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After I had a few buckets of my junk supplies handy, I needed a backer board of some sort to hold all of the materials in place.
Another technique for this step is to use masking tape to outline the dimensions of your backer board. I had planned on installing a nice wood frame around the outside of the backer board, but once I lifted up the whole piece of art, I thought it was pretty heavy already so I opted to leave it as it was when I secured it to the wall. Knack is a socially responsible for-profit business: our mission is to inspire creativity, ingenuity, and community engagement through the clever reuse of donated goods. In The City Series, artist James McNabb transforms scrap wood into stunning sculptures of distorted cityscapes. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day. Instead of living with a bunch of blank walls staring at her, Ashley from Design Build Love has found ways to create her own wall art for much less than store-bought prices. With a saw and watered down paint, Ashley turned the plain boards into a very cool piece of geometric wall decor. And that’s just what I did with my leftover wood scraps and other old materials that were headed into the dumpster – I turned them all into a work of art. While I was waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive, I took a seat over at the bar and had a drink. I had a huge piece of cardboard leftover from Christmas presents, so I decided to cut out the two large pieces from each side of the box and glued them together. I laid out my cardboard backer board onto the wooden deck to make it a little easier to spread everything out and sort through the pieces.
Using some leftover wood glue that was about to go bad, I spread a little glue on the back of the larger pieces first. I also thought about using a nice piano wire to help hang the project, but I was worried about it taking the weight.

McNabb’s main tool is a bandsaw, which he uses to rapidly cut architectural forms in a technique he likens to sketching. For one such project, Ashley upcycled a pile of scrap wood that had been sitting in her garage. I love that you could probably walk to your garage right now and have everything on hand to complete this project. That’s when I noticed the strange yet enchanting wood art piece that was on the wall next to the bar. It’s good for firewood, but usually gets thrown away if we don’t get a chance to have a fire in the fire pit. I placed the largest pieces onto the backer board first, arraigning them where I thought they might look good. Once you’re happy with the look, you can start moving the pieces from the masked outline to be glued on the actual backer board.
Once they had a chance to dry a bit, I started with the medium sized pieces followed by all of the other little trinkets and pieces of junk that went onto my work of art.
So, in junk style fashion, I used a few well-placed hex head screws to hold the project to the wall studs.
The sculptures are on display at Metros, McNabb’s solo show at the Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami through November 2nd, 2014.
It also has the flexibility that you can just keep it simple or get creative when it comes to color and pattern.
Read on for a little inspiration that might have you dumpster diving to create an artistic masterpiece! It was really just a bunch of oddly shaped wood pieces glued together, but it really looked good.
Every year about this time, I end up having buckets full of wood and metal odds and ends that end up being tossed away during my New Year’s tool shed clean out.

I let it dry for a few hours, then I lifted the panel up carefully to see if there were any small pieces that I forgot to glue—and there were a few that fell off as I lifted the backer board up.
They blend in so well with all of the other wood and metal pieces that you wouldn’t even notice that they are there to hold up the art. In case you’re planning on making some of your own wood art, it took me about a year to save up enough junk for my project. My use of multiple layers of cardboard kept the approach consistent with using materials that would otherwise be discarded. I just left the pieces as they were until I had found a place for the smaller stuff to fit into the big picture.
Keep in mind the backing needs to be fairly stiff and sturdy to hold all of the stuff in place once it’s hanging from the wall.
At this point, it’s just pick and choose until you’ve got most of the backer board filled with pieces. After everything was dry, I brought it inside overnight to cure and get conditioned to the indoor temperatures.
The backer board should also be lightweight because your artwork can get pretty heavy on its own. Once you’ve got the basic look you’re going for, you can break out the glue and move on to the next step.

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