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Whether it’s placed by the pool, the grill or the potting shed, this rolling storage bench is a handy way to clear clutter.
And, best of all, it’s made to withstand the elements…so you can leave it outside! Not Your Region?Enter your zip code below to find personalized tips or update your preferences here. Grills & outdoor cooking pinterest charcoal grill, Here' grills grilling, including delicious recipes outdoor cooking, barbecue grill maintenance tips recommendations . This corner bench is a custom-made feature in the amazing backyard makeover designed by Caitlin Ketcham, author of the blog Desert Domicile.
The bench provides plenty of seating for enjoying the fire pit. Caitlin even included flower planters in each end of the L-shaped bench. The Home Depot helped her with building this corner bench, as well as some of the other larger projects in her backyard makeover, including the floating deck, a beautiful slatted outdoor privacy screen and artificial grass installation.  (Seriously.
Because I was tucking the space into the corner of our yard, I had to get creative with seating and storage options. I wasn’t sure of how it would look with everything else in our yard so I put together a moodboard, as seen above. The Home Depot brought in some contractors to build this outdoor bench for me, and they worked their magic to turn my dream bench into a reality!
Use a measuring tape and pencil to mark and measure four 2 x 4 pieces of pressure treated lumber at 10 ft. Use a measuring tape and pencil to mark and measure out 16 18-in.-long pieces on two 2 x 4 x 16 pieces of pressure treated lumber.
These pieces are the vertical boards within the frame, which give the corner bench its height.
Use a drill and decking screws to screw interior supports to the base perimeter every 24 in. Once all of your interior supports are attached, you have something to screw your vertical boards into.
You’ll need to even up the front of your corner bench so you have something to screw your cladding into. Put your safety goggles and ear protection on so you can use a compound miter saw to cut each of your 12 in.
Use a drill and decking screws to screw the filler boards you just cut into the gaps along the front of the frame so it’s flush with the base. If you’d like to make an L-shaped corner bench, repeat steps 1-13 to make the other side of the L.
Once you have both frames made, use a drill and decking screws to screw one end of your frame (the one without the planter in it) to the side of the other frame, forming a 90-degree angle. Use a measuring tape and a pencil to mark and measure your bench’s short side boards and long facing boards. Use a measuring tape and a pencil to mark and measure the decorative trim you’ll be adding to the top of your built-in planters. You’ll be making a mitered picture frame, so measure eight pieces of decking board (four for each planter) at 2 ft. After all of your wood has been cut down to size, line a paint tray with a paint tray liner.

Use a rag to wipe off any excess stain as you go, and don’t forget to stain the ends of the boards! Note: The stain I chose had a built-in sealer, so I didn’t have to seal my boards any further. Use this easy DIY pendant light how-to to learn to add these sophisticated lights, great for bridging tall ceilings and lighting up specific work areas, to your own home. These three "musts" for creating the perfect backyard for entertaining pretty much boil down to good design. This cute rustic-look backdrop would be great for a photo booth or behind the guest book table, or just to add a little extra charm to the wedding decor.
If your deck is looking a little weathered and worn and in need of some TLC, revive it with a good cleaning and application of DeckOver. Indulge and be inspired with this delightful and creative patio makeover that includes accents of bohemian and mediterranean elements.
This dream deck is quite an achievement when you see the work that needed to be done to make the backyard ready for the structure. This gorgeous patio starts with a cool two-color stain on the concrete floor, and adds a plants with spray-painted pots, a lovely outdoor dining set, and more. And it's ready for us to hang our junk, to be cluttered up with our life's stuff, and to be used by our family. The bench is made from two Hemnes TV consoles from IKEA (about $150 each) and some pine boards, stained to make the wooden top. We trimmed it all out in lattice wood, and 1x3's (fronts of the boards) and 1x2's (fronts of shelf divisions). We painted the whole thing (even the IKEA cabinets) with Sherwin Williams Extra White semi-gloss paint to match the existing trim in house (don't forget the FLOETROL). FUCK YOU AND GIVE ME MY GODDAMN VENTI TWO PUMP LIGHT WHIP MOCHA YOU COCKSUCKING WHORE BEFORE I PUNCH YOU IN THE MOUTH. You could probably even construct those upper cubbies out of an IKEA hack as well - like laying an Expedit bookcase or something on its side. If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.
Line up the top piece square and install the continuous hinge in the center, fastening on the back of the bench. Use the remaining 2 14? and 1 36? pieces to form an H-shaped support underneath the top of the bench for added stability.Use coarse-thread screws and wood glue to fasten. Turn the bench upside down and install the 4 casters on each corner, using the #12 x ?? wood screws to fasten. Turn bench back upright and install the decorative L-shaped moulding on the top front lip of the bench.
Center and install pull handle (screws are provided) into the front middle of the bench top. At this stage, you can either stain, paint, or another option — apply base moulding to hide and give panache to the base of the bench. Take a look at Caitlin’s low maintenance backyard to see how this built-in bench and fire pit lounge fits into the overall backyard design. I love making s’mores while chatting with friends, and I also love spending time outside at night stargazing.

I wanted to include as much seating as possible, but chairs can get expensive and depending on how large they are, they can take up a lot of space.
My original plans changed a little bit but the end result is still in line with what I was dreaming of! Measure out the space in your yard or sketch out the design of your bench, making notations regarding its length, depth, width and interior framework. Pour some exterior stain into the lined tray, grab your foam paint roller, and start staining.
If your stain doesn’t have a sealer mixed in it, seal your boards after the stain has dried.
Start on the sides and butt each piece up against each other as you go. Start facing the front of the bench, moving from the bottom to the top, ending with the seat boards. See how we got this patio warm weather ready with string lights and DIY string light planter box poles, a new paver path and more.
Doesn’t matter what you do, small things will accumulate over time and their number and volume will only grow.
I don't have much IKEA anymore, and probably won't again as there isn't one in Atlantic Canada! El n?mero 88 de la revista Rolling Stone realiza un reportaje en exclusiva de las 10.001 noches de la sala Bagdad. Make sure there is at least ?? clearance from the front and back of the inside of the bench so the top can open and close securely. I came up with the idea of an L-shaped corner bench with storage that would have planters built-in on either end!
We added outdoor pillows to add some comfort to the back of the bench and plan to add a thin cushion to the top of the bench soon. Looking for shop storage ideas people usually start from cheap and easy to do-it-yourself solutions such as buying small drawers, shelves or even keeping it really simple and putting stuff in carton boxes. Metal shop storage cabinets are ideal if you plan storing heavy things or what your storage to look neat and tidy.
I’m so in love with how cozy our new fire pit area looks tucked into the corner of our yard! However, as business grows even a little bit bigger, there will be time to look for smarter shop storage solutions. Unfortunately, if you start from accumulating things without proper system, you will have some difficult time trying to reorganize it later. This material would also be the best option for garage shop storage cabinets, compared to wooden ones. Check and closely inspect all sides, using wood filler to fill any gaps, holes or cracks in the bench. Mold doesn’t grow on metal, plus they are better protected from dust going deep into the surface.

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