapes and handed three life sentences, with a 30-year recommendation. John DUFFY and David MULCAHY (both born 1959) are two British rapists and serial killers who together attacked numerous women at railway stations in the south of England through the 1980s. In 1982 a woman (KJ) was raped by two men near Hampstead Heath station and subsequently eighteen more were attacked over the next year. On 29 December 1985, Alison Day, 19, was dragged off a train at Hackney Wick station by Duffy and Mulcahy and repeatedly raped. Police further stepped up their search for the attacker who had been coined by the press as the Railway Rapist.
The name of Duffy, a martial arts instructor, was touted as a suspect among thousands of other names as he was a known sex offender, having been previously convicted of the rape of his wife. Over the weekend I pickedup another kitten that had been squished by a car…after i had the MSPCA euthanized it, I took over the trapping of the rest of that family of cats.
I set my photography equipment back up in place of the cages and you would never know there had been a methlab in the place the day before. Going to battlestations pushed me way behind on working on the new website…the poor guy building it is tapping his foot waiting for me to contribute my part. I spent about 2 straight days cleaning my apartment within an inch of its life, and that includes clearing off the porch and making headway in the workroom in the basement – the home inspection was yesterday. I WANT what i have been planning, to buy a house for about 110-130K, put 30K of Solar electric and other energy saving systems into it, populate it with furniture and appliances that i didn’t get off the curb.
I emptied another bookcases out onto the work table, when i get home from the Boston Book fair tomorrow, i will dust them and sort them into boxes and i used the empty bookcase to hold all the loose books from the non bookcases nooks and crannies.. Somewhere in the middle of the night a brownie or borrower or some other tiny creature crawled inside my skull with an ice axe and has been banging away between my eyes. Today was a total turn around, i had a couple of larger sales come in and the funds went out almost immediately,  i paid the comcast account and the cellphone…I still have to pay the car insurance but i have until next week. Meanwhile i have 7 orders to ship, 3 are already boxed and the damn printer cartridge has given up the ghost…this time a lot sooner than normal. The bookcases i CAN make with my eyes closed is the standard unfrills unfinished pine with 2″ wood screws, backs are optional depending on whether i have access to a table saw.
When i moved into the apartment i came from a larger space and for a lot of years i had boxes of books and vhs tapes… in the end the vhs tapes got thrown en masse. If i thought they would stay in boxes for many years, i would cull the collection over and over again until it was down to the books i wouldn’t be able to replace.
As the internet has grown and the value of books has dropped, i am certain i could cull my collection down to a couple of bookcases. In a new space, the same rules would apply, everything for sale would be in a pet free room and not exceed that space. Watching either of the hoarding shows on television is a great motivator to cause you to tackle something you don’t want to do. Many folks have the assumption that if you do any sort of rescue that your home must be unhabitable. I have had a couple of ideas for mass storage that involve them, and i think the move to a new house may be my chance to try them out.
The drawback common to BOTH designs is that when purchased they are made with STAPLES not nails or screws.
Bookstores use crates a lot for stacking and displays and there are a TON of do it yourself decorating ideas on the net especially for kids room storage.
I am not mad about the CRATE design for books, as it lets DUST inside, but the slats make it easy to snake cables and power cords for devices and lights, so the crates are good for other things.
Now that I have the BOX design in my head, i am thinking of adaptive designs… i can add clear plexiglass door to some of them by cutting the plexi to fix and then using epoxy to attach the hinges to the plexi and adding pull knobs. I like my idea for the crates and boxes instead of store bought furniture, and I would have bought the tools anyway when i started working on my house.
Regardless, it all reminds me that i need to get my shit together to wrap it up and present it to someone else when i get hit by that inevitable bus. Once I put my name on a deed for a new house, things will be more complicated than having a little cash and a lot of crap. The only things I need to account for will be any pets and valuable books in my possession at the time of my death.
Right now very few of my books are worth anything at all, perhaps two hundred but like all book freaks, I am hoping that i have more when I die.
The only other collection i have of significance is the Helen Gibson ephemera collection,   have already made up my mind to donate the entire collection to the Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma. Seems a lot of nitpicking for someone whose entire wealth would break down to a couple of hundred thousand, but having no one to leave anything to except my pets, it takes longer to figure things out.

As his crimes were opportunistic and used varying methods, and his victims shared no obvious common traits, predicting where he would strike and catching him was difficult.
Victims were shot with several different rifles, stabbed with knives and scissors, and hit with an axe. He sometimes returned stolen vehicles without the owners becoming aware of the theft, including several cars that were involved in hit-and-runs.
For example, he confessed to more than 250 burglaries and was able to detail exactly what he took, including the number and denominations of the coins he had stolen from each location.
On arrival, she was gagged, chained to the bed and raped by David while Catherine observed. An outstanding student at the Hollywood High School, Susannah lived at home in Nedlands with her parents, two brothers and a sister.
After she went missing the Birnies forced her to send letters to her family to assure them that she was all right. She accepted a lift from the Birnies; at knife point, Denise was taken to the house in Willagee, chained to the bed and raped. Due to medical reports, which declared him insane, the judge discontinued the case and ordered him to stay in the reformatory. Throughout 1933 he spent some time in the hospital for a beating he suffered from inmates after he killed two of their pet cats.
An eyewitness had earlier observed Dutroux’s van, described it and identify part of the license plate.
The bodies of Julie Lejeune and Mélissa Russo as well as another accomplice Bernard Weinstein were found in the garden. He was also convicted of having killed a suspected former accomplice, Bernard Weinstein, later proved insane.
His parents, both teachers, emigrated to the Belgian Congo, but returned to Belgium when Dutroux was four.
Dutroux’s criminal career, involving the trade of stolen cars to Czechoslovakia and Hungary, drug dealing and also violent crimes such as mugging, gained him enough money to live in relative comfort in Charleroi, a city that had high unemployment at the time.
He lived mainly in his house in Marcinelle near Charleroi (Hainaut), where he constructed a concealed dungeon in the basement. He was given a minimum tariff of 30 years by the judge, later extended to a whole life tariff by the Home Secretary. However, he chose to reveal no more until 1997 when he implicated Mulcahy, a lifelong friend with whom Duffy had been inseparable since their days together at school in Haverstock, north London. In 2000, Duffy appeared at the Old Bailey as a witness against Mulcahy and gave detailed evidence over 14 days. He was not later given a whole life tariff, as the ruling barring politically set tariffs had been made by the time his case was due for review. The death of Alison Day changed this moniker to the Railway Killer, a tag reinforced by the rape and murder of 15-year-old Maartje Tamboezer in West Horsley on 17 April 1986. About 8 people showed up to inspect all the corners of the building looking for anything objectionable to take note of – and practically none of it focused on the areas I had cleaned.
I got a frantic call in the middle of the night about a cat that needed a foster home…with her 3 day old kittens. I got up at 5 am took the Excedrin and then sat up until it my chin hit my chest and woke me up, then i crawled back under the covers until the pain came back. Caged cats however do use more litter than free range, because i have to change the entire pan twice a day…whereas i can just scoop the others. I’ve been pretending to be a book dealer for about 35 years now and i know a LOT of book dealers with sealed books of boxes. In my head i know i am working towards a goal of moving into a larger location, one with more built in bookcases and space for not only the books i have kept after many many culls over the years, but hopefully room for MORE books.
As i whittled away at the boxes of books, i learned a lesson that cardboard boxes are evil. As I am making plans for a location yet to be decided, it seems that BUILDING storage out of smaller units is the most adaptable method.
When i measure the available wall space in the new place i can create the custom shelves into the corners and around things like windows and doors, it is  a way to save space and NOT HOG up the large wall spaces where i can hang my photographs. My IDEA was to buy twelve of these crates and then stack and screw them together sideways in a offset pyramid design, then attach squares of carpeting to provide beds and scratch post area. I can see them in my head, some with doors, some with lights and some with cats sprinkled in between. Most especially, when i top load the building with solar panels, PV system, a minisplit heating system and so forth, making the house more valuable. Several were killed after waking up as Cooke was robbing their homes, two were shot while sleeping without their homes being disturbed, and one was shot dead after answering a knock on the door. Another was the murder of Jillian Macpherson Brewer, a Melbourne heiress who was stabbed with a hatchet and scissors, which led to the false conviction of Darryl Beamish. Cooke’s first hit-and-run was on Nel Schneider, 29, a mother of four who came to Australia from Amsterdam in September 1955. She was taken to Gleneagles National Park near Albany Highway in Bedfordale and as she begged for her life, she was raped again and strangled with a nylon cord, dropping dead at David’s feet. She was taken back to the Willagee house where she was gagged, chained to the bed and raped. When they had satiated their lust, Birnie tried to strangle the girl with the nylon cord, but she became hysterical and went berserk. She was taken back to Moorhouse Street where David Birnie repeatedly raped her after she was gagged and chained to the bed.
He killed his victims in a variety of ways, such as stabbing, shooting, strangling, bludgeoning to death with rocks and slitting their throats. When they were inside, he threw him to floor and unsuccessfully tried to choke him with his belt.
On November 12, 1915, an appeal was approved ordering him to be moved to jail on November 20. Police searched Dutroux’s house on 13 December 1995 and again six days later in relation to the car theft charge. He was arrested in 1996, four years after the disappearance of his victims had begun, and has been in prison ever since, though he briefly escaped in April 1998. A European Court of Human Rights ruling later removed the right of politicians to reset sentence tariffs, and so Duffy’s stay in prison was reverted to the original 30 years.
Duffy also admitted his involvement in the attack on Anne Locke, although he could not be re-tried for this under the double jeopardy rule.
It was the first time a highest-category prisoner had given evidence against an accomplice. Police suspect them of countless other sex attacks, some dating back to the mid-1970s, while Mulcahy is also suspected of attacks which took place after Duffy was jailed. Police set up an urgent investigation to try to find the perpetrators, called Operation Hart. Mulcahy was also questioned due to his close friendship with Duffy, but victims were still traumatised and unable to pick him out of an identity parade.
However, in adulthood he worked as an organ player at the local church and was well-liked in his community.
A ledger contained the details of at least 42 people whom Denke had murdered and cannibalized between 1914 and 1918.
After dropping the Tom at the vet on Monday morning, I found a lovely hand delivered note from the new building owners, that they were refinancing the building and would be inspecting the apartments Tuesday.
And as I expected most of the cats were hiding under the bed for entire 60 seconds that anyone was in the house. I already asked- the new owners didn’t give a shit, and I doubt i will get permission to do renovations of my own even if i am paying for them.

A friend of mine who just passed has sealed boxes of books decades old and even some from HIS father’s bookstore older than that. And even then all the books are neatly in shelves in the bedroom and the 2 glass bookcases in the living room. I use one of the crates in the car as a dog seat, with large hooks to secure the box to the back of the truck seat.
I attach the boxes with angle brackets and then screw them directly into the wall for support. The key to keeping them from fucking up your stuff is to accomodate them IN YOUR DESIGN, if i leave a few open with carpeting they should stay away from the breakables. However I do have a number of valuable books on book repair and binding; a collection I have been nursing for a few decades now. After stabbing one victim, Cooke got lemonade from the refrigerator and sat on the veranda drinking it. After being thrown from her bike, Schneider was left with a fractured skull and permanent brain damage. They had originally decided to murder her that same night but David Birnie kept her prisoner in the house for three days and there were signs that he had developed emotional feelings for Patterson.
Safely in the seclusion of the forest, David Birnie raped Denise Brown in the car while the couple waited for darkness.
A few months later, on March 7, 1912, Godino set fire to the dress of Reyna Vainicoff, 5, who did not recover and died some days later.
On November 16, 1912, he hit Carmen Ghittoni, who suffered minor wounds before a police officer intervened. Showing good behaviour in prison, Dutroux was released on parole in April 1992, having served only three years, by Justice Minister Melchior Wathelet. During this time, Julie Lejeune and Mélissa Russo were still alive in the basement dungeon, but in spite of their cries being heard, police failed to discover them. An initial search of his houses proved inconclusive, but two days later, Dutroux and Lelièvre both made confessions. Dutroux said he had crushed Weinstein’s testicles until he gave him money, he then drugged him and buried him alive. He married at the age of 19 and fathered two children; the marriage ended in divorce in 1983.
A month later on 18 May 1986, local TV presenter Anne Locke, 29, was abducted and murdered as she alighted from a train in Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire.
I suppose if you have a big enough going concern, than a few dozen boxes of books don’t matter. Right now they are shy and  need to come out of their shell, they live in a cage i just handle them as much as I can. Very quickly the weight of the box yanked the staples out, so i reinforced the slats with metal strapping.
If I were to create a stack, a stack that when toppled over could crush someone, I would not only attach the top ones to the wall, but them to each other, or to a 1×3 run up the backside. I have examined every store bought cat TREE on the market, none of them are designed to be repaired.
Once Susannah was asleep, David put the cord around her neck and told Catherine to prove her undying love for him by murdering the girl.
Quick to notice, a jealous Catherine made an ultimatum: David would have to kill Patterson or she would kill her herself. As they dragged the woman from the car, David Birnie assaulted her again and plunged a knife into Denise’s neck while he was raping her. Michelle Martin allegedly fed her husband’s German shepherd dogs but did not follow his orders to feed the girls, later claiming she was too afraid to go into the dungeon.
Dutroux led the police to the basement dungeon where Dardenne and Delhez were found alive on 15 August 1996. I launched into attack to make my aparment respectable again…all the while REMEMBERING WHY I NEED A HOUSE OF MY OWN AT ALL COSTS. But over the last 15plus years in this apartment i have slowly whittled away at my collection both personal and for sale until i have only a fraction of what i used to.
I have been looking at buying a set of rechargable power tools like the Ryobi Nail Gun and a circular saw and i will need a jig saw to cut the hand holds. By using my method, they can destroy it to their hearts content, then i can unscrew and rebuild the entire thing, and replace the carpet squares. But combining that with increasing frequency of heartburn, migraines and a peculiar intermittent pain in one toe… I am remembering my friend- my ersatz grandmother, Marian, who at 90 would have just shrugged it all off, and consider it small payment for every additional year above ground.
I  had expect the local rescue group to take the cats and i everything else could be donated  or trashed, as i did with my mother’s belongings.
The year after, she would have received her degree for psychology from the University of Western Australia. He immediately forced an overdose of sleeping pills down her throat and strangled her while she slept. He left the house looking for a nail and saw Giordano’s father, to whom he said he did not know where the child was. He also received prescriptions of sleeping pills and sedatives, which he would later use on his victims. In an interview conducted several years later, Dardenne revealed that Dutroux had told her that she had been kidnapped by a gang but her parents did not want to pay the ransom and the gang was planning to kill her.
They were located on 3 September 1996 in Jumet (Hainaut), buried under a shack next to a house owned by Dutroux.
They would eventually have three children together, and married in 1989 while both were in prison. I brought mama cat to the vet to join the Tom overnight, and dumped the kitten on another foster who already HAS the three kittens that were here 2 months ago, and later in the day I manage to trap the other two kittens who went to the same home.
Anything that for sale isn’t even IN the apartment, its down in the workroom along with the Sicpress supplies. Vintage boxes though attractive are never the same size besides, right now i am interested in mass storage, not just a decorative shelf here and there. She tightened the cord slowly around the young girl’s neck until she stopped breathing.
She was imprisoned by him, once again, in the dungeon where he had kept his previous victims.
Dutroux said he saved her, and that he wasn’t one of the gang members she should fear. As things are going i will have a lot fewer cats when i move so this tower isn’t a priority now. So i had to truck everything to the laundromat where i immediately doused myself with concentrated bleach, ruining a perfectly wearable pair of Cankle pants, shirt and shoes. I wasn’t exactly sure what caused it, but as soon as they were all just tail lights going down the drive, i laid my head down for a minute and took a 6 hour nap. These boxes are longer and thinner than the storebought variety and they are also much better constructed so they can easily carry many pounds of books safely.
I was prepared to follow him to the end of the earth and do anything to see that his desires were satisfied.

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