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Scrapbooking has become one of the all time favorite hobbies and as a scrapbooker you know it is easy to be a little less than   Organized, but with the right kind of Storage System, it is easy to get organized and stay that way. So, you need some craft storage ideas for the craft pieces and materials you either made or bought.
Soap I dona€™t know, maybe you should just pile it up in your van, leave the windows down, drive nice and easy and the flavor of the air will cause the cars to line up behind you and follow you right into the show. I will start with the Artist or Craftsmen, then move on to the Buyer or Collector.First of all, if youa€™re selling crafts, what crafts?
For one thing, when you get to the show, all you have to do is unload the bigger ones, turn them upside down, cover with your choice tablecloth or fine material, and voila, an instant display table. The requirements for each are very different.Pottery requires strength and the ability to hold some volume.
Having one made is going to produce exactly what youa€™re looking for such as a lid that is tight and secure, good strong hinges, and a strong hasp or latch.

A local craftsman can help with this task.Quilts Lets face it, if you have an expensive quilt, it should be stored in an explosion proof, dehumidified, fireproof, mold proof, kid proof, bug proof and dog proof storage vessel of some sort.
OK, Ia€™m just kidding, it doesna€™t have to be explosion proof.You will definitely need to keep them dry and clean. I bet the Scrapbooking folks can find some good use for a Large craft storage piece as well.
Wooden cases can be used and then turned on their sides and used as a display case at the Craft Show. There are of coarse mothballs and various anti mold compounds that can be used but use boxes for short term only.
And that gives you extra room for more quilts.Now, if you are storing for long periods of time there is only one way. The sturdy lid part is because none of us pile containers higher then the maximum rating do we?

And come to think of it, you could hire a local Craftsman, Tradesman or Artisan to build it. Don't Store Them Show Them!But if you have to, remember a cool dry area is the best storage in most situations.
We would be happy to pass them along to our readers and help someone out.And remembera€¦One machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men.

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