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With more than 50 years combined experience, our dedicated team will spend time understanding your unique requirements and engineering a custom, quality solution that meet Australian standards.
As locals we know the unique environmental and weather conditions of the region and will build to meet your individual requirements using the most cost effective design.
We have a loyal team of qualified tradespeople who have a wealth of experience and knowledge across the entire ShedBoss product range.
FREE ONLINE QUOTEAt ShedBoss Atherton, We specialize in looking after the whole job, starting with your council application, slab, construction, etc. We custom build to suit your needs for all types of jobs including factories, domestic sheds, and also patios, lined or unlined. We are Fully licensed Domestic and Commercial Builders and are members of the Australian Shed Group. When you want to see your custom shed design plans at the touch of a button, you now have an easy to use tool right at your fingertips: the Shed Boss App. When you build with ShedBoss, you deal directly with licensed builders and qualified tradespeople who will manage your project from free initial quotation and planning to Council approvals and final construction. Our Australian-made steel garages are built by our own team of qualified tradespeople using premium materials and an unparalleled standard of workmanship, leaving a lasting impression on your home. Good looking and durable to withstand the unique demands of our environment, your investment in a Shed Boss shed or garage can add value to your property and space to your life. The team at Shed Boss Fleurieu will guide you through our wide range of engineered garage designs, door types and COLORBOND® steel colours to custom plan a garage that suits your individual space and price needs, while meeting Australian Standards and Council regulations. We will discuss your specific needs and explain design options such as skillion or gabled roof and colour schemes, then custom design a premium quality shed that suits the exact requirements of your life and your property. As with all Shed Boss structures, your shed can be delivered in kit form with plans or we can handle the complete project right through to unveiling your new shed. Before committing to any one design, you'll need to consider some aspects about the location before you settle on a spot to build your new shed. If you spend a lot of time in your shed, additional windows could be something to consider. One thing to remember is that a new installation like a shed or garage will only add value if done correctly.
In order to be granted Council development approval for your  project, you must generally submit a development application form, certificate of title, development application fees and site plan to your local council, as well as provide any necessary copies. This is just one reason why you should consider utilising the complete project service offered by Shed Boss Fleurieu. With the professional experience and dedication to quality construction, Shed Boss Fleurieu is on hand to help streamline your building project on time, to budget and without any hassles. Here's what Roger from Goolwa had to say about his experience with Shed Boss Fleurieu: "I chose Shed Boss because of the quality of construction, the materials used and their ability to customise to our requirements. This neat little shed has a 15 degree roof pitch and presents in COLORBOND Woodland Grey roof and trim and Classic Cream walls and roller door.
A sturdy and functional working shed with a personal access door and two roller doors centered at the front to allow good storage space within at either end.
In classic marine colours for a maritime location this shed has walls and roof in COLORBOND Surfmist.
With a roller door 5 metres wide and 2.7 metres high, this functional garage in Woodland Grey provides plenty of room for car and boat. The steeper than average roof pitch (30 degrees) and COLORBOND Deep Ocean Trim gives this fine shed, otherwise all in COLORBOND Surfmist a little design edge. Built to abut an existing shed, this rural gable shed features COLORBOND "Ironstone" roof, "Classic Cream" walls and roller doors and "Headland" trim". I chose Shed Boss Fleurieu to build my shed at Strathalbyn due to the overall presentation, professionalism and quality of product.My project manager Jim Kearns is a great bloke and provided excellent service.
When you build with Shed Boss you have assurance and peace of mind that only comes from dealing with qualified building professionals committed to delivering high quality workmanship and service.
Our exclusive Morinda bracket systems offer superior load-bearing capabilities to ensure your mezzanine level looks great, with exceptional durability. The NCC defines "The classification of a building or part of a building is determined by the purpose for which it is designed, constructed or adapted to be used".
Our ShedSafe accreditation is your guarantee our sheds meet the Australian Standards and are best fit for your site and circumstance.
Building Class: The National Construction Code (NCC) defines buildings in 10 Building Classes. Topography factor: Whether the shed is to be placed atop a hill, midway along a slope or a flat site at sea level.
Shielding factor: Determined by whether the ?proposed site is shielded by permanent structures. Shed Boss Fleurieu custom design and build large, high quality commercial sheds for everything from sporting facilities to factories, school buildings and even aircraft hangars!
We offer a comprehensive commercial shed design and building solution from initial concept and quotation to lock-up stage. Large, high quality industrial buildings for any purpose are a speciality for the experienced professionals at Shed Boss Fleurieu.
Large areas of open space, multiple bays, covered work spaces or even a split mezzanine level can be added, and our industrial experts will work with you to plan entrances, roller doors, windows and other features to create a space that meets your needs. These strong structures can be designed, packaged and transported to your site for erection within weeks of order.
Shed Boss Fleurieu has been the choice for local businesses for custom-designed buildings to suit their requirements.

By using the latest in design technology, we use cold-rolled steel and our unique Morinda™ bracket system (C-Section) to achieve up to a 24 meter span. Versatility is the key to our range of engineered commercial and industrial buildings that can be custom designed to suit virtually any purpose. We understand that every commercial building has different needs, so we will work with you to customise a layout and features that suit your exact needs and location.
The two level Bridgestone Service Centre consists of a bigger storage area to hold more stock, a more functional workshop, a comfortable customer area and safer access for parking at the centre and to depart. With a 6 metre wall height, there's plenty of room in this building to move stock with ease. At the end of this building is a 6 metre open bay with a structural division wall allowing deliveries to be accepted come rain, hail or sunshine. Shed Boss barns have high roofs and long, flowing lines for aesthetic symmetry, making it perfect for anyone interested in creating a statement as well as a functional quality building.
A good looking addition to any farm, acreage or larger residential property, our versatile range of heritage style farm sheds and barns improve the value of your property and give you plenty of space to work, keep animals or store large valuable assets. Our traditional-style Shed Boss Stockman Barn is in fact one of our most popular and versatile steel buildings, available in a range of colours, heights and span widths. The Shed Boss Stockman Barn consists of the larger central bay (also known as a "parapet"), with a "wing" either side.
No two property owners are the same, and this should be reflected in how you customise your barn.
At Shed Boss Fleurieu, we can custom design the perfect barn  to suit your individual needs and ensure your barn is effective and efficient for what you'll be using it for. Featuring wall skylights on the central bay, this Shed Boss Barn lets plenty of natural light in.
From flowing lines to single, double or triple bays, modern steel barns can be customised with a number of details to better suit your requirements.
Consider the overall width and length of your barn, how high you want its roof to be and whether you wish to divide the space using internal division walls.
Also be sure to consider how many points of entry you want and whether a roller door would be preferable to another type. One of the features of a Shed Boss Stockman Barn is that the building can be divided into sections through the use of internal division walls.
This stunning Shed Boss Barn features COLORBOND "Deep Ocean" coloured walls and roof, with "Surfmist" trim and roller doors. A Personal Access Door has been installed on the side of this Shed Boss Barn for easy access.
The pitch of the central inner span on this Shed Boss Barn is 20 degrees, perfect for installing solar panels. If longevity is a key focus for you, you'll be happy to know that installing concrete flooring means you'll have a quality, long-lasting floor.
This rural Shed Boss Barn features COLORBOND "Shale Grey" roof, “Classic Cream” walls with "Manor Red" trim and roller doors.
This Shed Boss Barn features COLORBOND "Surfmist" roller doors and trim, with “Pale Eucalypt” , walls and roof.
Whether you need to house animals or store valuable assets like farming equipment, a modern, well-made barn can meet your needs and add value to your property.
This Shed Boss Barn features COLORBOND "Evening Haze" roof, trim and roller doors with “Pale Eucalypt” walls. Shed Boss barns have high roofs and long, flowing lines for aesthetic symmetry, making it perfect for anyone interested in creating a statement as well as a functional slice of lifestyle property.
One of the features of a Shed Boss Stockman Barn is that the building can be divided into sections through the use of internal division walls.
Creating a luxurious, minimalist space is easy and the features of Shed Boss barns make them perfect for lifestyle properties. The skillion roof, also known as a mono-pitched roof, is one that only slants at one angle, another option to provide angle cover so elements can slide off easily.
One of the great things about a Shed Boss shed, or any other one of our structures including garages and workshops, is that they can all be custom designed to your preferences.
Also called a mono-pitched roof or a 'shed roof' by Aussies, a skillion roof only slants to one side.
Versatile, custom & modern designs can be freestanding, or attached to an existing building.
Skillion roofs can be effectively paired with solar panels to utilise the maximum roof space for solar collection. The team at Shed Boss Fleurieu will guide you through our wide range of designs to custom build a skillion shed that suits your individual space and price needs, while meeting Australian Standards and Council Regulations. We can have your skillion shed delivered in kit-form to erect yourself, or leave the hard work to us and we will manage your project from start to finish to the highest standards. For further information, talk to the shed building professionals at Shed Boss Fleurieu or contact us today to discuss your design. The roller doors in this Skillion shed are each 3.6 metres high x 4 metres wide, plenty of room for the caravan or boat.
Another example of a customised design for our client that wanted something different, and chose Shed Boss Fleurieu for the complete project. This skillion shed looks stunning with a COLORBOND colour scheme of "Shale Grey" for the corrugated roof, trim and roller doors and "Woodland Grey" for the corrugated walls. Extend your indoors outdoors with our range of glass sliding doors, which can make your shed space flexible and adaptable to your lifestyle.

This project was custom designed to optimise solar panel performance, with a 15 degree pitched roof.
We manage the build of your project from construction to completion, including coordination of all Council applications and insurances, taking the hassle out of the process. ShedBoss does many projects both in and around the Tablelands for many residential and commercial clients. This incredible invention allows for the more stable and strongest Knee Joint in the industry due to its full wrap around and dual use of heavy bolts and screws to fix it. Click the button below to hear what our customers had to say about their ShedBoss experience. After all, a shed of any size can be a large investment, meaning it's crucial you get its placement and design right from the start. Regardless of where you're building, the development approval process can be both complex and time-consuming. The COLORBOND Woodland grey walls and roof blend comfortably with the surrounding environment. The information and offers on this website are available to customers of Shed Boss Fleurieu only, please contact your nearest Shed Boss outlet for availability.
Nobody wants to commit to the purchase of a new commercial building only to find it’s just not up to the job or doesn't pass Council Approval. You can expect expert advice on any building matter, because our team is qualified and experienced in this field. The central bay is ideal for achieving the required height clearance for boats, trucks, caravans and motor homes, whilst the wings can also be fitted with roller doors for additional points of entry. Deciding which site works best is about more than just space requirements, you also need to account for things like the assessed site design wind speed and direction,  and how best to maximise natural sunlight and airflow. For example, if your barn is intended to house a certain type of livestock, its design should be much different from a barn used to store heavy equipment. The larger roller door is 3 metres high x 5 metres wide, with plenty of room for two cars, boats or caravans side by side. A multi-purpose and versatile COLORBOND™ building accommodating a storage section, with a separate entertaining area with glass sliding doors. It is a common roof for our sheds, and for this reason is often referred to as simply a ‘shed roof’. On the other hand, a hip roof or gable roof has at least two sloping sides, which meet towards the centre in a ridge. Their mono-pitched shape means that they have fewer drainage problems compared to less steeply pitched roofs.
We Aussies care about clean energy and sustainability, with nearly the entire population (87 per cent) wanting to invest in homes with solar panels built onto the roof, according to research by Ipsos on behalf of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. This stylish skillion shed features opposing pitched 10 degrees and 5 degrees) roofs with 600mm eve overhangs. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
So ensure you get in contact with a professional to discuss the options available and establish a custom design to complement the style of your home. Jim gave us excellent service right from our first meeting, through all the stages to completion - very easy to talk to! Shed Boss Fleurieu is a licensed builder (BLD 236453) and is independently owned and operated under license by Boss Builders Pty Ltd, ABN 64 146 771 691. Plus, a building that does not comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) poses an increased risk of failure and a potential threat to community safety and could be a potential liability for your business.
For any advice regarding council regulations, town planning and design, you cannot go past the Shed Boss expertise.
The material is extremely sturdy and can withstand a great deal of force and impact without showing the slightest sign of weakness. This option also has the standard four walls to begin with, and provides a great shelter option. The skillion roof is a great way to achieve this for both residential and commercial sheds built for green businesses. He was very helpful providing and discussing options in the planning stages and then organising the construction in an orderly manner with excellent workmen. It's roof profile can be also be used with most shed or garage designs, offering versatility. At Shed Boss, we use our industry-leading Morinda™ Glove Section Bracket System to engineer the skillion roof pitch so it can vary from 3.5 to 10+ degrees. This flexibility gives you freedom to pick an angle custom to your needs, all the while offering a sophisticated, seamless design.
This is why the skillion roof is an ideal choice for a contemporary, industrial-chic styled residential shed. Indeed, the skillion roof has gained popularity in Australia as a design feature in its own right, evoking rural and industrial themes. Our new architectural skillion range is available in a wide range of COLORBOND® steel colours, and the flat angled roof shape gives it a very stylish, edgy look that is a better match to modern houses.

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