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October 24, 2014 By Kelley Ray Leave a Comment CNN Money is reporting that Sears is planning to close 77 Sears and Kmart stores and will cut 5,300 jobs before Christmas.
Please indicate what person or department you wish to communicate to and your email will be forwarded to that person. Sears Canada started their Black Friday Canada 2014 Sales and Deals yesterday, but their Black Friday Event will last through to December 3rd so you have lots of time to shop! You will definitely want to get some Christmas shopping done during this Black Friday Sale, since toys seem to be at a sizzling hot price. Save $10 off of the Thor Marvel Lightning Energy Hammer and pay only $14.00. This Lightning Energy Hammer will make your little girl or boy feel like a super hero as soon as they grasp the handle! You'll recieve the hottest deals in Canada for Boxing Day, so you can save more these holidays!
SEARS has a fairly high minimum free shipping threshold at $59, but there are several ways around this.
This game can be found in the header, at the top of the site, next to your login information.
SYWR MAX members get $3 a month ($36 a year) in points that can be applied to any purchase, which expire midway through the month. There is currently a Craftsman Tool of the Month promotion where, if you buy tools over $199 in one transaction, you will receive $10 in surprise points each month for a year on the 1st of every month. Finally, there are just random points given out by SEARS throughout the year (and it’s been a lot this year) for absolutely no reason. Only thing to note here is that SEARS is playing a dangerous game getting people hooked on free stuff. It varies on what is given out, but it’s normally in the $2 to $4 range, but has been higher than $10 in some instances. Pretty much like Best Buy, SEARS also has a VIP program, where the more you buy the more perks you get. This isn’t mind-blowing stuff, but Silver is definitely attainable, and one of the nice perks is that you get bonus points on your birthday month.
SEARS has also been pretty aggressive in the pre-order sector for video games and other media. Sears Canada will likely continue selling off its store leases including those held as joint ventures, according to sources. More interestingly, Sears Canada is seeking to liquidate real estate assets before its possible bankruptcy, according to another source.

A retail analyst further notes that Sears Canada's dividend payouts point to an otherwise gloomy future for the retailer. According to their story, only one store in the state of Missouri is closing which is located in Florissant inside the St. You can either print out a membership ID and have them scan it, or you can provide your phone number or account number at checkout. When the trial lapses, most likely the trial will either be extended another month (or 90 days), or you will be offered a discounted rate.
No one has any idea why certain people get more than others, but it normally ranges from $3 to $10 in no questions asked money. You can stack coupons, use surprise points, and any other points you have on one transaction! Normally, the event lasts for a few days, and you only have a chance to do it once per day, but sometimes, there have been glitches (on purpose?) where you can cash in on multiple days. Spend $2,500 a year, and you get a Silver membership, $5,000, Gold, and I believe $10,000 is Platinum (who spends $10k a year on…what exactly?). I just wanted to make people aware of great deals you can find at SEARS, as they have significantly strengthened their online presence in the last year or so.
It just sold off 8 more store leases for a total of about $315 million in the province of Quebec, though these particular Sears stores will be staying open for now. Page 73 of Sears Canada's 2012 Annual Report provides a list of joint venture leases (see below). The final nail in the coffin was the merger with Kmart, which has been an absolute disaster. They’re closing stores left and right, but if you have one (or more) in your area, this is a great option.
I have the convenience of free shipping (thanks MAX!), and the flexibility of instant gratification with in-store pickup (more points if you go this route!). If the gravy train stops and people get addicted, you may just end up having pissed off customers, we’ll see how it plays out, but for now… Yay! Each of these leases is a 50% joint venture interest that Sears Canada holds with The Westcliff Group of Companies.
Sears was recently downgraded by Fitch saying the company may not have enough cash to continue beyond 2016.
SEARS has many relationships with different affiliates that give significant cash back just by buying through their links.

You get bonus points for picking up in store, it is guaranteed to be ready for pickup in 5 minutes after you arrive (otherwise they give you coupons for your inconvenience), and now if you use the SYWR app, you can have it delivered to your car without ever going into the store. Simply click on this banner as soon as possible (on both Kmart and Sears), and you will get free points to use (normally at a later date).
Meanwhile the locally owned Sears in Osage Beach is not closing and actually just opened a new location inside the old Lee Mace’s Ozark Opry.
However, there are some deals where I’ve actually earned more points than what the item cost! Discover card defaults at 5% and during many times of the year, it can go up to 10% cash back. Almost anything heavy is pretty much guaranteed to have some form of shipping added on, unless there is a special deal going on.
These events seem to be specifically crafted to target the deal communities throughout the internet, such as Slickdeals. The new Sears location opened at the beginning of October and features a museum dedicated to the legend of Lee Mace’s Opry show in addition to the store itself.
But back when people actually went to malls and shopped in physical stores, they were the king.
To see the sad story of their fall from grace, I highly recommend reading this very informative blog.
I still think they make good products, and it’s sad to see a once great American retailer slowly dying. The first row is 1x points, the second is 2x, the third is 3x, the fourth is 4x, and the fifth is 5x. Now SYWR has existed for a few years, but in 2014 Sears has really started to up the ante on what they provide. I wish more companies did this, it makes you feel like every purchase is building toward something. They are being eaten alive by the low-end players, such as Target and Walmart, and their core business (appliances) is being stolen by the likes of Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Best Buy. I’ll elaborate on this as we go on, but this program has so many different facets, you can literally combine various things to get incredible deals.

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