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Maintaining a well-manicured lawn isn’t as hard as it seems when you have the best lawn mower at hand. The best lawn mower for you would have to be a unit that will go perfectly with the size of your yard.
Finding the best lawn mower can be quite a challenge but if you have the aforementioned criteria in mind, you’ll never go wrong.
Click the button below to add the Swisher (52") 24 HP Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower to your wish list. A riding mower is a unit with a mowing deck attached to a unit that is self-propelled and can be ridden.
A lawn tractor is technically a type of riding mower, made to resemble an agricultural tractor.
Unlike a plain riding mower, a lawn tractor can pull trailers, attachments and bag units, and can also hook up small attachments to the front end to push around, including small plows.
The mower decks underneath garden tractors will have three or more sets of blades, making them perfect for handling anywhere from one acre up to six or seven acres of grass. By using this information, you can decide which of these is best for you, your lawn, and the projects you may have planned. Kathy Purdy is a colchicum evangelist, converting unsuspecting gardeners into colchicophiles. I just want to make some comments here since I am a fan of Troy-bilt equipment from years back although we had not owned one till lately. 5) We get what we pay for for the most part and even though a Troy-bilt is still more expensive here than an MTD or one of their other brands of same size (can be $300 to $600 depending who is selling and if there is a sale) they will do a lot of work and can be a pleasurable change from walking behind a 22 inch push mower! I use a husqvana 18.5 hp lawn tractor with a 42 inch floating deck to cut my 2 acre property. Kathy, We have a lot of hills in our neighborhood and lawn service guys only use those big machines they can either push or have a platform to step on. We service all brands including: MTD, Toro, Troy-Bilt, Husqvarna, John Deere, Scotts, X-Mark, Stihl, Poulan, Poulan Pro, Craftsman, Kawasaki, Honda, Briggs and Stratton, Ariens, Gravely, Kohler, Lawnboy, Homelite, Mantis, Walbro, Zama, Snapper, Yard Machine, Stens, Oregon, Yazoo Kees, Cub Cadet, and more! While this can seemingly be costly, given its durability and quality output, it is the practical and logical choice in the long run. Most of them come with operator-friendly features such as easy startup, simple handling, and quiet, emission free operation. This is why you have to look at what safety measures the mower comes with before you buy one.

There are certain things that set the two types of equipment apart, making them suitable for different jobs and situations.
In most cases the mowing deck can be detached, although some mowing decks are part of the chassis and cannot be removed.
Like an agricultural tractor, the lawn tractor is a multi-function unit that comes with a hitch and a front-end attachment point. They are useful for larger yards, from a half-acre yard up to around 2 acres, depending on what other tasks you may need it for aside from mowing.
The chassis and axle are made to withstand heavier loads and rougher terrains, the wheels are larger to be able to make it over all sorts of terrains, and their transmissions are made to haul heavier loads and handle heavier pieces of equipment. They are perfect for year-round work, though, as they can handle all sorts of attachments, including blades for shoveling or grading, snow removal equipment, and tow-behind equipment for cosmetic work across the lawn. Check our next blog, where we discuss the available attachments for lawn tractors and garden tractors, how they can be used and which ones are worth purchasing. So when the Troy-Bilt representative contacted me to offer the chance to review their Pony Lawn Tractor, I said yes.
But it didn’t have the maneuverability of the little push mower, and often, after going around the shrubs with the push mower, the boys just kept on using it for the rest of the lawn. We have many seeps and springs popping up during mud season, leaving the surface of the lawn uneven.
It was not designed to cut converted pasture on rough, sloping ground, especially if it was (ahem) past due for a mowing.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Among the handful of best lawn mower brands as evaluated by experts and consumer reports, Honda is a consistent forerunner. A riding mower is generally best for areas larger than a small urban yard, but under the size of one acre, with mowing decks that are usually slightly wider than a push mower, but still only have a single blade.
The mowing decks of lawn tractors are wider than those of a riding mower, usually with two blades. This makes garden tractors the right piece of equipment to own if you are planning projects around the house.
Sure, the manual refers to a PTO (power take-off), which all tractors have, but this machine doesn’t have enough power to cut six-inch high grass, which is how high we let it get inside the chicken yard and around the apple trees. I guess it seemed easier than going back through the chicken yard to get the riding lawn mower out of the shed.

I am not sure if they think small men and women, and children are going to operate these but there is definitely an issue here on most brands. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). The chassis, axles, and other parts are generally made only for light duty, and while not fragile, can only withstand light work.
The usability comes at a price, though – the average garden tractor will be twice as much as a lawn tractor, plus the attachments will run in the hundreds of dollars each. I suspect the early Troy-bilts were somewhat over priced but the quality was definitely there.
Honda also captured the best electric lawn mower category through their luxurious line of electric mowers. But it started developing problems in 2008, which we didn’t resolve before the end of the season.
First, an old goldenrod stem got caught in the underbelly of the machine and completely jammed it up. This is not new as I remember buying an Allis Chalmers lawn tractor a number of years ago and finding all the little nylon wheel bushings worn out.
To help you make a decision, you can ask advice from a local gardener or a landscape expert.
We had hoped to get it running again properly in 2009, but as time went on with no resolution in sight, we broke down and bought a modest push mower to tide us over, a Troy-Bilt 540 Series. They have roll bars to ensure that the operator does not get crushed in case it does tip over. As we went through our various repair options for the DR Brush Mower, from doing the obvious maintenance, consulting with their technical service department, and bringing it to three different repair shops, it became clear that the lawn mowing days of the brush mower were over.
It was too difficult for the average teenage boy to handle, so must be relegated to field mowing only, and that, only by the strongest members of our family.

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