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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. At SM Garden Sheds we have been overwhelmed with the initial reaction to our presentation of our Lifetime storage products. From the moment you open the boxes, from the quality of the packaging, the way it is packaged to the building panels themselves, you can see the research and development that has been performed in every detail of this superlative garden product. We have also received requests from industrial locations where there is a requirement for safe and secure storage. This model can be purchased in its basic form or with extension kits allowing the largest model offered to be 8x12.5 and is presently the lead selling item in the range. The building is manufactured to a high specification that includes a heavy-duty floor and roof space (including skylights), which can be used for storage by means of the strengthening cross beams. You can build on the basic structure of the shed with accessories, which are superbly designed.
This model allows the purchaser to accumulate additional features by adding to the basis structure. We have included this model to provide an all-inclusive choice for a purchaser who wishes to have a larger storage area.
Both Storage Boxes, 300 and 500 litre options, are made from the same materials as their bigger cousins and are constructed in the same way.
Of the plastic storage products presently available, you will find a multitude of choice at the lower priced end of the market. The Palram Amber Skylight Shed 6x12 is an incredible garden shed that provides massive secure space for storage all year round. The Palram Skylight Shed 6x12 is a stylish garden shed that delivers massive amounts of storage space for all sorts of items. We are pleased to offer you the ability to choose your preferred delivery day for this item.
The Lifetime Apex Plastic Shed 8x12 is manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with heavy duty, powder coated steel reinforcements. This shed is not only an attractive addition to your garden, but is the ideal solution for your outdoor storage needs.
All Lifetime garden sheds have steeply pitched roofs for efficient water drainage, are very low maintenance and UV-protected to resist fading or cracking; all of which makes Lifetime sheds a durable storage solution. The Lifetime Apex Plastic Shed 8x12 is commonly delivered directly from a central UK hub. A free delivery service is provided on this product throughout mainland England, Wales and Southern Scotland.
Less frequently serviced locations may be subject to an extended delivery period of up to an additional 14 days. The following mainland locations are not currently serviced for this product; BT, IV, KW, PA and PH postcodes.
Due to additional zone fees, certain distant locations can only be serviced at a surcharge (at cost). Even though this plastic shed is supplied with a floor, you'll still need to place it upon a firm area for support.
A standard warranty that offer parts cover to the purchaser, should a component of their product fail through workmanship within a minimum of 12 months; customer to fit. Styrene, Polycarbonate and Acrylic are terms you may have heard being used for tough, clear plastic, single sheet glazing often used as easy-to-transport alternative to glass. In the garden sheds sector it is difficult, if not impossible, to find a more complete and well-finished building which is so relatively easy to build.

All components can be re-cycled and the wall and roof components are made from a material, which includes UV inhibitors, making all finished products resistant to harmful sun-rays as well as ensuring that the walls and roof will not crack, chip or peel.
Clearly, in this environment the only real viable alternative is a building made from heavy-duty steel. This plastic shed, including extensions up to the bigger sizes, has proved to be the most popular so far. The opening size is offered without a window to maintain the lowest price option and if extended to 8x7.5 a window appears in the extension provided.
In this way he is offered maximum flexibility to acquire the shed he wants to suit his requirements. It includes all the basic features common to the range in general and includes a specially designed concealed vent and a heavy-duty floor and specially designed window.
Sales here have been very good and we intend to ensure that stocks remain at such a level that we can cope with the seasonally high demand.
For this reason, they retain many of the features that are so attractive in the bigger buildings.
A heavy-duty floor is an integral part of the design with a lid which is strong enough to allow the box to be used as a seat. 130 Gallon Deck Box with Spring Hinged Lid & 80 Gallon Low Maintenance Outdoor Storage Box. The shed combines a clever design with premium materials to guarantee you long lasting value, all for a great price. The shed is manufactured to a very high standard and is made using premium materials to guarantee you the best for your money, all whilst maintaining an attractive design.
The below calendar indicates the dates currently available (highlighted in green) for your location.
The walls are shaped to look like a shiplap clad wooden shed and the roof panels feature a tile effect giving the appearance of a more traditionally constructed building but with the increased strength and durability of the steel reinforced polyethylene. Should an attribute be of essense to your purchase, please feel free to contact us first for confirmation. The South-West of England and West Wales may on occasion be affected, however you will be promptly advised post-order of the likelihood of a delay.
You should provide a level concrete or paving slab base ideally, even a solidly supported wooden decked area will do. Polypropylene can be extruded or injection moulded into almost any shape, once cooled it is tough and resistant to many chemicals. Interlocked when closed, being securable by a padlock (not supplied) threaded through an integral loop.
The number of components is very small for the intricate design of the product with many parts pre-assembled, including all steel bracing, already inserted and concealed in the panels.
The Lifetime sheds are sometimes preferred as those metal alternatives which may be in a similar price bracket do not combine the same style and facility. The shed is also fitted with a large air vent to mitigate the potential of internal condensation in the winter months. The Palram Amber Skylight Shed 6x12 is manufactured to the highest of standards to assure you hassle free use. The Palram Skylight Shed 6x12 is built from a combination of a tough galvanised aluminium frame and UV stable polycarbonate. This particular feature ensures that no frame needs to be erected before the panels are inserted into the floor which itself, goes together with consummate ease.
The interior provides plenty of space for whatever you wish to store whether it be patio furniture, garden tools or even large lawn mowers.

The frame is extremely strong and will never rust and keeps the shed stable even in the harshest of weather. Goods cannot be carried through your home, therefore if necessary please arrange some extra help privately. The shed can accommodate everything with great ease and thanks to the design, will keep them safe from the outside weather even during the harshest winters.The robust frame is composed from aluminium that has been galvanised for added strength. The shed walls and roof are made from the polycarbonate panels which have been styled to resemble traditional tongue and groove shiplap cladding for an authentic feel.
The grey finish that the polycarbonate has is a lovely touch and as it is UV stable, you never have to worry about cracking or fading from sun damage. Thanks to its properties your shed will never rust or rot and with it being UV stable, you will never see cracking or discolouring.
It will never rust as a metal shed would and will never rot like a timber shed and therefore you have a shed that is very low maintenance.
The shed has a lovely amber colour finish that fits into any garden scene easily and will always spark compliments. This saves you time and money and hassle too, perfect for those who do not have time to look after a shed. The roof is very clever and keeps rain running off giving it a truly weatherproof guarantee. The double doors on the Palram Amber Skylight Shed 6x12 are very wide and make storing your items very simple. This combined with the no windows design means that your items are not on show and therefore you are less likely to be targeted by thieves. The doors have a slide and lock design as well as a fold out ramp which can be used for heavy wheeled items like a sit on lawn mower.
All of this is topped with a ten year warranty from the manufacturer, protecting you in case anything goes wrong. Accessing the massive interior space in the Palram Skylight Shed 6x12 is so easy thanks to the wide double doors. A space for a padlock is offered and this allows you to secure your storage which we cannot advise enough.
These doors are fitted in a slide and lock design which makes storing and retrieving your items hassle free.
The shed has no windows however has a clever roof that allows though sun for natural light but blocks visuals which prevents you from being targeted by thieves.
A handy feature of the shed is the fold out ramp that makes wheeled items an easy storage task, ideal for sit on lawn mowers. Another feature you will find is the roof vents which allow fresh air to circulate and stops any foul smells from forming.
Once purchased you have a 10 year warranty to cover you in case you have problems with your shed.
Two vents are positioned on the shed which lets fresh air flow through the shed and stops any foul smells forming. Assembly wise, the Palram Skylight Shed 6x12 is very straightforward thanks to the guided instructions.

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