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Our traditional stick frame cabin kit offers you the advantage of a pre-cut and marked package. SBS has the options to fit your needs; piling foundation, insulation, interior finishes and trims, decks, and interior electrical and plumbing. SBS Premier Cabins are a complete cabin shell package which includes foundation material, floor, wall and roof panel lumber, roofing, exterior trim, millwork and foam panels. A detailed set of assembly drawings and written instructions are provided to ensure successful construction of our cabin packages. Small steel buildings from Ironbuilt are the ideal choice for your industrial or residential small storage building needs. Our small industrial metal buildings have helped businesses for many uses including pump shelters, well covers, generator buildings, control room buildings, sound controlled buildings, hazardous material storage and hazmat buildings and durable utility buildings. If you need a small building right away many of our standard steel garages, carports, workshops and storage building kits can be shipped in as little as 2 weeks.
For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic.
FOOTHILL COUNTRY SHEDS AND SHELTERS   This little business has some really beautiful sheds here.
BUILD A SIMPLE SHED   This is a very good presentation of how to build a good strong 8ft x 8ft shed. CAREFREE SMALL BUILDINGS   This is a large eastern shed building company based in the state of Connecticut. KAUFFMAN BUILDERS   Lots of nice sheds here and they all have very nicely matched color combinations. RIVER VIEW WOOD SHEDS   This business located on the East Coast of the United States, has a flip book on their website for viewing their shed projects. REEDS FERRY SHEDS   This new listing, a New England business takes shed building to a new level, something i have not seen anywhere. TUINDECO SHEDS   None of the sheds i see on this website use solid sheets of plywood as far as i can tell.
We keep stock of virtually all the product ranges here in the UK to enable a quick delivery for our customers.
SHEDWORKING   For those of you who like to work in your backyard shed at home, this might be a nice book for you to have in your personal library. I NEED YOUR HELPIf you the viewer of my websites would consider making purchases of the items that interest you through my "Amazon Ad Placements" that would be very helpful and appreciated. FOX COUNTRY SHEDS   This business has a nice website with adequate pictures and videos of their products and construction techniques. Single Car and Prefab Garages are built to the highest standards of quality in the heart of Lancaster County, PA. FINE HOMEBUILDING   This website linked to here is really kind of an online magazine and a very good too.
DERKSEN PORTABLE BUILDINGS   They have about 12 US states with dealers of their sheds. Steel Building Solutions - Beaudesert » Distributor of custom designed steel sheds, garages, car-ports, farm sheds, kit homes and barns.
Steel Building Solutions Beaudesert Sheds are Designed and Certified to the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards.
More than 170,000 Steel Sheds, Garages, Barns and Carports have been constructed in Australia to date meaning you can trust the engineering and design built into our Sheds.
Steel Building Solutions Beaudesert is a distributor of Fair Dinkum sheds and makes use of quoting and design software called MultiBuild. Instantly quote to the dollar your custom design, informing you quickly on different prices as you add and remove features of your design. Design an extension to your existing shed, weather it is a standard shed, garage, barn, stable, farm shed or anything else.

Save templates and designs of the most popular steel sheds which may suit exactly what you are looking for. Export details to the engineering and drafting department to certify your custom design in minutes.
The MultiBuild program has been progressively developed over the last 15 years and as such merges all the features necessary to suit your individual demands.
Deciding on a single steel shed or garage, a multi car shed or garage, or even a workshop, we can help you come up with a design that is right for you. This makes the process of choosing what’s best for your needs extremely fast and simple. SBS has an extensive range of Farm sheds available in sizes to meet the most demanding requirements. Our Farm Sheds are rugged in designed to suit the harsh Australian environment and with more than 170,000 Sheds already constructed around Australia, you can put your confidence in our products. The options available for Farm Sheds are many and varied, allowing you to co-ordinate open bays and closed bays with sliding doors and roller doors.
American Barns have a regulation roof pitch of 22° but a mansard roof is also a great look.
Unique in design Quakers Barns take advantage of upstairs space making them a functional solution for that studio apartment, holiday block or alternate living area. Flat Roof carports are the most cost-effective and can be constructed in an assortment of sizes to suit your particular requirements. Gable Roof carports are a stylish alternative and can be blended in with any existing garage or house style. Dutch Gable carports are available for the decerning designer, these carports also make a great choice as an entertainment area.
We supply custom designed Steel Sheds for residential, rural, commercial and industrial applications including garages, carports, American and Quaker barns, steel farm sheds, commercial and industrial buildings. Whether your application is for the home garage, workshop, farm or industry, our clear spans up to 35 metres and wall heights up to 7 metres give you the versatility you need to cover your bases.
Steel Building Solutions Beaudesert makes use of quoting and design software called MultiBuild. Design an extension to your existing steel shed, weather it is a standard shed, garage, barn, stable, farm shed or anything else. MultiBuild software has been developed progressively over the last 20 years and as such combines all the features required to suit your individual needs. We include the full range of wind speed variables in our quotations and the Ultimate site wind speed, VsitB. We manufacture all our sheds using this technique from small domestic sheds up to full industrial applications. Our screws are colour coded to match the sheeting and are Class 4 fasteners for superior long lasting performance. Our portal frame brackets are punched & pressed from galvanised steel and bolted with heavy duty bolts to the columns and rafters.
Our sheds have fully foot trafficable rooves to comply with the requirements of the Building Codes of Australia. We source our roller doors from B&D Doors, Australia’s No1 roller door manufacturer and the designer and manufacturer of Australia’s original and best roller doors. Where requested, our quotations include the supply of windows and glass sliding doors from AMIA, the industry standard supplier. We offer a full range of quality accessories from vermin proofing to insulation, to glass sliding doors and windows, and can design your shed to meet Class 1 habitable requirements and 6 star energy rating.
We specialise in custom designs – If you need something out of the ordinary like an L shape shed, a removable roof, monopitch roof line to match your house, a one off design to suit your own unique needs we can design it for you.
Steel Building Solutions Beaudesert is my business and I look after my customers personally and take a great deal of pride in everything I do.

A detailed set of drawings and written instructions are provided to ensure successful construction of the package. Build the shell this summer and add on options to finish yßour cabin between salmon runs. The all steel rigid frame construction and quality coatings used in our buildings eliminate the problems found in cheap wood or vinyl buildings that deteriorate after just the first year of use.
Ironbuilt's all steel framing is manufactured using precision machinery guaranteeing a tight fit and completely sealed steel storage building. Every Ironbuilt metal building comes with a 40 year warranty on polyester baked on enamel painted wall panels, 25 year warranty on Galvalume® roof panels and a lifetime warranty on the steel fasteners. They are low-cost in comparison to brick and timber alternatives, which are often priced at 4 times similar spec sheds. Whether you’re looking for a full-size hay shed or secure storage space to protect valuable farm equipment, stock, or even horse stables, we can custom design a shed to exactly fit your specific needs.
American Barns are extremely versatile and are often utilized as workshops, horse stables, boat sheds, car garages, housing caravans, storage rooms and games rooms to name a few.
This means our sheds have had their engineering independently audited by the Australian Steel Institute and approved to meet AS1170.2. We don’t offer two different product ranges, all our sheds are manufactured to the same exacting standards.
We don’t use imported steel; we use our massive group buying power to offer you the best product at the best price. Beware the fine print in our competitors’ quotations – “Windows by others” means precisely that and it will come as an unpleasant surprise to have to source and provide your own glazing. It is supplied compete in a 4 sided welded painted heavy duty frame with a one piece door skin and quality lockable knob set – It is not a DIY door frame with a bit of sheeting screwed to the outside.
I don’t represent anyone else, I sell Fair Dinkum Sheds because I believe they are the best. Ironbuilt Steel Buildings residential small building kits will protect your equipment, inventory or personal property from the toughest snow and hurricane wind conditions. Only the best quality commercial grade US steel is used in our prefab building kits and they are manufactured 100% in the USA under tight quality controls. The customer is our priority and no effort is spared to ship the finest quality product backed by a customer service department that is available 24 hours a day.Call Ironbuilt today at 1-800-805-0084 for a fast metal storage building kit price or check out our specials on small steel buildings.
Our mansard style sheds & garages allow you to fit in with the current design of your home or simply make better use of usable space. Also with Colorbond cladding you can be confident that your new asset will look great well into the future. Our Multibuild software calculates the engineering required for each shed we design and it is specific to your site, hence our need for your site address.
It allows an infinitely variable shed in terms of height (up to 7m eave), width (up to 35m) and length which means you can have the shed you want, not just the one we manufacture as a standard size. When you buy your shed from us you are getting a scaled down version of an industrial shed, not a scaled up version of a garden shed.
Great design combined with precise instructions and specifications also means that a steel garage can be erected by the home handyman in just one weekend! This helps reduce your expenses when purchasing a shed making your new steel shed or garage easier to afford.
This is your assurance that the shed supplied meets all the relevant requirements of the Building Codes of Australia. A shed or garage from Steel Building Solutions Beaudesert is the prefect addition to any Australian home.

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