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Easy steps to help you declutter, deep clean, and possibly gain a little insight  When the holidays are over, we start to see the familiar slogan “New Year, New You” show up everywhere.
As you unpack and repack your holiday decorations each year, you may notice that some of the items are looking tired and not so merry. 3 Easy Organizing Tips to keep your entryway presentable Backpacks and jackets and shoes, oh my! Use this forum for: Our Happy Hour where all can join in and discuss what's on your mind that's not the subject of another specific forum. Groovy's Campfire is a permanent reminder of Greg's pivotal role in the founding of Caravaners Forum. The question came up as to what a solo traveller does when they reach the end of their travelling life and need to settle somewhere? I always thought that to eventually be located in a temporary bush camp by the presence of a cloud of flies would be ideal.I have no fear of death - I just want to defer it as long as practicable. I thought about this many times recently, but have decided that if I got out of the housing market, I would never be able to afford to get back in in 5 or 10 years time. If you sell your house to purchase your home on wheels, really what is the worst thing that can happen? People seem to be widely divided on this issue; those who are comfortable selling everything up and hitting the road, and those who need to retain their bricks and mortar investment.I have commented here before about my views but will repeat them again for those who haven't already been bored by them Motherhen asks what's the worst thing that can happen if it all goes sour? Certainly life without a home to return to would not work for everyone so you need to be sure before making a possibly irreversible decision. I would just like to have a unit or a small hose in a village that has caravan parking, so that when we come back from travels we can just move back in.
A low maintenance base you can come and go from is a good option if you'd like to continue travelling. This beautiful old mother agave has produced a bevy of pups around herself to take over after she flowers and dies. Before planting, repurpose nylon window screen to cover the pot drain hole so potting material won’t sift through the bottom. A single Agave desmettiana produces a tall bloom stalk to flower and set seed at the end of life. These linear plantings of agave and cacti are aligned perpendicular to the slope to check the speed of runoff. A mound with all the mistakes: Pointed top, steep sides and dry sandy soil that will melt in the first hard rain. To create a stand out succulent mound, use a wide range of colors, sizes and textures to give it endless visual appeal. Where soils aren’t heavy clay, the container mix is an extender and to better integrate local soil flora into the mound.
Planting on this slope features larger agaves and masses of small succulents to hold soil against erosion. A mound for succulents doesn’t need to be as high as those for plants with deeper root systems. With statewide water cutbacks in California, everyone will have to rethink some of the plants in their home landscape. Extraordinary Echeveria hybrids can be inserted into beds and borders as individual accent plants.
In the past, most gardeners planted water-guzzling garden flowers.  Instead, fill these spaces with exciting and colorful succulents.
Spice up raised planters by replacing the top six inches of soil with Black Gold Cactus Mix and plant with colorful small succulents.
Remove the top six inches of soil in the planter and replace it with cactus potting soil, then arrange your colors in drifts or swaths of small bright plants.  Accent them with sparkling slag glass, driftwood or special rock minerals and crystals for an exciting jewel-box look. Babytoes, another living stone, blooms like lithops in late winter indoors on a bright windowsill. All over Pinterest there are pins of the most fabulous outdoor succulent rock gardens from desert climates and the Southern California coast. Succulent wreaths began in California back in the 1960s when Sunset Magazine shared this now universally popular do-it-yourself idea. Gorgeous purple hued Echeverias and mint green Sempervivums in a shallow wide pot make a perfect table top feature for autumn outdoor dining. If you love Anthropologie stores and the endless displays of ordinary things made extraordinary by grouping them with fresh ideas, then consider ditching your demanding houseplants for easy to grow indoor succulents. Nestled into opulent coastal southern California is a nursery where I go to find out what’s hot in the world of container gardening.

Even though it is not winter hardy in most of our Pacific NW climate, for a novelty container plant, it is hard to top the color of Euphorbia tirucalli. Often times when we think of house plants, we neglect to think of the many outdoor plants that might make enjoyable and unusual house plants, if given the right conditions. There are many fun things to do with succulents and a recent trend is to use them as pockets in a wall or planted in a wooden ‘picture’ frame and used either vertical or horizontal. This isn’t a true green roof but it offers a whole new way to plant succulents for your summer garden. Autumn brings an end to the summer garden, but you need not say good-bye to everything you planted this year. Ten years ago I digressed into a netherworld of horticulture that is secretive, dogmatic, painful and unforgiving. EN: After John Galliano showed his second couture Autumn-Winter'2015 "Artisanal" Collection for Maison Margiela the puzzle was set. It seems that it's impossible to come up with something new, to surprise and to destroy reality once again. EN: Dutch designer Iris van Herpen became world famous because of her modern technology passion, therefore you know her creations in a thousand. EN: The fine metal ring pumps from the young French brand Coperni Femme complete the crazy shoe list. Autumn-winter'2015 futuristic shoes designed by Coperni Femme and made by famous Massaro is already available exclusively in the Paris Colette. Yes it is a tie and when we are home we are madly busy on maintenance and catch up house and garden work. The largest bag of Black Gold Moisture Supreme Container Mix contains 2 cubic feet of material, so either make the whole mound out of this mix or blend it 50-50 with natural soil. No rain falls in these areas from May to December, so water content in the soil is minimal, creating a specialty environment for these plants.
These easy fellows are living sculptures that bring color, form and texture into our drab winter days.
Decades ago Rogers Gardens was founded on flower-filled hanging color baskets so fabulous they draw tour buses daily. This often goes by the common name of Red Pencil Tree, Firesticks, or Sticks on Fire and when you see the plant, you will know why it has those names. Or if we cannot duplicate the right conditions, many will at least last for several weeks or longer and then taken back outdoors. In this particular photo, the wooden frame of succulents is part of a fence and notice the variety of colors and leaf shapes that have been used.
Those little shoes the kids grew out of make charming low cost holiday gifts for friends and family.
It’s an age-old practice to pot garden plants of certain varieties to bring indoors where they live on for months, and some may even survive the winter to grow for another year. Call it Cultus Succulentata, an unofficial group of succulent lovers as unconventional as the plants we cultivate. The very mirrored disk heels were missing to complete my list of the most unbelievable shoes of the upcoming season.
Look at another bold shoes made of 3D printed translucent crystal clusters and laser-cut leather from "Hacking Infinity" autum-winter'2015 Collection in collaboration with Japanese shoe designer Noritaka Tatehana. It includes cleaning methods and the safest and most effective cleaning supplies and cleaning products available.
Please ensure that your whole post is respectful of the feelings and cultures of all others. However it is a base and somewhere to live if caravanning becomes impossible for any reason. He took to the road with little money and an old motor home after having cancer and then going into remission. It is a perfect size for us (2 bed, 2 bath) and has a huge carport to fit the fifth wheeler and F250. Effective succulent mounds need to rise up gradually, provide that flat place on top, and drop down just as gently on the other side. When grading out your mound, keep soil damp and lightly compact the surface so it holds together. These unique garden spaces support most plants that would thrive in a rock garden, but instead of rocks they are bedded in attractive gravel and fast-draining mix. But today succulent wreaths are sold everywhere in every manifestation, from small desktop sizes at $20 to large, spectacular specimens that command as much as $150 for a designer composition.

Maybe you’re finding that once loved water feature is becoming a real maintenance headache. I worked there in the early 80s and today I return to see how they display every hot trend in container gardening. Back then I thought this fifteen second law regarding fast-draining soil for succulents was ridiculous.
Simply apply a edging on top of the fascia, then spread a layer of thick plastic sheeting on top of the roofing material. No materials contained herein may be duplicated or used in any way without the express written permission of Sun Gro Horticulture or its legal representatives.
Including: microfiber cloths, new, stain removal products, vacuum cleaners, HEPA filters, ostrich down feather dusters, home care kits, sh-mops, brushes and more.
It was a display home and the village has rented it back from us for 3 years for the village manager to live in. In moister areas succulents can rot, die out or simply look poor, particularly when planted on level ground with dense fertile soils, so gardeners seeking to grow them need to be smart.
And their value extends beyond the holidays; after winter passes, a whole garden full of cool succulent plants can be harvested from just one wreath. Try some experiments with colorful late season succulents in pots to give outdoor living spaces a contemporary feel.
Most of what I see can be recreated using Black Gold specialty potting soils to make your home garden just as exciting this year. Then fill with Black Gold Cactus Mix and plant with lots of very small, inexpensive succulent seedlings. As a desert rat mentored by cactus guru Clark Moorten, at his botanical garden in the Palm Springs desert, I have been taught by the best. It saves us from ever having to contemplate living with any of our children, regardless of their kind offers.I envy those who can just sell up and sail into a wonderful future. So, in our minds at the moment it is an investment property, but one that we will be happy to live in if we decide to stop travelling in 3 years. Trend conscious landscapers everywhere are busy repurposing beautiful, older fountains into monumental container gardens – and you can too. It needs good drainage, and I use Black Gold Cactus Mix and mentally consider it a summer annual and then I am not disappointed when it does not survive the winter! If we have to stop before then we can give them notice and they will move out.We are happy with the location, with the facilities and the security aspect. Shoe planters make for a fun, green family project that recycles shoes, utilizes water-conservative plants that will offer color all winter long. Also, as the house is being occupied by the manager they are likely to take very good care of it for us.
We have known a couple of people whose general health was good well into their seventies but who lost their driving licences in their sixties because of failing eyesight. If we want to go and stay there we can park on the short term visitor hard-standing for a few days. When end of season rolls around, remove it all for winter and pot up the succulents to bring indoors.
I am happy now I know we have somewhere to go one day, and if we decide we don't want to live there we can sell it and find somwhere else. I really cannot see us deciding to sell up and travel full time, although our van would be very suitable. A small factory-built (transportable) home on a small block with a large shed would suit me fine.
Straight forward freehold block, with no regs and rules, where I can do as I please, have guest vanners at my backdoor if I so choose. Perhaps we just think too much!So, guess, it is best to just do whatever seems to work for you and enjoy your choice.
I also did not like the hype, and also the non-stating of all the facts in the brochures sent to me.
At least travelling full or part time keeps you young and active, mentally and physically, which must be a good thing.
But this is just my humble opinion.May be a few of us could buy a few vacant blocks in a small rural town in SE Qld and create our own rv home-bases.

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