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Ramble on in for Road Trip Plans, Couples and Adventure Travel, Dog Travel Tips, Reviews and more! The first step in the process is to find self storage places in your area that are going to be cost effective for you. Hopefully these tips will help you set up your self storage unit quickly and easily when you start planning for your location independent lifestyle.
If these Tips for Finding and Packing a Self Storage Unit for Long Term Travel  were helpful to you, you may want to check out these other long term travel tips. When we quit our jobs to go traveling we thought that paying for a storage unit wasn’t worth the stuff we had so instead we sold what we could and gave the rest to charity. Getting rid of things is really hard because for whatever reason I develop a connection to the smallest items.
For me, the most daunting task is always the first: finding the right self storage place in my area. This is some great information, and I appreciate your suggestion to pack things you won’t need in the back.
Storing all of your belongings in a small space can be a hassle – especially those UCF dorms. Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to get more storage information, and to keep up with what we’re doing in the community. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged apartment, dorm, maximize space, personal mini storage, small room, small space, storage, storage ideas, UCF.
From Honolulu to Kaneohe on Oahu, Kihei to Kahului on Maui, Kona to Hilo on the Big Island and Lihue to Princeville on Kauai.
At some point you’ll have to make some sacrifices and sell off  or giveaway pretty much everything you own but what do you do with those remaining things that are either too important or to practical to get rid of? In my experience, living in large cities, you are typically best off finding a self storage unit that is both off a major highway (for easy access later when you need it) and as far away from the city center as possible.

The key to being able to use all of the space in a unit is to pack boxes all the way to the ceiling. It’s important to try to start this process about 2 months before your leaving date to make sure you have enough time to get it all done. The whole process was quite stressful mainly because we left it till the very last days, such a mistake!
Your tips for finding an affordable storage unit will be useful to know while I’m looking for one that I can use. My husband and I are wanting to make some changes to the shop in our backyard, and we need to take a lot our stuff we’re storing there and move it.
I think finding the right self storage unit is the hardest part, balancing size, price, and location. There is no need to have seven pairs of scissors when you are living in a one bedroom apartment. The owner inspects this location almost daily, and has an excellent reputation with the Oakland County Sheriff.
Some travelers have the benefit of a friend or family members house or garage, but in our case the only choice we had was to find a long term self storage unit. Being off a major highway will help you in the future when you need to return to your storage unit to either trade out clothing, access supplies, or add a few more items that you’ve collected in your travels. That way, when you have to go back into storage later you can quickly and easily find what you need. This was the hardest part of our big change and was also the most impactful and fulfilling. I liked the idea of selling your large items on the internet and then having a big yard sell to get rid of the rest. However, it is comforting to know that I can sell bulky items that are replaceable (like furniture) on Craigslist.

We wanted to share our experience with you and share our tips for finding and packing a long term storage unit. I don’t personally like Ebay very much as they charge you a  lot of fees, and shipping can be difficult and cut down on your profits.
For us, we packed our clothing and supplies that we would need ( like winter and camping gear) in easy access plastic tubs or suitcases, and put everything else in boxes. Also, make sure to pack the things you wont’t need to access in the back corners of the unit.
This idea helps you part with your things easier because you know they are going to someone who will use it, but also, you are making a bit of profit too. There are many creative places to store items and ways to use all your space to its fullest.
The items you just can’t part with but have no room for can go into one of our spacious storage units!
Property is cheaper in rural areas so the rent for the storage unit will be cheaper as well. Put the largest and heaviest boxes on the bottom to form a base, and use the small boxes for stacking. Your goal here is to sell everything so don’t be cheap and get what you can for your stuff. Make sure to leave the  space in front for your suitcases and tubs of clothing for easy access.

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