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This door was never properly installed, and has obviously been repeatedly kicked in and poorly repaired. Our client started a business and wanted to use her office closet to store and display her wares. This client was breaking her back hauling load after load of laundry up and down the stairs in her house. Pet Doors can be installed through the wall, or in a door (sometimes requires door and glass modifications). We replaced this with a new steel garage door, fully insulated, with weather stripping all around. Our customer entrusted this heirloom to the Handy Ma'ams to make a Dining Room table using this wood as the top. When this staircase was beautified, the wall was knocked out to reveal the landing and an attractive handrail was added.

The handrail was fastened to the walls with just screws in sheetrock - a recipe for disaster. We also found some rotted areas in the cabinets built into the wall, which we cut out and repaired.
After re-priming and painting all, Mary Jane jumped in and redecorated, and the whole bathroom just popped to life! At Salon Muse, Brandy converted the dead space in front of the HVAC units into a little dressing room for clients. Now people can change before having their color work done, and protect their valuable clothes. Customers of Salon Muse in Austin now enter via the side entry garden thanks to Handy Ma'am Brandy.
While at Susan French's home, she mentioned that she really wanted a defferent style chandelier in her stairwell.

She already had the one she wanted picked out, and just wanted to know if we could install it. This good looking entry door was never sized to the opening properly, and it was tough to open and close. We fabricated new doors for the cabinet under the sink - the ones that were there did not match the rest. Covered in eaves 1.6mm laser cut plywoodphoto finished house for illustration purposes only.

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