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A house is often relatively safe from leaks or external damage, as when an issue occurs it will be flagged up and addressed almost as soon as they happen by those who live there.
The garden shed is possibly one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated parts of a home, which is surprising when you consider that for something so small they tend to house equipment of relatively high value; such as lawnmowers, gardening tools and accessories, etc. Garden sheds are often made from wood, which can rot and become weak if not looked after and treated with the proper protective solutions. The weakest area of any structure will be the windows, as they are a separate piece fitted in, rather than a part of the structure as a whole. Perspex windows are lightweight, ten times more resistant to damage than glass, and do not shatter, which are just 3 of the reasons why they are quickly replacing glass as the material of choice when it comes to windows for outdoor use. It is because of their resistance to the effects of weather that you will want to take advantage of and install these Perspex windows before winter really begins, as once in place they will competently protect your sheds occupants from the effects of rain and wind, whilst offering moderate shelter from low temperatures. Even after winter has come and gone, Perspex windows still have their benefits; for example due to their relatively low security and the many treasures possibly housed within, sheds are a prime target for thieves. To see our range of clear Perspex sheets visit the Clear Sheets category or Acrylic Perspex Shed Panels category on the Cut Plastic Sheeting website.
Clear Acrylic Perspex Plastic Safety Sheet for Replacement Garden Shed WindowsDifferent sizes and thicknesses available. View detailsa€?A Extruded acrylic sheet cut to size, suitable for shed windows, childrens playhouses or greenhouses.
Renowned worldwide as a superior alternative to glass, Perspex is a clear plastic material with a wide range of properties and potential applications.
Chances are you have heard of acrylic plastic but never knew that Perspex and acrylic were one in the same. Perspex is often compared to glass because it can do so many of the things that glass can do, but also does other things better.
A second material that Perspex is often compared to is Polycarbonate, another type of plastic. You could use the Perspex acrylic sheets that we offer on Cut Plastic Sheeting to create all of these things if you wanted to, but typically the cut to size Perspex Sheets we offer are used to complete a variety of different DIY projects, from replacing shed windows and installing secondary glazing to creating works of art and building greenhouses. The reason why Perspex is such a popular DIY material is that, in addition to all of its other benefits, acrylic is an incredibly easy material to work with.

Though it is widely known and thought of as a purely transparent material, Perspex sheets can also be found in a range of different colours and finished.
We stock a full range of colours and we can special order any that are not available directly on the website.
This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Based on the effect of water when it falls on leaves, the Bridgwater garden design blended timeless nature and contemporary plastics technology to produce a restful urban oasis that any city commuter would find the perfect antidote to a hard day at the office.
The only college to be selected for the City Garden category, Bridgwater saw off entries submitted by several established professional designers to win bronze at only its third ever attempt to take Chelsea honours. View detailsWhen glass breaks it can be very hard to source a replacement and very unsafe to handle, with Perspex Acrylic being 10 times stronger then glass its the ideal solution.
This however is not the case with garden fixtures, especially not the shed; which is often left cluttered, unorganised and, for the most part, untouched. Should the wood be allowed to rot and get eaten away at the first issues that present themselves will not be to do with the roof, as many would suspect, but rather the window frame.
Once the area holding a window becomes weakened, glass panes (which are heavy and cumbersome) will cause the area to buckle; resulting in a large open hole and lots of small shards of broken glass. Another reason for their rise in popularity is that there is literally no downside; acrylic is just as clear as glass, is easier to clean, can be easily cut into the perfect shape and size, and has an incredible resistance to the effects of weathering.
Glass windows are easily broken, making them an ideal point of entry, but this is not the case with acrylic windows, as they are far more sturdy and will not simply break and crumble when given a sharp knock.
We also offer acrylic secondary glazing and polycarbonate green house panels – both of which can be learned about from our previous blogs.
Acrylic is an extremely stable, weather resistant material with excellent light transmission. We use these sheets in our sheds and playhouses, so they make perfect replacements for your existing garden buildings. Though many people know the name 'Perspex', it is actually not the name of the material at all, but rather a manufacturing brand. In fact acrylic plastic is known by a number of other trade names, such as ' Plexiglas', 'Acrylite' and 'Lucite' to name but a few.

For instance, if you have a perspex acrylic sheet and an equally sized pane of glass, the perspex would be approximately 10 times stronger and damage resistant, but also half the weight and just as clear; so you can see why acrylic is generally considered to be the superior material. Polycarbonate is 20 times stronger than acrylic and about as transparent, but it's also much more expensive and exposure to UV light will tarnish it over time unless it is treated. It can be cut and drilled using common household tools, and it is not difficult to bend the material or attach two sheets together if you felt inclined to do so.
What's more, coloured Perspex comes in both opaque and translucent sheets which makes them practical for an even wider range of applications than you might have initially presumed. As a leading supplier of Acrylic cut to size acrylic sheet, we can offer the complete range of colours and finishes. Perspex plastic sheet offers good impact resistance along with UV stabilisation properties so will not yellow.
2mm 1000mm x 1000mm Acrylic Shed Greenhouse Windows Plastic Sheet Perspex GlassCut to size at the best prices call NOW!!! What we know as Perspex is actually 'Polymethyl methacrylate', but for rather obvious reasons it is often shortened to simply acrylic. Having said that, the two materials are equally as lightweight as one another, and depending on the situation the two can be used interchangeably.
Visit our gallery to see examples of some of the DIY projects that our customers have completed and if you want to learn more about how to work with Perspex acrylic sheets please visit our blog. To learn more about our coloured acrylic sheets and to see all the colours that we have available, please visit our website or feel free to contact us by phone, email or over the chat on our site. 2mm A3 297mm x 420mm Acrylic Shed Greenhouse Windows Plastic Sheet Perspex GlassCut to size at the best prices call NOW!!!
2mm A4 210mm x 297mm Acrylic Shed Greenhouse Windows Plastic Sheet Perspex GlassCut to size at the best prices call 01733 367766 NOW!!!

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