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Below is a list of Naperville self storage locations (in no particular order) to help you find the place that fits your budget and space needs. Loan Submission will be processed within 24-48 hours and loan specialist will contact you to discuss funding details. The self storage property sector has been exceeding expectations for years and provides great opportunities for investors and developers to capitalize on this trend. With self-storage companies up across many geographical markets, owners are enjoying strong cash flows. Nearly all self-storage operating expenses are fixed, so maximizing revenues while maintaining expenses creates profit and adds value. Owners who delay maintenance such as roof repair, pavement repair, and painting can lower a property’s value and ultimately put an Investor in position to negotiate a great deal at a bargain price.
Facilities with great visibility, easy access, and generally moderate competition are more likely to be funded than those facilities with less-desirable characteristics. Overall, Park Place Equity continues to view self storage properties and self storage businesses as a desirable asset to finance. Park Place Equity successfully arranged the refinance of $2,450,000 in existing debt, $610,000 in working capital and $120,000 in equipment secured by two self storage facilities located in Blythewood, SC. The subject is a Storage Express franchise and the two self storage facilities had 182 units and 361 units, respectively. The self storage business, which offers customers a secure place to store valuables, has grown into a major industry within the last few decades.
Although the majority of self storage users are individuals, businesses also use self storage facilities to house records and inventory. Self Storage has exploded as an industry and the above referenced key facts are just a few examples of the industry progress. Park Place Equity, in serving its mission of capitalizing small businesses, recently secured financing for two self storage properties in South Carolina.
We offer personalized service designed to meet every kind of household and business storage need.
Sentimental value is what has me holding on to dolls, toys, books and projects from when I was a child. OK, with a memory like mine, little reminders like that are great for remembering the good old days, but is that minute that you look at it every 15 years worth storing the stuff?
The self storage unit business has boomed over the last several years to a $24 billion industry (2014 estimates from the Self-Storage Association). In all fairness to us, we eliminated the need for our self storage unit about a year and half ago. We started down this simplifying road – just a little back then – and decided we would go through the storage unit and bring home all of our important belongings.
I know it’s hard to let things go, but here are some tips for eliminating “stuff” and decluttering your home … so you can finally get rid of that self storage unit. Picture where the item will go in your house – is there room for it without sacrificing space for something else that’s more important?
Another way you can motivate yourself is to picture something you really want like a vacation. Enter your best email address below & join thousands of people that rely on us for great content.
If you are going to store your belongings in a non-temperature controlled self-storage unit there are several important things to consider.
What not to store: Let us start with what you definitely do not want to place in a non-temperature self-storage unit.
Household items: Furniture, boxes, and appliances are fine as long as they don’t stay in storage for longer than three months. Mattresses: If it can be avoided, I would not suggest storing a mattress in a non-temp controlled space.
Drive up non-temp storage units: this type of non-temperature controlled unit is not completely sealed off from the outside air. If you have any of the above items in storage for longer than three months, you may want to consider temperature control units. With January coming to an end, that means we are one month closer to the nice summer weather. Items that can be stored at StorPlace Self Storage to create extra space at your home include: Christmas tree and decorations, boxes that are taking up a lot of space in your home, lawn mowers, extra furniture that you do not want to get rid of or  that might be in your way, children’s items that you are not ready to get rid of yet or just anything you need to get out of your house so you can have that extra walking space that you need. Although moving anything can be stressful, we are aware of that and try our best to make everything else go as smoothly as possible. With 16 convenient locations in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky, we like to call ourselves your neighborhood storage facility. As a new self-storage property manager, I have found that any and everything requires hard work. First of all, how long you will be storing your items plays a big factor in deciding if you need to rent a heated and cooled or non-heated and cooled unit. Secondly, if you are storing any electronics, antiques or antique furniture, leather or suede furniture, pictures or paintings, or tools; you will want to rent a temperature controlled storage unit for these items. Metal tools left in a humid climate where dew could possibly develop on them can develop rust.
When thinking about renting a storage unit, think about what all you want to put in the unit.
Self storage security should include cylinder locks, digital camera systems, gated access, a barbed wire fence, and personal daily walk-through of the properties by company employees. Along with the digital system, our properties are surrounded by 8 foot chain linked and wrought iron fences topped with barbed wire. Each day our employees walk the property and verify the safety and security of each customer’s storage door and lock.  Fences and lighting are also monitored to assure facility up-keep as well as security. Other considerations when choosing a storage facility would be cleanliness and pest control.   With the help of Belle Meade exterminators, StorPlace Self Storage facilities have monthly service to prevent problems with rodents and bug. Stop by anytime at one of our 16 convenient locations for a site tour and see for yourself; You really do “get what you pay for” and you also “get your money’s worth” too when storing at StorPlace Self Storage!   We have facilities located in Bellevue, Antioch, Hendersonville, Madison, Hermitage, Murfreesboro, Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood and Bowling Green, KY. One of the biggest headaches in starting such a large project is figuring out where to put all of the new materials that you are purchasing.
StorPlace Self Storage offers large outside first level outside access units, where you can store building materials and other items that are not temperature sensitive. Cleanliness, maintenance, and curb appeal are some of the most important factors of any business. While keeping a self storage property clean may not stop a criminal, it does go a long way to deter their behavior.
At StorPlace Self Storage, we take great pride in maintaining our properties to look and feel the best they can possibly be. We keep the grass, trees and shrubs all trimmed and neat, and make sure it is never out of control providing cover for criminal behavior. To the criminal mind, a clean, well-kept and maintained facility is equated with security and a functioning camera system. StorPlace Self Storage prides itself on the cleanliness, curb appeal and the over-all look and feel or our facilities.
It is hard to believe, but fall cleaning and the time to move your college student back on campus is here once again. StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue is the perfect place to store those items, small and large, that you want out-of-the-way but don’t know what to do with. StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue has heated and cooled units as well as the conventional non-heated storage unit. StorPlace Self Storage has many amenities to make your storage experience easier and safer. We always recommend that you get a tour of our facility and the storage unit or parking space that you might be renting.

When searching for a storage facility there are a few key things that you should look for during your search: location, availability, security, competitive pricing, cleanliness, and customer service. Security is a feature that all potential customers should focus their attention on.  Most places will have a couple of cameras and a gate. Pricing is probably the most important thing that people think about when choosing a storage facility.  Competitive pricing is available at just about every storage facility. Once you have packed your belongings and determined the right self-storage location for your storing needs, you must select an appropriate storage unit. That Storage Place has a large selection of moving and packing supplies for sale right onsite - everything from boxes and locks to packing tape and bubble wrap. As a Naperville-focused real estate agent, I publish this website to promote our community and help current and soon-to-be residents discover the best of Naperville homes and lifestyle.
We provide self-storage businesses with the debt financing needed to capitalize on new opportunities.
Several properties may be upwards to 25% or MORE below market rent, providing a unique investment opportunity for a number of investors looking to maximize their return.
According to statistics released by Self Storage Association, businesses now account for 30 percent of self storage customers. A loan expert will review your request and contact you to discuss your specific needs as soon as possible.
It’s the downfall of so many of our homes and absolutely fills our minds with clutter we just don’t need. I ran across this statistic and thought a moment about how much of that annual income was from us? It all started when a Realtor told us we had to get rid of any clutter if we wanted to sell our home. I thought about the space that would be filled with stuff and the closets that would be packed. As I sorted each box, I kept a critical eye and thought about the last time I used or even saw the item. Don’t let yourself go back to cluttering up your house so you need a self storage unit again. Come join me as I look at ways to cut through some of life's nonsense, ditch things that clutter it up & work towards living more simply. Storing items in non-temperature controlled storage is very similar to storing your items in a detached garage. Never store electronics (flat screen TV’s), leather, paintings, or photos in a non-temp unit.
But be sure to not use plastic to wrap anything in a non-temperature unit because this will trap in moisture and cause mold. However, if you do, I would not place it in plastic as mattresses are not as clean as we would all love to think they are, and it’s possible that bacteria could grow from the moisture and heat.
These units need to be able to “breathe” so this will allow some dust and pollen to make it inside of the units. Now, obviously, there are items that do not ever have to be stored in temperature controlled like lawn mowers, lawn equipment, tools etc. Summer seems to be the season where everyone likes to get organized, and StorPlace Self Storage would like to help with that. The storage professionals at StorPlace Self Storage are here to help, we want to see you and your family live happily without having to worry about what you have in storage, because anything worth storing, is worth protecting. Stop by one of our storage facilities, we would love to show you a few storage units to get an idea of what size you may need to get a head start on that summer-time organization. In just a short period of time, StorPlace Self Storage of Greenwood has gone through a change. It is true that we are not reinventing the wheel, but we have to stay diverse and open to new ideas and concepts that may take us places we didn’t previously think about. If we approach our customers by understanding what it is like to go through a move, pack up everything we own, and move to a new town or place, we can keep the storage stress level low. When I was willing to help someone out when they were down and out, it comes back to us in ten-fold.
Why would I need one?”  There are actually a few good reasons why heated and cooled storage unit would be needed for one’s belongings. Typically, if your belongings are going to be stored for more than three months, you will definitely want to use a temperature controlled storage unit.  These units are well insulated. Our well-trained employees also sweep, mop and maintain the grounds and buildings to keep them clean.
Coming up with ideas on how to improve the design and function of your home while also keeping within a budget and time frame is no easy task. Also, what should you do with the household items that need to be stored out-of-the-way to avoid damage during the remodeling process. During a remodeling project, living in the space amidst the chaos can be quite difficult at times.
By instinct, we usually are prone to go towards a clean, well-lit, safe looking environment. StorPlace Self Storage staff takes many measure’s to deter and stop deplorable behavior; our high-tech security systems are just a part of the ensemble. Keeping our facilities clean and comfortable starts with us, sweeping and picking up trash as it happens. We want our customers and employees to feel safe, well-tended and secure when they visit our locations. It is time to re-organize the home and keep it organized during the chaos of the new school year. At StorPlace Self Storage, we offer multiple security options.  We have surveillance cameras that record 24 hours a day, a fence that is surrounding the entire facility, gated access, and high security lock for the units. The number one  factor when storing is choosing the right storage unit for your storing needs. Start with the necessary packing supplies, such as boxes and tape, for the storing or moving job ahead. We are located southeast of Harbour Landing and east of the new Lewvan & Hwy.#1 Intercharnge.
The average self-storage customer base is composed of 30% commercial and 70% residential customers. It kept me holding on to previous movie tickets, theater tickets and programs, napkins, brochures and all kinds of paper clutter. We got there, opened the door, looked at each other and thought “we’ve done without all of this for years.
I pictured myself having to move all of these things just to reach something I use all of the time.
I haven’t thought of any of the stuff we got rid of … not until writing this, and I really don’t miss any of it. The idea of the gift is something you may carry with you, but sometimes those pot holders are just not your style. I’ve done this with kids’ toys and clothes … but I promise you probably will never try to find that picture, but you’ll have it if you need it.
Only buy the essentials (and when I figure out how exactly to only do that … I will let you know). Over the years, Mark has provided help for thousands of consumers, organizations and small businesses. While it will be protected from weather events, it will also be exposed to the extreme temperatures and humidity of our natural environment. If you do place a mattress in a non-temp unit, just buy a couple of cheaper fitted sheets and place them on either side of the mattress to keep it clean and free of dust. To cover items in this type of storage unit, it is best to use a thin sheet because it will not trap moisture.

Those items can be place in a non-temperature controlled unit for as long as needed without any worry. We have a very knowledgeable and friendly staff that will help you figure out what size and what kind of storage unit you will need to get organized.
When I look back at the past year, I recall all the people who have thanked me for working with them. The friendships I have grown through the business side of self-storage, is reflected in how I am treated and perceived in the outside world. They also provide protection from outside elements, such as humidity during the summer months and extreme cold during the winter months. Temperatures that we feel may not be very extreme for us can be extreme for the items previously listed.  If any of those items are left outside for long periods of time, considerable damage could be done to them.
But for someone who has invested many, many dollars into their tools for their profession and have good quality items, they most certainly do not want their tools rusting.
Also when making the list, estimate how many boxes and big pieces of furniture you will store.
Gate entry and passage is then recorded with date stamping as well as the customers name and time.
Whether it is finding the right contractor, tracking down the materials, or simply finding the time to get started, it is a daunting endeavor. At StorPlace Self Storage, we offer a range of storage spaces to help meet your specific storing needs from making sure you have somewhere to keep your furniture safe to a space to put all of the materials and supplies that you need for improving your home. These are the units that you can back your vehicle right up to for loading and unloading, which is a great time and space saver during the renovation process. Let StorPlace Self Storage help make your life easier and more stress free, by stopping by one of our many middle Tennessee locations to check out our numerous storage solutions.
They are looking for an unlit and unkempt property so they are less likely to be caught in the act. We hope our tenants will then follow suit and appreciate the look and feel of a clean property. It is also the time for parents to decide if they want to repurpose their college student’s bedroom to a den, TV room, office or personal gym. This way you do not have to worry about purchasing your own lock and worrying if it will fit on the storage unit StorPlace Self Storage of Bellevue also has parking spaces for cars, RVs and boats. Once you have decided what type of storage unit you will need, it is very important to pick the right storage location for you. Storage professionals, such as the ones at StorPlace Self Storage, can help determine the storage unit which will best serve your needs. Nearly 30% of all customers choose a property from driving by it, so locations with traffic counts greater than 20,000 a day are ideal.
Extended gate hours and climate controlled storage are just two of the many features available. I went ahead and got rid of these things, too, because if it’s broken and I haven’t used it in a year, then I really don’t need it. But if you’re not sure which type of storage unit works best for you, be sure to speak with your StorPlace manager. It can be something as simple as talking to each customer that comes in to make a payment, to ensuring the UPS driver makes his deliveries to the right storage units. This is what we all have in our core, the true desire to help, and be helped by our fellow man. Electronics with cords and wires can short out if they come in contact with humidity or dew.  Antique furniture can warp with humidity and possibly develop mold if left outside too long. Our friendly staff is always happy to help you find the right storage space to fit your every storage need.
We wouldn’t throw trash in our own front yards, so we hope the on site dumpsters and trash containers can help everyone work together keeping our neighborhood storage facility clean and well-kept for everyone.
With all of the changes that the back to school season brings it is important to remember that there is a solution to put all of the extra fall items that you have and to put away the summer “toys” for the season.
In order to rent a parking space, we require you to have a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance and proof of ownership, such as a bill of sale or registration. Lastly, it is important to have the correct packing supplies for your belongings starting with boxes and tape. A storage professional will help you determine what type of unit would benefit you the most and if that unit will be enough or not enough for your storing needs.
We were very pleased with ourselves and only had to run over there 2 or 3 times over the next 2 years.
Our team is here to help you select the storage solution that is best for you, and have the knowledge and expertise to point you in the right direction. Staying on top of things is an understatement when it comes to self-storage.  Being new to this type of business, I did not know to what extent that I would be involved in this career. If leather and suede furniture are left to the elements over a period of time, they will actually start to expand with the summer heat and contract in the winter cold, causing them to start cracking and possibly peeling.
Knowing all of these things ahead of time will make it easier to find what size and type of storage unit you will need.  Come in or call the StorPlace Self Storage facility closest to you and let us help you get the right size and type of storage unit you need for all of your important items. These storage units are perfect for keeping all of your important household items safe and secure while you are improving and updating your home. The 10×40 storage unit is not climate controlled, but the majority of the units have the option for heated and cooled, it just depends on the size.
Hopefully, this guide will help you make an informed decision for all your self-storage needs. Small boxes are great for heavier items, such as books and dishes as these type items can get heavy very quickly.
No matter how much I liked these items and felt they had sentimental value, they didn’t have a place in the house. The good news about all the change, it has brought new ideas to the table, and a new way to look at things.
There is no question about that, but if I can do something that is going to make life, or a part of life, a little easier for someone, then I want to be that person. We certainly all know that a leather or suede couch does not look appealing when it is peeling and there are cracks all over with the insides of the couch poking through.  Pictures and paintings, depending on what material they are made of, can warp, peel, turn color, or possibly grow mold when left to the elements over several months.
We will be glad to help you with your questions and concerns and give you a tour of our facility.
Larger boxes are great for storing lighter items such as towels, blankets, and comforters.  Also, many storage companies,such as StorPlace Self Storage, offer specialized boxes like mirror boxes, which are great for storing mirrors or paintings. I had clothes from college and even high school and I think that was the last time I had worn them. Remember when storing items in boxes to properly secure them with tape and filler material like bubble wrap and foam peanuts. The good news about all the change, with the strong force of people who are in place, the sky is the limit.
Not only do you have to be able to be the “fix-it” guy, but you also have to maintain that level of professionalism that our customers have come to expect.
I have been working with the local Chamber of Commerce, which thus far, has given me even more tools and resources to branch out in the business field. Our StorPlace Self Storage location has worked with local non-profit charities to assist with the challenges they face.

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